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(194) The twist in the Muslim instinct

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Stoning after refusal cousin

Male kin bonded terror of Islam

The fallacious analysis of Islam by Western culture

The Western world is furious at the Muslim culture but makes the mistake of trying to understand Islam from the Koran. But both Islam and Koran are less important since they give less insight into the Muslim brain. Therefore, we must go back millions of years and develop a working model of religion in the first place. This has been done meanwhile and animal sexuality appears to be the best predictor of Muslim atrocities. So, by modelling 'sexualreligion', insight in the Muslim culture has been delivered:

The Muslim instinct is the inbreeding and incest instinct of the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). But how come this instinct evolved into Islamic culture? Only if we understand the twist of the Muslim instinct in the evolution we can interfere with this immoral culture. And it does not matter that a lot of Muslims don't practice inbreeding and incest any longer. Only matters if they will fall back to former Paradise culture II (earthly reincarnation) after the break-up of Islamic culture:

Inbreeding and incest as main factor of the Muslim culture

The Muslim inbreeding instinct is not just about inbreeding. This drive is the principal component triggering the whole culture. It triggers tribal self-esteem. It triggers closed borders for women:

It triggers the lust to kill non-believers who simply are members of other tribes (the Serpent, Jews and Christians):

15 And I will put enmity between thee (the Serpent) and the woman (Eve), and between thy seed (your tribe) and her seed (her tribe); it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. (and you will behave as Bedouin tribes: sadomasochistic hate and fear.)

In short, the whole Islamic culture comes forward from the psychopathic and absurd development of the inbreeding and incest instinct in human evolution:

Let's see how the Jews (Moses - 3500 ya) encountered Paradise culture II:

These rules settle the matter:

The law of nature

In animal evolution the main sexual law between pairs of animals is genetic diversity:

Genetic diversity is the basic drive of females, which usually select males:

The first offense against genetic diversity is caused by primate groups, which developed a struggle between genetic monoculture and genetic diversity:

The Hominids

Sexual culture is influenced by displacement in time and space. Sexual culture of the Hominoidae (20-15 mya; 300cc) did not change since big apes always lived in the forests at the same place and on short interbreeding distances of other groups. So, they needed no 'religion' to foster tribal identity and the time derivative of sexual culture was zero:

These groups of higher primate mammals were united by male kin bonded lineagesThis means males stayed in the group all their life and juvenile females were exchanged with other groups. We still see this with chimps and bonobos and that's why they are not extinct:

These primate groups used the Alpha male model in which the leader adhered to inbreeding and incest (genetic monoculture) while females chose for outbreeding (genetic diversity):


But this Alpha male was only a few years in charge. so he never developed real inbreeding. Also primate groups practiced genetic diversity for females, since juveniles got the chance to select other groups. This made Alpha male primate groups to healthy breeding grounds.

Male kin bonded groups with a form of genetic diversity

So, we see primate groups are more or less in line with the basic sexual law of genetic diversity. There is a way to survival for male kin bonded groups if they let their juvenile females free to genetic diversity.

In the evolution this rule has been followed by a lot of human species since not all subspecies developed extreme inbreeding:

Those who survived without inbreeding behaved like the big apes and let their juvenile females free or exchanged them with other tribes. From this we have a number of examples:


First the well known hunters-gatherers effect found back in Neanderthals: (40:41/1:22:30)

[From the forests they took with them the habit to exchange juvenile females with other groups (like chimps and bonobos). This is the well known hunters-gatherers effect found back also in Neanderthals: (40:41/1:22:30). Neanderthals likely died out by the diminishing forests in the last ice age, on which the distances between groups became too large.]


In Australia the aborigines were trapped in a dry climate caused by the last ice age in the rest of the world (- 20 ka), which took all the water from the air and destroyed forests into deserts. Less food supply meant groups had to split into very small units which now were threatened by extinction caused by inbreeding. But the aborigines developed ceremonies in trade between groups in which they walked over big distances and exchanged young females. That's how they survived: (No longer available)

Exchanged Aboriginal girl in male kin bonded lineage


A 2011 study using ratios of strontium isotopes in teeth suggested that Australopithecus africanus and P. robustus groups in southern Africa were patrilocal: females tended to settle farther from their region of birth than males did.

Teeth from ancient human ancestors suggest that females joined new social groups once they reached maturity.

A chemical analysis of australopithecine fossils ranging between roughly 1.8 million and 2.2 million years old from two South African caves finds that teeth thought to belong to females are more likely to have incorporated minerals from a distant region during formation than those from males.

"What that's telling us is that the females grew up somewhere else and they died in the caves," says Julia Lee-Thorp, an archaeological scientist at the University of Oxford, UK. 

These examples underline the sickness of the Muslim ideology to enforce cousin marriages and bring their own daughters back into the male kin bonded lineage.

Pre-Muslim population on the Arabian Peninsula

Assumption 276On leaving Africa inbreeding cultures likely entered a harsh desert like environment in the Levant or on the Arabian Peninsula, which changed sexual culture and religion dramatically. Desert life facilitated rigid cultures with order and regularity needed for inbreeding across generations. In later period increased tribal density caused to enlarge the number of inbred bodies to outnumber neighbouring hostile tribes with reincarnated ancestors. A regular society and the need for population growth were impetus for the notorious incubator farms of family semen which are still characteristic for nowadays Islam.

N is mtDNA combined with Islam:

Assumption 277The last possible origin of cousin marriages lies in the Arabian Peninsula about 50,000 years ago, where first human families (mtDNA =L3N) could not exchange fresh juvenile females with other tribes and desperately had to find new formulas to exchange females within just a few families. This measure from the time derivative of sexual culture might have become instinctive 'religion' for Muslims.

Assumption 278: About 40.000 years ago Homo sapiens (mtDNA = L3N) returned from the Arabian Peninsula and Europe to North Africa, where they developed as Berbers or Imazighen.

DNA Evidence Shows Stone Age Humans Went Back To Africa  

The partial remains of a 35,000-year-old Homo sapiens discovered in a Romanian cave more than 60 years ago are providing evidence for a theory that early humans in Asia trekked back to Africa starting between 45,000 and 40,000 years ago. A distinctive pattern of alterations to mitochondrial DNA extracted from two teeth of an ancient woman who lived in what's now Romania, are similar to alterations seen in mitochondrial DNA of present-day North Africans. A team of scientists in the May 19 edition of Scientific Reports say this evidence signals an evolutionary connection. Human populations spread out of the continent by 50,000 years ago, after evolving in Africa around 200,000 years ago. The scientists propose the ancient Romanian woman's DNA came from a maternal line that originated in West Asia after humans initially left Africa but then ended up in North Africa.

mtDNA =L3N = combined with Islam (white blocks):

Assumption 280: Three elements likely caused the emergence of the Muslim instinct, which is male as well as female kin bonded in nuDNA to inbreeding and incest. This mutational abnormality is unprecedented in other inbreeding cultures, which are only bonded in the male lineage and where females are refreshed completely every generation (chimps, bonobos, Australopithecus africanus, Neanderthals and Aboriginals). This can be seen from mtDNA which is the same for males but different for females, which also have different nuDNA:

1: Inbreeding promotes tribal identity by genetic immortality in descendants since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), the primal human-creature religion. Tribal identity revives in Muslim cultures in Western society today. Tribal identity is male and female kin bonded.

2: And since Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) inbreeding also promotes the earthly reincarnation of Muslim fathers into descendants of their children.

3: And last but not least on the Arabian Peninsula (50 ka; 1400cc; mtDNA L3N) inbreeding was the only way to survive without the possibility to exchange fresh juvenile females. Nowadays perpetuation of this behavior despite adequate fresh juvenile females indicates an inbreeding-instinct mutation.
In the Arabian Peninsula, 50 thousand years ago, there were no other people and there was no central public administration and therefore these 150 pioneers lost track of juvenile descendants of the group. Likely sub-tribes fanned out across the Peninsula in a very early stage and did not keep track on each other. They must have built a symbolic wall around their own subgroup (endogamous tribal mantle) and let no uncontrolled females escape to other groups. So, they must have developed their notoriously hostile relations among Bedouin tribes already in an early stage of evolution.


Chronology of the Muslim inbreeding disaster:

First twist is forced inbreeding

In contrast with the quadrupedal Hominids, the first humanlike cultures of the Homininae (7 mya; 400cc) left the trees in little groups and roamed through the savannas bipedally. They diverged in the country in about straight lines and did not return to former places making distances with other tribes too big. So, they were forced to practice inbreeding and incest.

Second twist is the loss of genetic diversity

This means they had also less chance to exchange juvenile females with other tribes. So the lust to genetic diversity of females was frustrated.

Homininae inherited the Alpha male 'inbreeding' instinct from the Hominids

We conclude, later bipedal Homininae groups (7 Ma; 400cc) were much more isolated and therefore tribal inbreeding lasted for decades. They inherited the Hominid (quadrupedal) 'inbreeding' instinct, from which the effects must have been disastrous over time and Homininae groups must have died out massively.
So, with the change from Hominids (quadrupedal) to Homininae (bipedal) we got severe inbreeding and incest and the loss of genetic diversity for females. 

Third twist is the invention of 'religion' to enforce inbreeding

Religion (male kin bonded tribal self-esteem) enforced inbreeding:

Fourth twist is the use of 'religion' to compensate for inbreeding

From this concept developed the so called "religious wars" which only purpose was to refresh tribal female genes. To understand one must substitute 'sexuality' for 'religion'. 

Fifth twist was male kin bonded lineage based on genetic monoculture

In Hominid groups with 'male kin bonded lineage', daughters were not ploughed back into the male lineage. But Hominin males (3 Ma; 900cc) got the idea to saturate tribal identity with cousin marriages. Of course they mostly had no choice since other juvenile females were not available:

But important is the 'male kin bonded lineage' got a complete different interpretation. It developed in extremis to pure inbreeding. This means the later Muslim inbreeding instinct stems in a straight line from the male kin bonded concept from the animal world. One more reason to see inbreeding as caused by instinct:

Sixth twist to the Tree of Knowledge

And with falling and getting up Hominins (3 Ma; 900cc) learned how far they could go before the tribe would die out from autosomal recessive diseases. 

And Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc) discovered inbreeding and incest could be carried out very far, till 40% of all marriages, what was not known before. They accepted a lot of autosomal recessive diseases to boost male self-identity by extreme inbreeding.

And they killed all deviating characters in the population:

To end up with a highly saturated sado-masochistic population, the Muslim population:

So they promoted male kin bonded selfishness at the extreme costs of autosomal recessive disorders. They exchanged the 'male kin bonded instinct' on the basis of genetic diversity against 'male kin bonded instinct' based on genetic monoculture.

Seventh twist Islam is male and female kin bonded lineage

Assumption 280: Three elements likely caused the emergence of the Muslim instinct, which is male as well as female kin bonded in nuDNA to inbreeding and incest. This mutational abnormality is unprecedented in other inbreeding cultures, which are only bonded in the male lineage and where females are refreshed completely every generation (chimps, bonobos, Australopithecus africanus, Neanderthals and Aboriginals). This can be seen from mtDNA which is the same for males but different for females, which also have different nuDNA.

Capturing juvenile females from other tribes

Well, you undoubtedly know Boko Haram which captured hundreds of girls for interbreeding from other tribes. Notice, what Boko Haram did is quite normal in human evolution. And guess what, a number of girls wanted to stay thereafter. 


The Muslim inbreeding culture finds its origins in the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc) which as bipedals lost contact with other groups and were forced to inbreeding by which many groups died out. Muslims discovered the survival formula of 40% cousin marriages and 60 % outbreeding with other Muslims. They accepted a lot of autosomal recessive diseases while pursuing male self-identity by extreme saturated genes in descendants. This because they unconsciously want to reincarnate into their own kind. So, the major flaw in the Muslim ideology is extreme egoism of males at the cost of females.

I don't think civil war between Muslims and non-Muslims can be avoided in Europe any longer. After the war policor will be defeated by anti-policor and Muslims together. 

Then parallel societies will emerge and it must be known how to control the remains of the Muslim population. Undoubtedly the Islamic control system will collapse and Muslims will regress to former Paradise cultures:


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