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(192) Islam as psychiatric syndrome 4

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All processes below are psychological processes as part of the syndrome. They are extensively discussed on this site and will be supplemented with others:

The psychiatric syndrome of Islam comes down to the extinction of as much as possible outbreeding genes in the population

Islam is the inheritor of the inbreeding cultures of Paradise I and II and never mingled systematically or on a big scale with exogamous cultures. Therefore the core Islamic states never lost their inbreeding instinct:

It must be said nowadays Islam practices a form of genetic diversity in Western Europe but only within their own Muslim population and within the mantle of religious endogamy:

Over time, this might bring some reduction of the psychiatric syndrome. But we see also a revival of inbreeding habits in Great Britain and it might be the Muslim society will regress to Parallel culture II of heavy inbreeding as on the Arabian Peninsula:

Hence, inbreeding damage likely reduces in the Western world but not the inbreeding instinct itself. Therefore Muslims must interbreed with non-Muslims. A gruesome example in our days of this persistent instinct is the slaughter of Mirjam Abarkan in the Netherlands, who was just 16 years old and had a non-Muslim boyfriend, and was said to be pregnant earlier. These are the main reasons to kill daughters in the inbreeding culture:

Mirjam Abarkan R.I.P.

Of course, in the evolution there has been a lot of accidental mingling with other peoples by "religious wars". And as mentioned earlier, it is conceivable the psychiatric syndrome of Islam might diminish over time. But it will take hundreds of years of forced mingling with exogamous peoples to lose also the inbreeding instinct. 

The regularly outburst of Islamic conqueror lust might be seen as an unconscious correction mechanism to battle severe inbreeding in the evolution:

We need this scheme to understand the article:

 We developed the third Paradise culture (Islam) from the second:

The second:

In the second culture, there were no sexual misunderstandings between cousins. Females knew their place in society and grasped it was not males but ancestors who demanded inbred bodies for reincarnation. Females simply had to play incubator of family semen for their cousins. Only Eve escaped Camp Paradise:

(An alternative interpretation is the Gihon which is a river of the land of Cush, a mountain region in Iran and the Pishon which is now a dry riverbed. All rivers ended in the Persian Gulf. Further, the story of Adam and Eve marks the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a farmer culture (Juris Zarins)).

But with Islam it all went wrong:

We encounter two interacting criteria:

- Monotheism versus polytheism.
- Conscious versus unconscious.

In Paradise culture II the God of Abraham was monotheistic in the conscious and did not exist in the unconscious. In fact this unifying God had to please the long existing tribal gods of Bedouin tribes and accept the reincarnation of Abraham into descendants of Isaac. Tribal gods were polytheistic and existed in both the conscious and the unconscious:

In the same way in Paradise culture III (Islam), Allah is definitely monotheistic in the conscious and does not exist in the unconscious:

BTW, notice Gods from the parallel universe never reside in the unconscious. The Christian God and Jesus are also in the conscious. This means in the unconscious we find only very old stuff of millions of years ago. This is very important for further analysis of human religion. Beware, traces of deceased ancestor gods might also be retrieved in Christians. 

So, inbreeding genes and apparently the inbreeding instinct can be diluted, but likely not the divine brain deposits from many million years ago. And remember, the Alpha male is also such a trace in the human brain:

This means the danger of Islam is not just Allah, which is a sexual projection of Muslim males in the conscious, 

nor the deeper layer of tribal gods in the unconscious:

but it is the conflict between both states of (un)awareness. It is this tension which is the power of Islam, which destabilizes and radicalizes the minds of Muslims.

Further we conclude, in Islam tribal gods and 'other sexual roles' are polytheistic and banned to the unconscious:

Further, ancestors were subjects who lived long ago. But in Islam they are suppressed as objects in the unconscious. But if Muslim fathers see both, Allah and tribal gods, as subjects, then we get the honor killing dilemma:

So in Islam, straightforward thinking places tribal gods into the bleak object position without any divine power from the glory days of Parallel culture II. 

(Un)conscious versus monotheism/polytheism

Paradise culture II was a hybrid combination of monotheism (God of Abraham) and polytheism (tribal gods) WITHIN the conscious and contained subjects (males) and objects (remaining sexual roles), also in the conscious. (Everything was present in the conscious, though tribal gods existed also in the unconscious.)

Paradise culture III (Islam) is a hybrid combination too, but then OVER the conscious and the unconscious. Allah is monotheistic in the conscious and tribal gods and 'other sexual roles' are polytheistic in the unconscious:

Only the Feast of Sacrifice is a polytheistic relic in the conscious of Islam:

But the real and fundamental difference between both cultures is the parallel universe in Islam, which explains all intentionally institutionalized terror of this ideology and makes a lot of Muslims psychotic and psychopathic warriors. It must be added this ideological analysis does not mean to condemn individual Muslims but to analyze their cruel ideology.

Over and again we must conclude the schizophrenia of Islam lies in the contradiction between the conscious (parallel universe) and the unconscious (earthly universe), which dilemma did not occur in Paradise culture II:

The evil interaction of Paradise culture III (Islam) lies on three dimensions:

1: Conscious versus unconscious.
2: Monotheism versus polytheism. 
3: Parallel reincarnation versus earthly reincarnation.

Remember, in Islam 'subject/object' and 'conscious/unconscious' form an identity.

We will see all dimensions lie on the same sadomasochistic scale, which features SM-dyad of Islamic culture, so further analysis will be greatly simplified. Another way is to understand Islam as a monotheistic one-dimensional culture, which has only one God and one heterosexual role governing society. See the difference with Christianity, which has at least two gods: God and His Son, which sexual roles cover the whole sexual spectrum:

So, for the separation of church and state and the separation of powers one needs a number of degrees of freedom in gods, or consciously accepted sexual roles.

We develop this three-way interaction further: 

Then, we combine all information onto the Allah-construct, the SM-dyad of the relation between husband and wife in Islam:


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