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(199) Homo naledi's unsustainable rebirth culture

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Homo naledi must have had a religious development for millions of years. But this does not mean they always practiced rebirth funerals. The Dinaledi and Lesedi chambers may have been the highlights of their rebirth culture. But this culture clearly was unsustainable over time. 

So we likely witnessed the highlights of their rebirth culture which is bound to the deepest caves of the Cradle of Mankind. Then, was the find of Dinaledi chamber a coincidence? Yes, but next Lesedi cave was already predictable, since we now know from their culture and will search directly for the deepest caves in the Cradle of Mankind. 

Also we might have found by accident the turning point of Homo naledi's  religious culture just in these deepest caves. They likely have evolved further after noticing accidentally the dead did not come to life. Dinaledi and Lesedi chambers might have been long-term experiments, with negative results. Maybe after these caves they stepped over to reincarnation.

So, let's see again what comes before rebirth:

They first buried their dead simply in the ground but in the next phase they might have buried them within caves near the entrance. For the later phase of rebirth they had to stay for longer time near the caves and were not roaming any further. 

They tracked the process of decay by digging up the dead periodically. Then they perceived no signs of rebirth. Because they settled near the caves for many years they came up with the idea to develop a scenario which would make rebirth possible. It was a religious experiment in which they came to believe after they worshiped their God of Darkness in the Underworld. They invented a complete and balanced scenario which amazes us. We have written out this scenario earlier:


- Find the deepest chambers of a cave. This must be the entrance to the Underworld of their God of Darkness.

Don't use any light, for this extrudes the God of Darkness who cannot bear light. 

- Better lay down cables of tied ropes of long grasses from the entrance to the chambers for always finding the way back.

- There must be sufficient oxygen in the chambers for the dead must be able to breathe during the rebirth process. Fire consumes oxygen which suffocates the sleeping dead.

- There must be an open connection with the outer world to let the reborn out of the cave.

- Nothing must be given to the dead. In the first place they never saw a baby reborn with a stone ax in his hand. Also, precious gifts would attract thieves and the chambers had to be accessible and were not protected. So, rebirth and valuable gifts don't go together.

After many years of practice they accidentally learned rebirth did not work as expected. Also it was a dangerous and time-consuming project. Maybe they had expelled the God of Darkness. Maybe God lives much deeper. And so 335 ka the last Australopiths lost their faith in sleeping forever and in rebirth...

So, what lesson learned the first Hominins? They learned it was unbearable to die without leaving a spark of entity. The problem is with rebirth you can prove it does not work by simple inspection of the decay. Then there was just one probability left to escape the empty shell and that was reincarnation into the earthly universe. And that was exactly where Hominins went through the sound barrier of the animal kingdom. Also Homo naledi must have given up in the end...


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