Friday, 26 May 2017

(195) Homo naledi definitely used ropes to Dinaledi chamber

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Hansel and Gretel and their trail to Dinaledi chamber:

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Earlier we proposed Homo naledi might have used kind of lianas or sticks of about 1 meter to lay a path to Dinaledi chamber. But that was when we thought the cemetery was about 2,3 million years old.

But now we know it is just 335 thousand years old we change our theory and may remove the sticks. These creatures definitely knew how to make knots and how to tie very long ropes from grasses, which perished within thousands of years. In my opinion the best guess is they laid long cables of tied grasses from the entrance to Dinaledi chamber.

Also they must have analyzed the up and down segments of their path to Dinaledi chamber. So, they needed no light at all and needed no special qualities. But they still might have possessed the ape-like three dimensional radar to find their way high in the trees in dark nights.

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