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(196) Homo naledi worshiped the God of Darkness

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On some distance from the Rising Star Cave there must be a flat rock just below the surface. On that rock Homo naledi carved the map to Dinaledi chamber, since he was very clever.

Homo Naledi (2,3 Ma - 335 ka; 550cc) knew how to use fire what he used only near the entrance of the Rising Star Cave. 

Deeper in the cave they used no fire for three reasons. 

- In the first place there was not enough oxygen in the cave for prolonged fire. 

- In the second place they never stayed there for long, since it was a cemetery.

- But the most compelling reason was their God did not want light in the cave, since then the magic was broken. That's why they used tied grass-ropes to lay the track to Dinaledi chamber.

So Homo naledi always looked for cemeteries in complete darkness to find the God of the Underworld. And the numerous caves of the Cradle of Mankind were confirmed as entrances to the Underworld. And indeed there was no light there. And so they worshiped the God of Darkness. Because look, if they used light they saw no God. Then they concluded they chased Him away with light. And if they saw no God they took it for granted he was there.

What weird kind of logic is that? Well, it is the basic flaw in religious thinking all over the world and we see the same in Christianity. It is to convert punishment into reward. It is to convert absence into presence: if Jesus does not show up he must be there:

What makes Christians different from Muslims? Christians know it makes no sense to call upon Christ. They must show their strong faith in Him. He will never come to their rescue and they must bear their fate in masochism to come in Heaven. That is His test upon them. 
Matthew 5:44 
King James Bible Jesus:
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
Well then, how must Christians know if Jesus really exists? They can't. So, 'no answer' points to the existence of Jesus. No reward (no appearance) just is the reinforcement of their belief! Even worse, punishment (being killed by Muslims) is their reward: Muslims come in Heaven by killing unbelievers and Christians killed by unbelievers. It is a sick sadomasochistic sexual deviation around Judaism.

And so Homo naledi never controlled the decay of the bodies. They simply threw the deceased into the chute. They fully trusted their God of Darkness. The deceased would arise in the Underworld and be reborn as babies in the womb. It is the perfect religion for rebirth.

Well, here is an example from reincarnation in 1921 where the soul is required:

Christians believe in the rebirth of Christ for quite different reasons. Jesus was simply to great to reincarnate into another body. They knew they definitely must never find his dead body, for then it would be reincarnation into someone less important. Then, the enchantment of Christianity would have been broken.

BTW, the whole Jewish people are waiting for rebirth, which makes only sense if they can recognize each other on face value there after.


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