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(200) Homo naledi and climate change

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Rebirth did not pay off and so they went over on reincarnation

Genetic variation

We know Homo naledi likely survived for 2 million years, that's crazy long. I don't think any longer they evolved from later combinations with Hominins and not yet extinct Australopiths. 

Well, to survive they must have had sufficient genetic variation from other tribes. They must have exchanged juvenile females all the time. So, they were likely male kin bonded without too many 'cousin marriages'. 

But this means their society must have been stabilized. They must have known to find the other tribes. Maybe they had this idyllic society for millions of years. I get the feeling it was a peaceful society, clever but physically vulnerable. I have come to like them. So different from those brutal Homo erectus:

So, for two million years the circumstances might have been extremely stable for this vulnerable species to survive. But just in the period of the finds of the Rising Star Cave the amplitude of climate fluctuation increased considerably:

Dr Rick Potts
Smitsonian Institution

It might be species emerged and died out in periods of extreme climate variability:

The state of the art of excavations gives the impression heavy climate fluctuations might go together with the evolvement and extinction of Hominid and Hominin species:

So if Homo naledi had a vulnerable demographic infrastructure concerning the delivering of juvenile females, it might have caused their extinction just like the Neanderthals. The latter likely died out in the last ice age when the forests shrunk and distances between groups became too large. They possibly died out from inbreeding.

The rise of Homo sapiens goes together with the downfall of Homo naledi:

Here we see better:

Not that we can tell this had fatal influence but climate effects might have contributed to their extinction. Also matters the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Climate variability is also the extremeness of change. This amplitude is mainly caused by the Earth's axis of rotation AND the eccentricity of the Earth orbit around the Sun. From circular to more elliptical orbit. Please inform climate neurotics.

Homo naledi tribes must have been extremely small, though genetically varied. The population found in Dinaledi and Lesedi chambers seems very homogeneous. They likely have become a harmonious and genetically stabilized race in two million years. A race without too many autosomal recessive disorders. 

They must have survived predators by climbing in trees with their curved fingers and ape-like shoulders. Their brain had the volume of an orange but meanwhile we know better about its functioning. 

If the rebirth hypothesis is true they must have been 'highly intelligent' creatures. No, if they were highly intelligent creatures the rebirth hypothesis with its excellent fitting scenario is likely true.


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