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(180) Homosexuality and fertility stress

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Assumption 288: For Muslims accepting homosexuality comes down to accepting childless gays and a two dimensional State in which Mosque and State are separated and Allah lost his autocracy.

Homosexuality is the Achilles heel of Islam, but to understand we must first discuss fertility stress, so I would like to ask for some patience.

In the evolution, inbreeding cultures developed 'fertility stress', which forced them to breed like mice to prevent extinction. This is still a main characteristic of inbreeding cultures like Islam.

Inbreeding cultures thought to have found an easy way out fertility stress by what we now call 'cousin marriages'; they simply plowed their own daughters back into the male kin bonded lineage. But this made fertility stress only worse. Therefore inbreeding cultures enhance fertility stress.

Plowing the own daughters back into the male kin bonded lineage leads to fertility stress. More natural in mammal groups is finding fresh juvenile females from other tribes.

And the simple reason Muslims cannot stop cousin marriages is inbreeding has become a 'religion'. Nowadays there are plenty fresh juveniles from other families, hence this is an irrational and magical steering of sexual culture. There is no rational reason for cousin marriages any longer. Inbreeding has become an instinct for already 7 million years, just like pedophilia which is insane too.

Assumption 285: Religion is any intervention in sexual culture by not logically founded measures.

Assumption 286: As a rule of thumb inbreeding measures on sexual culture are illogical measures based on magical thinking, while outbreeding measures are based on rational thought.

Fertility stress means a species is counterproductive in breeding. Where in nature animals foster 'genetic immortality in descendants':

In inbreeding cultures the reverse happens, since 'phenotypic mortality' is promoted:

Natural outbreeding is involved in genotypes, while inbreeding is more focused on phenotypes. It reflects human males' Narcissistic vanity to mirror themselves in tribal lookalikes, while neglecting homozygous genes with identical alleles coding for the same trait. But there are more fundamental reasons for inbreeding.

To promote an inbreeding culture demands the production of inbred bodies for reincarnation of numerous ancestors. A lot has been written on this site. Every individual who does not take his share in the production of inbred bodies is killed, simply because he takes away possibilities for reincarnation of the other members, It concerns mainly not married homosexual males, unwilling daughters and adulterous cousins:

It is evident terrorizing females who naturally opt for genetic diversity cannot take place without force. Therefore inbreeding cultures are fond of SM-dyad:

Well, maybe Muslims ever could accept gays not to get children. Then we would be freed from fertility stress. But then we still touch the core of the one-dimensional Muslim ideology.

It is clear inbreeding cultures use the Alpha male model with heterosexuality as the only God:

Of course Muslims know there are 'other sexual roles'. But they are not acknowledged as human subjects and suppressed in the unconscious as objects, like chairs or tables. For, if Muslims would accept homosexuality as second sexual role, then they implicitly accepted a second god which would mean the end of monotheism, but also the end of their inbreeding ideology:

Accepting homosexuality comes down to a two dimensional State in which Mosque and State are separated and in which Allah loses his autocracy.

Monotheism gives a one-dimensional State structure. In Islam the separation of Mosque and State is practically impossible. This is now being tried in Tunisia:

26 January 2014 – A 146-article draft constitution was completed. It was put to a vote and was adopted by a 200–12 vote with 4 abstentions.[99]

Compared Islamic with Western State structure.

This means a second god in homosexuality will never be accepted and 'other sexual roles' must be terrorized and suppressed into the unconscious:

That's the deeper psychological reason why Muslims get furious of homosexuals. Never, never can they accept polytheism, for that will be the end of their incrowd group:

But notice, Muslims cannot understand themselves, since it is their unconscious. Only dhimmies are able to analyze the Muslim mind, because their unconscious is not blocked. Also anthropology failed since it just reflects the conscious thoughts of Muslims about their crazy 'honor in the family', only depth psychology is able to shine light on the terrible Muslim mind.  



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