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(214) Outdated and powerless endogamous cores

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Our analysis revealed Christianity lost its endogamous heart in the sixties of last century by Marxist nihilism:

And we agreed Islam has no open borders for females:

Then we concluded the following:

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction.

Well, this is certainly true and we see healthy groups are farther away than ever. But above analysis might not be the real reason of the collapse of religions in our time, since we have a lot of evidence Islam is losing its endogamous heart too, but somewhat later than Christianity:

The disappearance of endogamous cores can have a general cause for all religions. They simply might fade away in time as a bunch of wilted roses. The Christian narrative is simply unbelievable and the Muslim story is completely incomprehensible. At the magical side of the population both religions still win believers, but at the rational side they are losing supporters and are crumbling.

Therefore, we better concentrate on empty cores itself. Something must have changed in nowadays society, whereby the Alpha male religious model does not work anymore:

The Alpha male in the endogamous core must have lost his authorityGod must have been overclassed by education, by the Internet and by the social media. The individual has become his own God, what we recognized earlier as the egotheism of Paradise culture II, before Islam:

Powerless cores may have different reasons. For Christianity it is the intellectual development of the population since the Enlightenment. People think they no longer need guidance from God. 

For Islam there are extraneous causes. In Arab countries, their frozen and fossilized society is ruined by the bombardments of the Deep State, whereby women and daughters cannot be controlled any longer. And of course they got the Internet, the social media, which made Muslims losing control on females. Muslims are also mentally too exhausted to indoctrinate their youth on a daily basis any longer. This task is taken over by Isis on the Internet and will regress the youth to Paradise culture I of murder and manslaughter:

- The first group is the youth which is no longer indoctrinated by Islam but by the atrocities of Paradise culture on the Internet. A lot of them will become criminals and murderers (First Paradise culture).


So, what do we conclude? Different peoples developed different genes. Western peoples have diluted 'inbreeding and incest' long ago by mingling around the world. Long during outbreeding led to genetic diversity. 

But In the evolution, pedophilia has become a self-contained sexual trait, independently from inbreeding. Former Christians (liberals, policor) now regress to a sexual lifestyle with pure outbreeding and e.g. pedophilia as greatest common divisorPedophilia has adopted epidemic forms in the Western world of policor:

Christianity lost its endogamous core, lost sexual religion:

But beware, a greatest common divisor is just the mirror of sexual culture. It is not a guiding principle as sexual religion. In fact sexual religion has been eliminated and thus there is no group anymore:

Then, what rest is pure outbreeding focused on genetic diversity among all constituting groups in society:

So, former Christians regressed to Marxist nihilism, socialism, communism and became the liberals of the Western world. As individuals they made their frivolous sexual lifestyle to their religion, to their endogamous core which happens to be their mirror of morality instead of a guiding principle.

Policor people are individualists and have no common heart anymore. All cultures are equal, all genders are possible, all 'other sexual roles' are accepted:

But they installed a two-tear system of justice in which liberals and anti-liberals, policor and anti-policor got a different treatment. What happens now in America is usual practice in Western Europe already for decades.

But this comes down to white male discrimination in society. So, multiculturalism brought the opposite of the promised peaceful coexistence of ethnicities and cultures. The first constitutional law of the Netherlands is thought to prevent discrimination, but in fact protects and promotes the most discriminating religion in the world: Islam.

And so, we perceive an overarching culture which actually realizes the opposite of what it was intended to do:

The system laid the foundation of parallel societies for after a civil war. That's when a super exogamy disintegrates into a scattering of endogamies which were no real contributors to exogamy:

The conclusion is one cannot have a multi-tear system of beliefs and justice in a society, since then one simply has a gathering of multiple parallel societies in a Babylonian confusion. This simply gives 'apartheid'.

Multiculturalism has simply proven not to fit the Alpha male model of primates living together:

Former Christians humiliated themselves as having a worthless culture. Pedophilia and alleged white racism became their deepest convictions:
What in this specific case means that everything obstructing the mixing of Christianity with endogamous groups like Islam is rejected as 'white racism'. To absorb Islamic culture it must be appeased and infiltrated. 
But racism against already exogamous groups like Asians or other Western cultures falls outside the exogamous drive. These cultures have been overcome. What would mean that in Western culture racism against exogamies is permitted but against endogamies is forbidden.
That could explain the difference between the two types of discrimination: the rejection of white racism and the appeasement of colored racism. That would not be irrational behavior, it would be the basic law of nature: genetic diversity.
The first law of Bart Croughs
1. The law of the abject West: "In a conflict between Western and non-Western, the progressive intellectual chooses for non-western."
Translated into our terms:
1: The law of exogamous Christianity: "In a conflict between exogamous Christianity and endogamous Islam, Christians choose for infiltration into Islamic endogamy by appeasement."
Of course there are many more reasons imaginable for the embrace of Islamic culture by Christianity. Islam and Christianity have a love-hate relation. And that should be taken as literally as possible. Islamic culture and Christianity maintain a deep bond on the sadomasochistic dimension.
After the collapse of the sadistic church in the sixties, the masochism of Christianity lost its meaning. Solitary masochism is only one point in space without direction. Its calibration had to come from sadism of Islam as a second point, by which a straight line indicated the direction of evil again.

And they also gave 'other sexual roles' free play in society. So, this 'mirror of morality' did not lead to control of sexual culture, but to the self-affirmation of policor. But as a result, policor became dismayed and society fell apart.

And that caused the unconscious policor response - mainly from women - that an endogamous core is still needed. It became a pure sexual core in which sadism (Islam) was needed as counterpart of policor masochism (Christianity):

What we see is a sexual correction mechanism restoring the group of primates. But that means the higher education of Western people does not make sexual religion superfluous. So, the Western world is wrongly thinking to have eliminated religion for ever by human intellectual development. One way or another religion comes back into their lives. Here as an unaware sexual need for latent lesbian females in top positions of society, desperately crawling over the floor, dearly missing sexual satisfaction from sadism:

So, policor women yearn to Chrislam what will be a disaster for society: 

Anyway, this will give these poor creatures some masochistic relieve before drowning into their vortex of sadomasochism:

But as concluded elsewhere, Chrislam will not work for a lot of reasons:


Christianity indeed fades away as a bunch of wilted rosesWestern society wrongly believes to get rid of religion forever. Especially horny policor women show the reverse. Education or individualism is not that important. Important are the genes which miss the endogamous core (sadism) dearly:


But for Muslims it is different, since without outbreeding with exogamous peoples they cannot get rid of their inbreeding instinct. By unnatural selection they developed different psychological traits which make assimilation into Western society nearly impossible:

By unnatural selection they diminished outbreeding genes in their population.
They selected females willing to serve as incubators for family semen of their cousins:

They still kill young females yearning for genetic diversity in their so called 'exogamous' religious mantle:

They accept 'outbreeding' only with Muslims:

Caused by extraneous effects Islamic culture will split into four different groups as shown earlier. And though Islam itself - as third Paradise culture - will disappear as incomprehensible endogamous core, Muslims will regress to former Paradise cultures which have still strong working cores:

Regression of Islam to former Paradise cultures

We postulated earlier the falling apart of Islam into four groups by the disintegration of this culture:

1: Tribal endogamy (Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc)

- The first group is the youth which is no longer indoctrinated by Islam but by the atrocities of Paradise culture on the Internet. A lot of them will become criminals and murderers (First Paradise culture).

2: Ethnic endogamy (Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc)

- The second group parents of about 40 is trying to enforce cousin marriages on their sons and daughters (Second Paradise culture).

3: Religious endogamy (Homo sapiens (350 ka; 1400cc)

- The third group is older than 50 and was raised in former Islam. (Third Paradise culture).

4: The fourth group of intellectual females

- The fourth group consist of young females who have chosen for Western society.

In the future a lot of Muslim males might regress to criminal gangs. But a group of educated females will flee into atheism.

Genes for endogamous cores

Well, there are a lot of reasons why Chistianity and Islam are over their expiration date. But this does not mean mankind lost its 'Alpha male template'. To form a group they still need tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle.

So, the question is what people want to stay in a group. Definitely not former Christians. They are so proud to be individuals that they hate the group. But for Muslims with their inbreeding instinct it is quite different. The have their 'Incrowd Syndrome' and eventually will form a group within disjointed Western individuals:

It is them who need the group:

Horny Western policor women yearn to sadistic Muslims. These insane women will ruin our culture:

It is the fallacy of policor:

Horny lesbian females, former Christians and nowadays American liberals are unaware yearning for a new endogamous heart. This one is masochistic and unsatisfying:

They miss something, they miss sadism, the real thing:

 They will throw our culture away....

And die in a vortex of sadomasochistic lust:

So, we confirm our earlier rules that human religion depends on group forming:

Without groups primates don't need religion:


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