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(213) Islam's artificial selection of women

Basic Dimension


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General model:

Every species has a sexual strategy, which is called 'sexual religion':

The model consists of an individual path and a group trajectory, in which the individual has the final say:

Muslim females might be jealous of female deer, since they choose their male:

Sexual religion in its most simple form is called: genetic procreation or genetic immortality in descendants

Then, genetic immortality means nothing but individual procreation:

Nowadays Christianity in Western Europe:

The system works for animals and humans. But there is an important difference since humans are free to misuse the sexual selection process for quite other purposes. For example, in human evolution pre-Muslims actually selected masochistic females willing to serve as incubators of family semen of their cousins (cousin marriages). Then, sexual selection has been misused for male kin bonded eternal tribal identity.

Genetic diversity

Outbreeding is the prevailing sexual instinct in nature. It is the lust to sexual variety which leads to genetic diversity. Outbreeding is an individual lust to begin with.

Assumption 324: The outbreeding instinct is the lust for genetic diversity. 

Assumption 323: 'Genetic diversity' is promoted by giving all members of a population freedom of procreation:

Genetic monoculture

If individuals strive to genetic diversity, then the best strategy to eliminate them is to counteract this drive by the opposing genetic monoculture: 

Therefore 'inbreeding and incest' is the strongest sexual religion possible. All other religions must leave some free space for individual sexual self-realization:

Sexual freedom for females, but still having a form of sexual religion, shows Judaism as kind of optimum of human religion:

If individuals strive to genetic diversity, then the best strategy to eliminate them is to counteract this drive by the opposing genetic monoculture. Therefore 'inbreeding and incest' is the strongest sexual religion possible. And that's why Islam is the most powerful religion on Earth:

It also means genetic monoculture must be the end of a religious cycle:

But the remarkable thing is, the same is true for outbreeding leading to complete genetic diversity:

This means Islam and Christianity are natural ends of the human religious dimension (sado-masochism):

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction.

This means perfect freedom or total slavery for women:

We have already concluded Islam and Christianity will not merge into Chrislam:

 but they will crush into a vortex of sado-masochistic lust:

Assumption 321Chrislam is an impossible match for Islam, which will lose its inbreeding instinct by mingling with non-Muslims. Muslims don't recognize this instinct as their overall-identity. Also, horny policor females in Western society are unaware of sexual motives while yearning for sadomasochistic strangulation. Both parties jump blindfolded into a vortex of lust, splitting Western culture into parallel societies after civil war.

We arrive at a turnaround in human religion. Nobody understands what is happening. The cauliflower craziness of former Christians, the immorality of fascist lefties as the liberals in the United States, especially the failed state of California, the disintegration of the Muslim culture. It is no coincidence since human religion is fading away as a bunch of wilted roses.

Human religion will start again from the beginning. But the Alpha male model turns out to be a fiction, Islam and Christianity cannot merge. Then the long march to Judaism is left over to find some new equilibrium between males and females:


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