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(129) The domain of honor killing proneness

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Mirjam Abarkan van Kamervragen van de PVV tot begrijpende rechters

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Willem Jan Ausma
It started furious in January. Girl dead in IJsselstein. Parliamentary questions from the Freedom Party (PVV) on honor killings. The prosecutor said on July 9 already that no evidence has been found about honor killing. The officer demanded seven years for manslaughter.

Willem Jan Ausma
Het begon woest in januari. Meisje dood in IJsselstein. Kamervragen van de PVV over eerwraak. De officier van justitie vertelde op 9 juli al dat er geen aanwijzingen zijn gevonden dat er eerwraak gaat. De officier eiste 7 jaar wegens doodslag.

The domain of honor killing proneness

The domain of honor killing proneness of Muslim families can be enclosed by the fully elaborated reincarnation theory. But this domain is too wide with the risk of false positives. To accuse a family of the intention to honor killing which does not become reality is a false positive, a false alarm what definitely harms the family relations of the girl. So it is reckless to decide on the basis of a too large domain. But a warning may prevent a honor killing, that's the dilemma, so I would choose for a warning.

On the other hand if there is no theory at all as with the nowadays empty shell of 'honor of the family' we get false negatives as with Sadia Sheikh, Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan, which became real honor killings. So, we must refine our methods to filter out these cases. Well, that's definitely possible and these girls would have been saved by the refined reincarnation theory.

But in general, in Western Europe false negatives are relatively rare because Muslim families usually don't run into the most serious option, but honor killings and acid attacks are definitely a mess in Pakistan with thousands of cases every year...

In Pakistan honor killing problems are too big to handle as individual cases. There, only fathers could be informed and warned about the causes and drives of their honor killing lust.

So, an elaborate theory as the reincarnation theory gives the risk of false positives.
But better too much than too little theory. And there are several options to lower the number of false positives.

The correctness of the theory

The correctness of the theory is not that important, since a theory is as good as its predictive power of future honor killings. Better false positives than false negatives.
The theory of the conflicting universes for reincarnation is embedded in the stages of human religious development: 

There has been invested a lot of thinking in this reincarnation theory. That's why now it looks so simple. Of course, I hope the theory is correct. 

The only weak spot is it cannot be proved earlier tribal members thought tribal ancestors wanted to reincarnate into their own tribe, though this looks obvious. But this is the crucial element in the theory. Only if this is true it can be expected nowadays fathers still want their daughters to marry a Muslim. 

In the outer region of religious endogamy most fathers do not ask for a cousin directly but for a Muslim in general. Of course this dilutes inbreeding significantly, but since Muslims and earlier Paradise people procreated for 7 million years in the same population, the inbreeding instinct itself is not diluted and is as vividly as ever:

Notice, the number of cases of real inbreeding is on the rise in Western society, caused by the weakening of Islamic dictatorship; especially in Great Britain we must expect Paradise culture breaks loose again. And then we better have a theory.

Fighting reinforcers of Inbreeding and Incest

I see Inbreeding and Incest as the basis of human religion. About that has been written a lot on this site. Nowhere I found inconsistencies in the theory as is controlled by about 300 internally consistent assumptions. Though we must not fall into circular reasoning.

Human religion is governed by operant conditioning. Stages of reinforcement of inbreeding are:

'But now Islam got the task of binding the inbreeding instinct to 'reincarnation into the parallel universe', which went completely wrong because both universes are competing reinforcers, as has been explained extensively on this site:

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring'
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Concurrent reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Concurrent reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

And this last statement illustrates Islam as a hybrid religion.'



Then, what is the reincarnation theory?

We easily accept the concept of reincarnation into Heaven of the parallel universe. Then, we also accept the earlier and simpler concept of reincarnation into the earthly universe

An example of earthly religion is 'the sin of the golden calf', (Aaron), which religion of earthly idols was forbidden by Moses. Furthermore we know Islam prohibits the belief in earthly gods on pain of death. That's the first line of reasoning. 

Also notice, tribal heads in Paradise culture (nowadays Muslim fathers) saw themselves as gods of their tribe, deciding over life and death of their people. They projected themselves as gods into the earthly afterlife. So, tribal gods and golden idols made Paradise culture to a form of polytheism:

Now, what is the link between earthly gods and earthly reincarnation? Well IMO, gods are sexual roles, and for males, gods are kind of projections into eternity. 

Earthly gods means males likely projected perpetual orgasm into the earthly universe, for example by tribal reincarnation and concrete earthly idols. But we know nowadays Muslims project eternal orgasm also into 72 virgins of Heaven of the parallel universe, which is totally incompatible with earthly reincarnation.

The second line of reasoning is to project this theory on the inbreeding and incest culture. Then we understand deceased ancestors likely wanted to be reborn into their own tribe for safety and tribal identity. So, the living had the task to produce sufficient inbred bodies for ancestors. Imagine how disastrous it would be if a tribe went exogamous (mixed with other tribes), while a growing number of deceased ancestors was desperately waiting for reincarnation. And they definitely wanted not return into hybrids from other tribes.

This means the self-identity and self-respect of tribes depended on the number of inbred bodies and nowadays Muslims sometimes have many children. More offspring means a bigger chance to be reborn on Earth. And now the circle is round, for 'the honor of the family' demands inbreeding and incest from tribal women. 'The honor of the family' in nowadays Islam must be the conscious counterpart of the unconscious concept of 'tribal (family) self-identity'.

Then we still forgot to mention the confounding within Islam, where Allah gives Muslim fathers instructions to ward unbelievers from family seed. This is the responsibility of the father. So a big reason for a psychotic father to kill his daughter if she mates a non-Muslim is to follow the commandments of Allah of the parallel universe, next to his unconscious desire to reincarnation in the earthly universe:

And remember a girl who ever mated a non-Muslim cannot be trusted any longer and is lost for Islam and virginity. Why feeding such a girl any longer? Why letting your cousin alive if others warn you she possibly was adulterous with a d'himmy? A man cannot be sure of his afterlife this way, so she better be stoned.

So, we see the reincarnation theory generates a number of reasons for honor killing. That's the big domain we are speaking of. Above we see honor killings have a crazy link with Paradise culture as with Islamic culture. And it is just this psychotic mix which makes Muslim fathers crazy in the interactions:

As mentioned earlier, every theory is as strong as it predictive power of future honor killings. But even if the reincarnation theory would be wrong by creating too many false positives, it contains all elements pertaining to nowadays honor killings in a large content domain. It might be seen as the start for improved models. 

The reincarnation theory is embedded into about 300 integrated assumptions which
are internally consistent. The blueprint of this site is given by the Sexual Model of Religion which pretends to outline the birth of human religion from animal sexuality:

An example of fine tuning of the theory:

In a heuristic way it is possible to generate new understanding of other situations. For example the honor syndrome generates also honor rape which splendidly explains the following:

Assumption 271: The honor syndrome is a complex of phenomena representing the now unconscious 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', what is forbidden in Islam as a mortal sin. It contains a range of phenomena from honor killings to lighter forms of honor revenge as honor rape and honor harassment by other family members.

So it is the honor syndrome which delineates the domain of all honor atrocities:

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

Nowadays investigations are built up only from chains of symptoms which can be registered without any theory: refusing forced marriages apparently leads to honor killings. But not all honor killings can be predicted from forced marriages. What is missing is the honor syndrome:

Assumption 271: The honor syndrome is a complex of phenomena representing the now unconscious 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', what is forbidden in Islam as a mortal sin. It contains a range of phenomena from honor killings to lighter forms of honor revenge as honor rape and honor harassment by other family members.

And now we see the following: Without knowledge of the honor syndrome theory, the slaughter of Mirjam Abarkan has been dismissed as manslaughter and the murder has been not detected as intentional honor killing, it is missed as plain murder.

In the case of the murder of Mirjam Abarkan the prosecutor deleted honor killing because there was no family council in advance to kill Mirjam. But the reincarnation theory leads to the honor syndrome, which implies a lot of other causes too, like 'mating a non-Muslim friend'abortion and a Western lifestyleloss of virginity all of which are able to inflict honor killings. So, the murder of Mirjam Abarkan definitely should have been convicted as intentional murder and pure honor killing. We were attentive too little and too late.

Assumption 85: Muslim girls who underwent an abortion because of a non-Muslim friend must fear for their lives and immediately must terminate all relations with their family. Also they are no virgins anymore.

In conclusion: 

In our domain of reincarnation the murder of Mirjam Abarkan must definitely be seen as an honor killing for the following circumstantial reasons indicating inbreeding:

1: Mirjam dated a Dutch boy who was not a Muslim.
2: Mirjam has been pregnant two months ago.Two months before her death Miriam underwent abortion.
3: Mirjam lost her virginity.

These are most compelling red flag reasons to kill daughters in inbreeding cultures like Islam, besides refusing a forced marriage. Remember Gülsüm Selim also told her parents to have undergone abortion just before her gruesome killing.

Annex 3:
The girl was killed during a violent argument with her mother in the family home in IJsselstein. The quarrel arose after Ben M. had snatched Miriam's phone and was shocked by the content of the messages. [Inter alia not an Islamic boyfriend, PP].

IJSSELSTEIN - Girlfriends of the stabbed Miriam Abarkan from IJsselstein suspect that a ping message from her friend led to her death. The 16-year-old girl received the phone message just before she was stabbed.

According to friends, the Moroccan family of the victim was not happy with her western lifestyle and they knew nothing of her relationship with a Dutch boy. The mother is the main suspect in the stabbing and needs to remain at least two weeks in custody.

Miriam girlfriends told RTV Utrecht the boy in question at first could not believe that the girl was dead. According to them, he broke by the bad news and feels his guilt huge.

According to Ausma [her lawyer BD] it was not about honor killings and the girl was not pregnant [anymore BD]. The two quarreled because the girl would keep to western life style and because she had a non-Muslim friend.

Bijlage 3:
Het meisje kwam om het leven tijdens een heftige ruzie met haar moeder in de ouderlijke woning in IJsselstein. De ruzie ontstond nadat Ben M. Mirjam's telefoon had afgepakt en was geschrokken van de inhoud van de berichten. [o.a. niet islamitisch vriendje, PP].

IJSSELSTEIN - Vriendinnen van de doodgestoken Mirjam Abarkan uit IJsselstein vermoeden dat een ping-bericht van haar vriend tot haar dood geleid heeftHet 16-jarige meisje kreeg het telefoonberichtje vlak voor ze werd neergestoken.

Volgens vriendinnen was de Marokkaanse familie van het slachtoffer niet blij met haar westerse leefstijl en wisten zij niets van haar relatie met een Nederlandse jongen. De moeder is hoofdverdachte van de steekpartij en moet nog zeker twee weken in voorarrest blijven.

De vriendinnen van Mirjam vertellen tegen RTV Utrecht dat de jongen in kwestie in eerste instantie niet kon geloven dat het meisje dood was. Volgens hen is hij gebroken door het slechte nieuws en is zijn schuldgevoel enorm.

Volgens Ausma [haar advocaat PP] ging het niet om eerwraak en was het meisje ook niet [meer, PP]  zwanger. Wel kregen de twee ruzie omdat het meisje er een te westerse levensstijl op na zou houden en omdat ze een niet-islamitische vriend had.

Court report:

At the hearing it became clear that Miriam completely against the wishes of her parents had intimate contact with boys, used drugs and drank alcohol. The mother Chahira lives in the Netherlands since she was 8 years old and is more desperate than strictly to her daughter's behavior. She has tried to hide these behaviors as much as possible for the father, her husband. Total panic swept her off when Miriam appeared pregnant in late 2012. Two months before her death Miriam underwent abortion. Help of social workers and the school where the academic performance of Miriam were very lousy, was invoked. From all this Mirjam became more and more recalcitrant. A school trip to Paris had to be aborted by a foot-stomping Miriam.

Ter zitting werd duidelijk dat Mirjam geheel tegen de wens van haar ouders intiem omging met jongens, drugs gebruikte en alcohol dronk. Moeder Chahira woont al sinds haar 8e levensjaar in Nederland en is eerder wanhopig dan streng om het gedrag van haar dochter. Ze heeft geprobeerd deze gedragingen zoveel mogelijk verborgen te houden voor de vader, haar echtgenoot. Totale paniek brak bij haar uit toen Mirjam in het najaar van 2012 zwanger bleek. Twee maanden voor haar dood heeft Mirjam abortus ondergaan. Hulp van maatschappelijk werk en de school, waar de leerprestaties van Mirjam zeer belabberd waren, werd ingeroepen. Al dit werkte meer recalcitrantie bij Mirjam in de hand. Een schoolreisje naar Parijs moest door een ‘stampvoetende Mirjam’ worden afgebroken.

Seventh lesson: Never talk about your abortion, just run.

Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan have been killed within weeks after their confession of an abortion.

Assumption 85: Muslim girls who underwent an abortion because of a non-Muslim friend must fear for their lives and immediately must terminate all relations with their family. Also they are no virgins anymore.

Mirjam Abarkan was an extremely awkward adolescent

UTRECHT - The substantive hearing of the murder of the 16 / year old Mirjam Abarkan makes it clear that the family of mother Chahira ben M. from IJselstein had a lot of problems. Problems we see more often in court. Miriam was a girl who wanted to go to parties at moments she had to learn for school and a girl who dealt with wrong friends (Non-Muslims, BD)

Arranged marriage (?)

A mother who, perhaps because Mirjam was forced to a marriage with a Muslim, did not have the right response on the behavior of Mirjam. And a mother with mental health problems who goes way too far during an argument. Where daughter Miriam cries out that she is pregnant, there is a knife. According to the mother she wanted to let herself be killed by her daughter.


The defense seems to suggest that daughter Miriam might have thrown herself into the knife. But the only cool woman in the audience today, the pathologist of the NFI gives the defense little hope. It is an experienced pathologist who can explain how such wounds must look like.


Legally this sensational case is simple. There is a confession. Prosecutor Lambers can tell that no indication has been found of honor killingTherefore, it is not murder. The officer called Chahira slightly diminished responsible. The officer weighs the personal circumstances heavily, just as he would for any other Dutchman. He demanded seven years in prison. 

Lawyer Willem Jan Ausma requires a much shorter sentence. This family needs the mother quickly, says Ausma. Pronunciation 23rd July.

Damned, the mother confessed the murder. How can we know someone else did not kill the child? Where is the timeline and reconstruction of this murder?

     Mirjam Abarkan was een extreem lastige puber

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utrecht-20130131-00458_thumb_thumb1UTRECHT – De inhoudelijke behandeling van de moord op de 16/jarige Mirjam Abarkan maakt duidelijk dat het gezin van moeder Chahira ben M. uit IJselstein vol zat met problemen. Problemen die we vaker zien in de rechtbank. Mirjam was Een meisje dat uit wil terwijl ze moet leren en met verkeerde vriendjes omgaat
Een moeder die, misschien omdat ze is uitgehuwelijkt, er niet al te lekker op reageert. En een moeder met psychische problemen die veel te ver gaat tijdens een ruzie. Waarbij dochter Mirjam uitroept dat ze zwanger is, komt er een mes tevoorschijn. Volgens de moeder wilde zij zich door haar dochter laten ombrengen.
De verdediging lijkt er op te koersen dat dochter Mirjam zih misschien zelf in het mes heeft gestort. Maar de enige koele vrouw in de zaal vandaag, de patholoog van het NFI geeft de verdediging weinig  hoop. Het is een ervaren patholoog die droog kan uitlegt hoe steekkanalen er dan uit moeten zien.
Juridisch stelt deze opzienbarende zaak weinig voor. Er ligt een bekentenis. Officier van justitie Lambers mag vertellen dat er geen enkele aanwijzing is gevonden dat er sprake is van eerwraak. Daarom is het geen moord. De officier noemt Chihara licht verminderd toerekeningsvatbaar. De officier weegt net als hij bij iedere andere Nederlander zou doen, de persoonlijke omstandigheden zwaar mee. Hij eist 7 jaar cel.
Advocaat Willem Jan Ausma vraagt een veel kortere straf. Dit gezin heeft de moeder snel weer nodig, vindt Ausma. Uitspraak 23 juli. 
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16 april 2013 De mo


How many honor killings and honor rapes are already passed in Western society without notice of justice. How long do we still accept the conscious mind of Muslims as a legal basis for justice?


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