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(198) Homo naledi were rebirth fanatics

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In the beginning when we thought Homo naledi (2,3 Ma - 355 ka; 550cc) dated from about 2,3 million years ago we did not dare to believe they had already religion and ceremonial burials. Although, this was against better judgement because animal religion follows directly from the Sexual Theory of Religion:

Later Homo naledi might have known the concept of soul

Homo naledi was partly Australopithecus and partly Hominin. So he was a border case on the verge of reincarnation. Maybe for millions of years he did not invent the concept of soul for reincarnation. Also possible is his 'religion' preserved ancient ideas from the past. Maybe he was already known with reincarnation but simply did not believe in it. And to be fair, do you believe in the soul? The soul is an intellectual masterpiece of the Hominins but it is not necessarily true. So Homo naledi might have been very bright creatures who simply did not believe in reincarnation.

Rebirth as self-fulfilling prophecy

Rebirth is only possible under excellent circumstances as in the deep and dark caves of the Cradle of Mankind. Beyond this area 'rebirth' was much more difficult to attain since the dead would get no air to breathe in closed graves. Therefore Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) invented 'reincarnation' just in the Middle of Africa. 

Maybe Homo naledi suffered from the inhibitory lead law and had no reason to believe in reincarnation. Homo naledi survived as long as he stayed in his natural habitat of lime stone caves in the Cradle of Mankind. On leaving this biotope by heavy weather fluctuations around 335 ka and by losing contact with other tribes, Homo naledi possibly died out by inbreeding by missing fresh juvenile females.

By the way, their right with 'rebirth' was proven by all babies who were reborn in the tribe for ages as exact replicas of their ancestors. So, for them 'rebirth' worked and case closed.

Reconsidering rebirth

Knowing the cemetery of Dinaledi chamber dates from just 335.000 years ago we must reconsider the development of Homo naledi. 

Do we really think anybody was interested in the remains of dead Homo naledi? Of course not. No Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) would ever undertake the dangerous descent in these caves to gather bones. This means protection of the dead was not the reason for the way Homo naledi disposed of their dead in such a crazy way. Also the difficult way to the chambers was not relevant. Only important was to find the deepest place in the cave. The entrance to the Underworld of their God of Darkness.

But they were so clever not to leave anything of value in the chambers for not to attract thieves. That's why we likely will not find any precious gift there. Though it might be things of value are stolen meanwhile. 

On the other hand, if ancestors would be reborn as babies would they need anything? Did they ever see a baby born with a stone ax in his hand? So, a feature of rebirth is the lack of precious gifts. Rebirth is in babies while reincarnation is undetermined, can also be into adults.

If the deceased were given things of value, the graves had to be closed and protected. But rebirth cemeteries must never be closed! This is another reason that valuable things and rebirth don't go together. From this whole constellation of features we might infer Dinaledi chamber and Lesedi chamber definitely were rebirth cemeteries

We conclude once and again that rebirth cemeteries per definition need an open connection with the outside world. Homo naledi has thought this concept thoroughly.

Much later evolved Neanderthals laid emotional objects in their graves to honor the deceased. But those graves were closed and likely were meant for reincarnation. 

So the reason why Homo naledi did not give things of value was not disrespect for the dead, not lack of stone tools, but just protection against theft. This means Homo naledi likely used stone tools but did not leave them in the cave, they anxiously prevented to keep anything of value in the caves. So we conclude Homo naledi likely had a mass of stone tools but not in the caves. We have to check the caves for any carve from stone tools.

Homo naledi, inbreeding or outbreeding

The individuals in the caves were exact replicas of each other. Well, when we still thought they were 2,3 million years old it could have been incidental inbreeding. But that cannot be the case any longer for they apparently survived for millions of years. 

This means they somewhere must have got genetic variation from other tribes. From the number of individuals ultimately found in the caves we might estimate the total number of individuals of the tribe, under the condition that we find the total time interval the cemetery was used. I think the tribe was rather small.

Then, we can estimate the seize of the neighbouring tribes. If the country was densely populated they must have made long journeys to exchange juvenile females. But how is it possible such demographic constellation could exist for so long and remain stable. Did it?

If the body remains don't show autosomal recessive disorders then Homo naledi definitely was no inbred tribe, then their population must have been completely balanced for millions of years and they all looked the same but with sufficient genetic variation.

The conclusion must be Homo naledi definitely was no inbred tribe, impossible after 2 million years. Furthermore, rebirth might have been a special case in the development of Australopiths. Normally the conditions for rebirth are too bad. 

Reincarnation, rebirth and the choice to come back on Earth

Below we see reincarnation in Christian Ethiopia (1921). It is no inbreeding and no cousin marriage since the woman is not identified as a member of the family. This means, it is reincarnation with outbreeding

Also these families had to seduce the ancestors to come on Earth again. But they did not force and blackmail their daughters to marry their cousins on behalf of the ancestors, who allegedly wanted not to reincarnate in hybrids (the apple of Eve). That happens only in inbreeding cultures.

And Homo naledi was rebirth with outbreeding (see above). I don't think individuals had the choice not to come back in Homo naledi's culture. 

Below, apparently with reincarnation it was up to the 'grandfather' to make the choice to come back in the family. 

As mentioned before, in Islam we have an inbreeding culture combined with reincarnation. Ancestors must be seduced to return to the tribe. This means no hybrids as the apple from Eve and the Serpent of another tribe were allowed and Eve was stoned:

Below a scheme of how Muslim males derive the power to push their daughters to cousin marriages. It's not the father's will but the will of the ancestors: force majeure:


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