Thursday, 17 August 2017

(217) Why some women hate Trump and love Obama

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There is a fundamental split in Western culture. It is the split between policor and anti-policor:

This is no temporary problem and it will lead us to civil war. It has nothing to do with politics especially. It is a religious question which is fundamentally a sexual problem. Don't try to curb this trend unless you fully understand what is happening. But then you will understand it is all in vain...

The origin of human religion

Humans are primates. Already tens of millions of years primates live in groups together with the Alpha male as their leader. This relation can be simply displayed as follows:

The following resumes the sexual behavior of the Alpha male and his females:

We think religion must be inferred from sexuality:

Then females must see the Alpha male as God:

And now we derive a lot of other features and characteristics of religion. Exogamy and endogamy:

How religion is the police of sexual culture:

We showed what eternal life really means for simple males: 

And many other relations between religion and sexuality:

Religion and politics

The Sexual Model of Religion is robust and not yet falsified, thus other intergroup relations might be displayed as well:

We know 'other sexual roles' in the exogamous mantle do not believe in God anymore:

It shows the natural evolution of Christianity into Atheism, to individualism:

Now remember, it is notably females who fought themselves free from God. These former Christians are called 'policor'. 

There are more derivatives:

Policor are the adherents of left politics in the United States. They want remove white people from universities and from official functions because they see them as representatives of white male supremacy.

Notice, the removal of white males from the center of society is analogous to the removal of white males (God) from the endogamous core. The United States are just duplicating the Long March Through The Institutions of Marxist nihilism:

But there is a difference, since at this moment there are not enough sadistic Muslim males * in the States to form a new endogamous core for masochistic former Christian femalesBut it is not especially Muslims what they are looking for, also colored sadistic males will do. 

* Please don't read this out of context of this blog: a sadistic Muslim male is an unconscious hyperbole of former Christian females.

Now they were very lucky since they found a specimen: Obama who is a colored Muslim. That explains the enormous hype and success for this mediocre intellect.

Obama as colored Muslim was the best endogamous core for white and colored females ever

In contrast,Trump is an enormous anti climax, since he is the alleged prototype of the hated white male God in all his expressions. That is the real cause why some females hate Trump:

But in the States there are more complications than in Europe caused by their large negro population. Of course colored females choose for a colored God. But this does not affect the Alpha male model, which in its simplicity gives a parsimonious description of 'politics' and 'religion'.



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