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(215) Europe as breeding ground for new religions

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The exogamous Western culture is the delivery room of new life. As a whore Western culture presents itself as breeding ground for new religions. Multiculturalism spread her legs to seduce endogamous Islam in the first place:

But meanwhile many other populations invaded Europe. Amsterdam counts already 177 nationalities. They are the seed for new religions in the womb of horny Christian females, now renamed 'policor' or multiculturalists:

Actually, these tragic creatures put themselves as livestock on the market and will be sold to the greatest sadists. This must have happened countless times in the evolution, but on a much smaller scale.

And of course this kind of 'religion' must have a simple basis. Instead of all kinds of philosophical nonsense we better stick to a simple dimension: sadomasochism.

Males from invading endogamous cores will attract parts of the lush female population. New combinations of Christian masochism and delightful Islamic sadism will be forged. Horny Western females in top positions are sucking for new rulers. But Chrislam will become a tragic failure:

 but others might have more style and sophistication...

If human religion complies with the sexual model of the Alpha male:

Then, we can make valid predictions about future religious behavior. Then sadomasochism must be the decisive dimension:

Frivolous exogamous cultures must have always been the breeding ground for new religions. But in this era we see this effect back in extreme proportions. 

Hundreds of millions of silently yearning Western females, waiting for the fulfilling of their most hidden sexual desires, fed up with Christianity and waiting to get rid of the soft Vanilla-dyad and yearning to SM-dyad whereto their genes are programmed for millions of years:

So what happened in recent European history is not abnormal, only the scale is huge. Masochism has no value without sadism as calibration, as second point in space for the straight line determining the direction of the masochistic lust. 

The old Christian church was aggressive and patriarchal, but it was a real endogamous core that steered 'other sexual roles' in the periphery. In the fifties of last century the Catholic church in the Netherlands still cut off the balls of young homosexual boys. But after the elimination of the church and the replacement of the core by its identical mantle, there was no tension anymore:

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction.

Then the group died and a collection of individuals was left:

And that's all because exogamy tends to polytheism, to complete sexual freedom:

So, it is quite understandable what is happening in the world. The exogamous mantle of Christianity is out of control. 'Other sexual roles:' have taken over our culture as a long string of individuals without group. Quite visible in the liberals of the United States. 

Without endogamous core American liberals lost any morality and now even actors and singers feel called to clarify the Nation's moral standards from their fictitious and imaginary Hollywood world, from there phony fake lives. They mostly never got an academic education but because of their celebrity they think to be blessed with enough intellectual depth to lead the country. Those policor liberals are rudderless and lost morality and they will split the nation further into policor and anti-policor.

So again, we divide the population into liberals and 'Alt-right', into policor and anti-policor, into exogamy and endogamy:

This rather well describes nowadays Western society, but the question is can we change this situation? Geert Wilders wants to install a new endogamous core in Western Culture. 

Well, do you really think the flag in front of the class will bring nowadays liberals in the US to their senses? These are mega powers in society which cannot be influenced anymore.

Most of the Sexual Theory of Religion is in the unconscious. Western females in top positions yearning for better sex are incognizant of their psychological situation:

Magical thinking Muslims are living in a fictitious world. They have no idea of their schizophrenic religion with the impossible interactions between reincarnation into the earthly and the parallel universe:

Muslims and policor females are the incognizant actors in a sadomasochistic play. We see it happening but there is nothing we can do. It's simply the course of events.


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