Thursday, 27 April 2017

(188) The race of anti-policor to salvation

Basic Dimension 

Next civil war in the Western world will be between policor and anti-policor.

The Western world is divided into policor (political correctness) and anti-policor. If hundreds of millions of people have opposite ideas on just a few dimensions, there must be a very simple underlying base with little content variety. Therefore a simple graphic representation might display the differences between groups. This site uses less words and trusts more on pictures and graphic displays. Once acquainted with their meaning you even need not read the articles anymore to understand the subject. In visual thinking one uses other aspects of the brain. From one picture to the other, transitions must be materially relevant and they become plain visible for the reader.

There is still a way out to prevent the conquest of the Western world by Islam. We know Christianity lost its central core of norms and values by Marxist nihilism in the sixties of last century:

It was not really because of Marxism, but the inherent development of Christianity as an outbreeding culture led to dismantling of the group into a set of loose individuals without common core of norms and values. Cultural Marxism was just a fake ideology without any intrinsic value:

Then, Christianity was out of control without central core. A mammal group needs tension between the endogamous core (norms and values) and the exogamous mantle (sexual culture) to survive:

Assumption 213: A group of higher mammals exists by virtue of the balance between endogamy and exogamy. Its endogamous core consists of the power of the alpha male to fertilize most females and to establish a genetic monoculture of inbreeding and incest. The exogamic outer layer exists of adulterous females chasing genetic diversity with males from other groups. The total permeability of the group depends on the exact relation between endogamous repulsion and exogamous attraction of external genes. This relation is also called 'human religion'.

Here we see the degeneration of Western culture:

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction.

Then, latent lesbian females in higher positions towed Islam into Western culture:

This process is already quite advanced:

And Islam will definitely destroy Western culture:

The only chance for Western society to escape her fate is to fill the endogamous core by themselves, by anti-policor:

But remember, this means Vanilla-dyad cannot do the job any longer. Western culture must re-evaluate SM-dyad. There is no other way out. Otherwise Islam will be much worse. As an example in 1991 rape was abolished within marriage in the Netherlands. Acquired women's suffrage supplemented with a proportion of masochistic Christian males gave them the majority in parliament and so Western culture went down into a free fall. Forced tongue kissing and such innocuous was dismissed with sentence to prison for rape. In a radical change of direction SM-dyad was exchanged for Vanilla-dyad. I hate to say but there must be done something, there must come new norms and values to restore the tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. No drugs etc, etc. Otherwise we are no group any more and an easy prey for Islam:


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