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(141) How the ice age caused FGM

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Assumption 275: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a religious instrument of African cultures, which will likely develop into outbreeding societies, just because they are no notorious inbreeding cultures like Islam. But until now inbreeding cultures made much more progress in their outer layer of religious endogamy, where males and females have about the same rights to choose an Islamic partner.

The ice age caused FGM

Seventy thousand years ago the world entered the coldest and driest period of the ice age. mtDNA L2 (Negroes) escaped from Eve (L) to the North and West of Africa:

Apparently they tried to escape the drought in Equatorial Africa but arriving in the North they got the same dry climate:

I guess too many tribes went to the North and bumped into the Sahara and their only way out was to escape to sea climate of the Atlantic Ocean in the West:

Then all tribes fell into the trap to the Atlantic Ocean which had a more temperate climate and delivered enough sea food. So, already 70,000 years a lot of tribes jostle on the west coast of Africa, near the shores of the sea, what can be inferred from the large number of different languages. After the ice age they moved on to the north:

What we see immediately is language density is concentrated in FGM areas without inbreeding culture in the first place. This means our insight is correct and FGM must be seen as an outbreeding measure against female outbreeding. The last 90-55 kya a lot of different tribes, all from mtDNA L2 but with different dialects and sub-languages, have migrated towards the North and to the Atlantic Ocean. All these tribes were partitioned by cultural habits and different languages between which outbreeding was possible.

Where pre-Muslims (mtDNA L3) migrated into the direction of Mecca in the East, Negroes (mtDNA L2) escaped to the North West. This massive migration (L2) caused an enormous tribal density in West Africa which diluted the inbreeding instinct by outbreeding. 

Since tribal identity is only maintained through the male lineage, FGM was invented to stop the natural exogamous lust to genetic diversity of Negro women. Another interpretation is only males wanted to have the lust of outbreeding.

In our view, increasing tribal density is one of the biggest causes of FGM. Tribal density in Egypt was obviously the highest of Africa in the the last 6000 years. But FGM did not originate there. It started 60,000 years earlier.

L2 (Negroes)

In 150,000 years a lot can happen with mtDNA. So from descendants of Eve (L) two major characteristics of mtDNA: L2 and L3 are linked to different genes in nuDNA. L2 is linked to Negro outbreeding and L3N to Muslim inbreeding.

L2 was linked to the majority of outbreeding Negro tribes in Equatorial Africa. These peoples were careless and joyful and chased genetic diversity all day long. Therefore they had little time to control their numerous kids which they did not even know by name. Much later in the evolution, they preferred to cut their daughters partly to pieces, in stead of caring for them for about 15 years what responsible parents would do but what is a big investment.

FGM likely started about 60.000 ya as punishment for adulterous females by painfully cutting out their clitoris and appeared very successful in turning down Eve-like aspirations:

Assumption 281The eternal identity of the tribe is male kin bonded and maintained only along the male gene line in the offspring.  Thus, seed from aliens as the Serpent in a tribal woman as Eve does not belong to the tribe and must be eliminated or expelled. Adam, who recognized the fruit of the Serpent as his own child, was the stupidity at its best. Both Adam, Eve and the child of the Serpent were expelled. That's the original meaning of the Myth of Paradise as initiation rite and as severe warning for maturing boys.

And this is what 'God' said to the Serpent:

15 And I will put enmity between thee [the Serpent] and the woman [Eve], and between thy seed [your tribe] and her seed [her tribe]; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

But at that adult age FGM wounds are considerable and females were out of use for longer time, which was a waste of male's sexual lust. Then in history gradually they finished the job earlier to end with preventing future adulterous misbehavior in babies from 5 weeks old.

FGM has nothing to do with nowadays conscious rationalizations as woman hygiene, physical desirability or potential health risks for mother and children, especially during childbirth. One traditional belief is that if a male child’s head touches the clitoris during childbirth, the child will die.

The real reason is Negro fathers in that area are lazy, selfish and completely irresponsible and immoral. For them their own daughters are null and void and I will tell you why:

In outbreeding Negro cultures fathers do not necessarily reincarnate into descendants of their own daughters and that's why they don't invest time to control them like Muslims do, who must keep their daughters in optimal physical shape to function as incubator of family semen. So, Muslims keep the fish fresh in the fish tank, the closed mantle of endogamy. 

But Negro fathers in FGM areas project their afterlife in all kinds of women they encounter. Earlier they only wanted payment for their daughters in the form of two sheep and 5 chickens. Well, would you look after your daughter thoroughly for 15 years for some chickens? Then you might prefer to mutilate your baby daughter and cut out that terrible sexual lust you selfishly reserve for yourself. 

But there is also a big difference in sexual taste. Some types of males do not care about the sex life of women. These males practice FGM in SM-dyad. For their part they also like a plastic doll. 

But other and more civilized males have realized that a harmonious sex life with Vanilla-dyad-like interactions between partners gives much more pleasure and satisfaction, and as a whole is more than the sum of its parts. Besides, it is unbelievably cruel and completely immoral and off your nut to see women as animal objects. All this is a fundamental difference which slows down the aversion against FGM in Africa, what has to go still a long way to civilization...

African Negroes committing FGM never built anything of cultural value in evolution, invented nothing and only contributed to the overpopulation of the world. They always chose the easiest way out, were undisciplined and never concentrated. 
They followed the sun and so they arrived in West Africa at the Atlantic ocean from where they had not the slightest idea of how to go further. It is a sad shoot on the tree of evolution, this FGM culture:

So, in our view FGM must have started in equatorial Africa, be it in a very primitive
form of punishing adulterous females by cutting and removing their clitoris of course without anesthesia.

So, we cannot agree with the following:

(See Addendum)

The practice of female genital mutilation/circumcision has dated back to ancient times. Female circumcision has existed for over 4,000-5,000 years originating in a period predating God’s covenant with Abraham to circumcise his people. The practice began in Egypt and was frequently performed by the ancient cultures of the Phoenicians, Hittites, and the ancient Egyptians. The idea was created based on the belief that the foreskin was the feminine part of the male and the clitoris the masculine part of the womanThe removal of extra tissue thereby circumvented sexual ambiguity.

The inbreeding of the second Paradise culture

Assumption 276On leaving Africa inbreeding cultures likely entered a harsh desert like environment in the Levant or on the Arabian Peninsula, which changed sexual culture and religion dramatically. Desert life facilitated rigid cultures with order and regularity needed for inbreeding across generations. In later period increased tribal density caused to enlarge the number of inbred bodies to outnumber neighbouring hostile tribes with reincarnated ancestors. A regular society and the need for population growth were impetus for the notorious incubator farms of family semen which are still characteristic for nowadays Islam.

Assumption 277The last possible origin of cousin marriages lies in the Arabian Peninsula about 50,000 years ago, where first human families (mtDNA =L3N) could not exchange fresh juvenile females with other tribes and desperately had to find new formulas to exchange females within just a few families. This measure from the time derivative of sexual culture might have become instinctive 'religion' for Muslims.

Assumption 278: About 40.000 years ago Homo sapiens (mtDNA = L3N) returned from the Arabian Peninsula and Europe to North Africa, where they developed as Berbers or Imazighen.

The inhabitants of the other Northern states are from mixed origin (Berbers or 
Imazighen) and mostly not Negroid. Except Egypt, these states played no role in establishing FGM. They were not focused on Africa but more on states around the Mediterranean. Their most significant mtDNA marker is L3N (white), also for Egypt and partly for Ethiopia:

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are transit states. In evolution they were melting pots of cultures along the fertile banks of the Nile waiting for leaving Africa. Hence, tribal density has always been enormous in Egypt. From Sub-Sahara arriving peoples brought in the FGM habit and in Egypt they were already known with inbreeding by L3N (white). This combination works perfectly for nowadays Islam in transit states. But this does not mean FGM originates in North Africa, though it might be the most sophisticated cruelty has been invented lately by Muslims (Method III: Infibulation). This was to safeguard (im)mature girls against incest with their own male Muslim family. Their father, uncles, brothers and other males in the direct neighbourhood:

Notice FGM (Method III) can be used unconsciously by experienced older women - who mostly cut the girls - to prevent inbreeding and incest of these immature and mature girls by their father, their uncles and brothers, and all other surrounding males, and this is no nonsense. Therefore FGM is also very useful in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, as notorious inbreeding cultures.


Egyptian girl dies during banned female genital mutilation operation

Authorities investigate after 17-year-old died under general anaesthetic in a private hospital, despite FGM being illegal in the country

Agence France-Presse
Egyptian prosecutors are investigating the death of a teenage girl during a female genital mutilation operation at a private hospital.

Mayar Mohamed Mousa, 17, died in a hospital in the province of Suez on Sunday while under full anaesthesia, said Lotfi Abdel-Samee, the local health ministry undersecretary.

Addendum I

Female Genital Mutilation Circumcision Womens Rights Abuse Islam Tribal Customs

History of Female Genital Mutilation:

The practice of female genital mutilation/circumcision has dated back to ancient times. Female circumcision has existed for over 4,000-5,000 years originating in a period predating God’s covenant with Abraham to circumcise his people. The practice began in Egypt and was frequently performed by the ancient cultures of the Phoenicians, Hittites, and the ancient Egyptians. The idea was created based on the belief that the foreskin was the feminine part of the male and the clitoris the masculine part of the woman. The removal of extra tissue thereby circumvented sexual ambiguity.

The practice of female circumcision soon migrated to the Red Sea coastal tribes and the Arab traders and then eventually to eastern Sudan. Today the practice has barely waned in some of the modern day Moslim and African civilizations and with the increase of migrants from such areas; the primitive tradition has reached the coasts of America, Europe, Australia and Canada. It is estimated that over 120 million women have undergone the procedure worldwide and that between 4 and 5 million cases of female genital mutilation occur annually in infant girls and women.


Female circumcision has been researched extensively by an array of social sciences including anthropologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians. A multiplicity of explanations have been offered to comprehend the practice including: social prestige, sacrifice to fertility godsdecreased sexual pleasure to prevent moral degeneration, tribal signs, tests for endurance, reincarnation, enhanced sexual performance and hygienic reasons. For many cultures the practice is often a symbol of tradition, distinction, enslavement and suppression.
Several justifications have been extended by cultures for which the practice is prevalent including the custom of preserving their cultural identity by continuing the practice; controlling women’s sexuality by reducing their sexual fulfillment; religious duty and doctrine; and social pressure in which the community creates an environment in which the practice becomes a requirement for social acceptance. In a news report “Egyptian Court allows Female Circumcision” Egyptian Sheik Yusef Badry stated to the Toronto Globe in 1997, “It’s our religion. We pray, we do fasting, we do circumcision. For 14 centuries of Islam, our mothers and grandmothers have performed this operation. Those who are not circumcised get AIDS easily.”
Although female genital mutilations have been documented in a variety of faiths, including Christians, Muslims and Jews, some supporters of the Islamic faith claim that FGM is required practice. Yet scholars and theologians of Islam assert that female circumcision is not approved by their religious doctrines or any other religion. Theologians furthermore emphasize that in many major Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, the procedure is almost never performed. Most of the African tribes that do perform this “operation,” believe that the excision is a custom decreed by their ancestors and must be upheld under all circumstances and as such represents a peace of mind. Sadly, FGM is a barbaric act yet is still viewed as the core prerequisite to matrimony, status and acceptance.

Addendum II

There are however a couple of places that don’t seem to fit as well. Most poignant of these is sub-Saharan Africa. HBD Chick’s hypothesis doesn’t cover much of Africa, especially the non-Muslim parts. It’s unclear if the historic mating among non-Muslim Blacks was particularly consanguineous (though it was, and remains in many places, polygynous). However, as we clearly know, sub-Saharans do behave like considerably clannish people in some ways, yet a lot more like typical outbreeders in other ways.
However, farther south in Africa are the San hunter-gatherers (the Bushmen), who were intentional outbreeders, with marriage occurring across tribes. However, overall rates of violence among them are comparable to those found in their Bantu neighbors.

Muslim Central Asia (including the Uyghur province) hasn’t been directly looked at by HBD Chick. But presumably mating patterns there have been similar to the rest of the Muslim world, which would seem to explain the levels of clannishness and corruption there.
 the fulani of burkina-faso: 65.8% first and second cousin marriage rate
– the fulani, mandinka, and wolof in gambia: 65% of first marriages of men are to a cousin – that’s an average of the three populations, and i don’t have a breakdown for each group
– the fouta-jallon (taramabli-dionfo) of guinea: 25.9% cousin marriage rate
– the yoruba of oka akoko in nigeria: 51.2% cousin marriage rate
– the lobedu (sotho) of south africa: 30% cousin marriage rate
so, there’s a variety in the rates, too. again, not surprising.


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  1. Hey FGM is some "really" fucked up shyt but so is a racist Eurocentric mind set.

    You allude to FGM in ancient Egypt then state

    "African Negroes committing FGM never built anything of cultural value in evolution, invented nothing and only contributed to the overpopulation of the world. They always chose the easiest way out, were undisciplined and never concentrated."

    If your hypothesis is correct about Black Africans originating the practice of FGM this means either the original Egyptians were Black Africans or Black Africans later migrated into Egypt & influenced its culture to the point a painful & undesirable practice was adopted. This would indicate a large cultural influence that could only be exerted by a dominate group. Egypt & Nubia are two of the greatest ancient civilizations so your comment on "African Negro" achievements & contributions is not only incorrect but actually unnecessary if your goal was simply to expouse your theory on FGM ie: even if your comment was true the insult was not essential to your argument

    You also attempt to segregate Black Africans by continually mentioning L2 with "Negroes" in the parenthesis as if to infer all mtdna L haplo groups arent Black. You state L3n is White but it originated in East Africa and your time line dating back to 40k bce is 32k years prior to the existence of White skin

    & is 5k to 12k years older than the oldest supposed Caucasoid skull discovered

    So "uhh not White"
    It seems not only is your cultural & historic outlook skewed but your scientific accuracy is lacking in certain areas. Also why are you using mtdna to trace migration routes when your blog is speaking to a practice males imposed on females? Why not ydna? Your attempting to tie FGM to ice age era Africans when there is no possible way for you to confirm your hypothesis. Archeology cant help you because flesh has long deteriorated from any skeletons discovered. Language cant help you because no written records exist from ice age Africa be it 15k bce muchless 50k bce. Even oral traditions cant be traced back further than 10k or so. Youre really pulling your theory out of no where.
    You provide some interesting information but your hypothesis does nothing to uproot the ancient Egyptian origin of FGM. At best it may have originated further down the Nile in the Nubian/Ethiopian region being that Herodotus stated Egypt,Ethiopia,Colchia & Phoenicians practiced male circumcision. Egypt has the oldest recorded record of circumcision of any kind. Any attempt to place its development earlier with no archaeological or historical proof is just wishful thinking & can only be arrived at via an incomplete & bad scientific methodology