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(181) Intermittent reinforcement of religion

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Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar
God is great


Christians have Jesus, who was not that aggressive. Hence, you will never hear the yell: Jesus, Jesus Ahbar, in a demonstration of furious Christians. But is it really because Jesus has that peaceful aura? 

What makes Christians different from Muslims? Christians know it makes no sense to call upon Christ. They must show their strong faith in Him. He will never come to their rescue and they must bear their fate in masochism to come into Heaven. That is His test upon them. 
Matthew 5:44 
King James Bible Jesus:
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
Well then, how must Christians know if Jesus really exists? They can't. So, 'no answer' points to the existence of Jesus. No reward (no appearance) just is the reinforcement of their belief! Even worse, punishment (being killed by Muslims) is their reward:

1) Continuous reinforcement (grains) means a pigeon is always rewarded for good behavior. But when the reward ceases extinction will occur. The animal simply does not believe in the reward any longer.

We see Black Box Behaviorism of Skinner works after the reversal of the common meaning of reinforcement. Punishment (sorrow is lust in masochism) becomes the reward and leads to the reinforcement of Christianity. Is this as sick as Islam? Yes, it is, but it is less destructive to the world. Both, Islam and Christianity, are the extremes of the sado-masochistic axis through Judaism:

It costs these sexual deviant ideologies enormous indoctrination power to keep full tension on this axis. As mentioned so often on this site both religions are collapsing to the center and will swallow up each other in a Chrislamous vortex:

Then the cycle of religion repeats itself:

Which means Black Box Behaviorism is not sufficient, more is needed to explain what is happening. We need also depth psychology.


In Islam it is the other way around. In the name of Allah Muslims must kill unbelievers to come into Heaven and of course they expect Him to come to their help in this lustful battle. So they compulsively beg for his help, crying: 'Allahu Akbar'.
A compulsion is a repetitive, rule-based behavior that a person feels he must perform in order to feel normal and in some cases to prevent negative consequences from happening. It is an impulse to repeatedly perform an act even if it doesn't seem rational or goes against an individual's will.
Massively yelling Allahu Akbar must be seen as an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which apparently underlines Muslims as a group. 

Intermittent reinforcement

Does this repetitive and unstoppable yell ‘Allahu Akbar’ mean Muslims doubt the existence of Allah. Definitely yes. Muslims have no faith out of free will but are forced to believe in Allah following the most fruitful law of religion: intermittent reinforcement.

Religion as a perpetuum mobile

B.F. Skinner is one of the founders of Behaviorism. In this branch of psychology the soul is not understood from the inside, but manipulated from outside as a black box. 

1) Continuous reinforcement means a pigeon is always rewarded for good behavior. But when the reward ceases extinction will occur. The animal simply does not believe in the reward any longer.

2) However, intermittent reinforcement strengthens the resistance to extinction. When one rewards its behavior erratically, then the animal simply does not know when to extinct his learned behavior. It remains believe in the final reward. In fact intermittent reinforcement is the strongest reinforcement.

3) Which means if we want to unlearn a child some behavior, we must always be very consistent. Parental ambivalent behavior is intermittent reinforcement.

4) Religious beliefs are fueled by ambivalent behavior of God. Sometimes Allah comes to the rescue but mostly not. To see it differently, if God does not exist the 'hand of God' might come down to natural events which accidentally happen. But believers simply accept the vagaries of nature as given by the mercy of God. And so religion becomes a perpetuum mobile driven by the invisible hand of God. Intermittent reinforcement is the power of religion.


So if Muslims are successful in killing unbelievers they think it was the helping hand of Allah, otherwise they think He was angry at them. 

But if Behaviorism works together with Depth Psychology we might offer a splendid explanation for the success of Islam.

Intentionally arranged schizophrenia by Islam

Earlier we concluded the urged schizophrenia between opposing universes (earthly-parallel) makes Muslims insecure and aggressive, what is a splendid state of mind for their manipulation to brutal murderers of innocent people by the sexual dictatorship of monotheism.

If the real religious point of gravity of Muslims lies in earthly reincarnation in their unconscious, then their belief in Allah is but prosthesis which is enforced by indoctrination into their conscious. 

Then they desperately try to believe in Allah, who never reacts, until they are delighted to receive a sign of His presence. Pure intermittent reinforcement combined with confusing conflicting forms of eternal life.

It looks like Muslims try to convince themselves with 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is great) time and again, to overcome this inbuilt schizophrenia. This is our major explanation of this exclamation.

And, do we still think the old Islamic scholars were not as wise as we are? Don't we grasp this confusion has been made purposely, to bring Muslims out of their psychological balance? The confusion between the universes was intentionally. The tree of eternity and (possession, power, a kingdom which never decays and immortality) is not pointing to the parallel universe but to earthly reincarnation by inbreeding. In the Koran earthly reincarnation is the sin of Adam:

Fourteen hundred years ago the Tree of Life meant earthly reincarnation by which the monotheistic sexual dictatorship would have no power left over tribesmen. With earthly reincarnation monotheism had no grip on desert Bedouins. That's why God was expelled to the parallel universe and they forbid earthly reincarnation:

It must be understood Islamic scholars meant earthly reincarnation of individuals and not of the tribe itself as was the original meaning of the myth. The Koran enforced Muslims to believe in heavenly reincarnation into the parallel universe. Islam enforced Muslim schizophrenia wittingly:

But the parallel universe (secondary religion) had nothing to offer above earthly reincarnation. That's why it had to be enforced:

This is a wittingly imposed conflict explaining perfectly the characteristic Islamic schizophrenia.

Forcing Muslims to believe in heavenly reincarnation while forbidding earthly reincarnation defines the horrible power of the sexual dictatorship of Islam. 

And that's why Muslims desperately regress to the Sacrifice Feast every year, when they unconsciously celebrate their liberation from Islam and their return to earthly reincarnation:

Assumption 279: For Muslims the Sacrifice Feast unconsciously means the escape from Heaven in the parallel universe and permission to follow their basic instinct to reincarnate into the earthly universe.

The first Christians

Don't we understand the Romans from two thousand years ago knew exactly what Paradise Myth really meant? Romans and Ethiopian Christians were perfectly known with earthly reincarnation into tribal descendants. They had nothing to suppress as later Muslims:


Christians are free to believe in Jesus and are not killed if they believe in earthly reincarnation. That's why this Christian Ethiopian prayer is our proof of the former stage of human religion of earthly reincarnation into the tribe. Furthermore Voodoo religion believes in God living in some parallel universe, while humans reincarnate on Earth.

Don't we understand why exogamous peoples directly made an orthogonal projection on that horrible sadistic Paradise culture:

 and invented a masochistic new religion in the rebound?

Nowadays Muslims

So, it looks as if Muslims are uncertain about the existence of Allah. Do they grasp somehow there must be more in their unconscious what is unattainable for them?

How can we see how much trust Muslims place in Allah? Well, if Muslims operate in groups and need a God to protect them all, they call on Allah on a compulsive manner.

As mentioned earlier a furious Muslim crowd always yells: 'Allahu Akbar'. That suits better in battle. They seemingly think a shared God makes them stronger, gives them the courage they never felt in former Paradise cultures of individual gods of their ancestors. So, individualism is not their strongest quality.

Allah is a not to know, anonymous God without a face. This was the brilliant solution to unify numerous hostile and hateful Bedouin tribes. 

Assumption 76: Consider the polytheistic set of n tribal heads in paradise culture as an overdetermined set of n-equations in the space of gods, which has to be caught by a single principal component: the assumed factor of sadomasochism. The angle to this main axis has to be given by the God of monotheism (m=1), who by definition is a known but unknown parameter, because God is defined as not to know. What means that this invisible God, the proposed principal binding factor among all those tribes, is agreed not to be known in an also unknown universe. What means that God gives a fake angle to the SM-dyad in space. But then it may be more parsimonious to define the power dimension of human sexual space directly as sadomasochism and to forget about 'God'.
Assumption 77: Because the God of monotheism is defined as a known but unknown parameter (angle) of His Principal Axis in the space of (tribal) gods, the system of equations of paradise culture actually seemed unresolved. Nevertheless the n-space of tribes was reduced to a by tribal heads accepted single dimension: monotheism. Knowing that hatred and hostility is the most common factor among Bedouin tribes, God and Allah must be based also on hatred and hostility. Hence, God and Allah are personifications of Sadism on the throne, and the real nature of monotheism must be sadomasochism.

Hostile Bedouin tribes feel 'brothers' under the umbrella of this invisible and maybe fictitious God. It makes them stronger than they are, it gives them their illusive involvement. But behind this facade the Muslim incrowd has no substance, no real brother love, it's all fake.

Allah is the new overarching God of Muslims but they know him just for 1400 years. Compare this with their earlier gods, the tribal ancestors from earthly reincarnation of Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc). Belief in earthly reincarnation dates from 2 million years ago and has become an instinct

Their belief in Allah is too recent to be a competitive instinct. Therefore we see Muslims desperately trying to believe in Allah as they are indoctrinated. They are kneeling, begging and pleading for his help in killing unbelievers. Allah is in their conscious and they cannot stop compulsively yelling 'Allahu Akbar'. It is the invocation of their doubt in the authenticity of their common God.


[Now, to comment on 'the young man who dies', remember he likely had not yet taken care of his duty to make sufficient inbred bodies before his death. And we know the prayer reported to be about out of bodies for reincarnation.]



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