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(186) Islam as psychiatric syndrome 2

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All processes below are psychological processes as part of the syndrome. They are extensively discussed on this site and will be supplemented with others:

In this article we will make a first and rudimentary model of Paradise culture II. Later on we will work out this better.

We only note interactions which force the Muslim population to inbreeding and to a poorer gene pool. The chance of homozygous recessive genes increases by (un)natural selection of individuals. Further, we are alert on psychiatric disorders which make assimilation of Muslims into Western culture unlikely.

Inbreeding is a malicious form of natural selection, which apparently has left deep scars on the Muslim population. The whole package of long lasting inbreeding terror likely has caused a large and similar to autosomal recessive disorder syndrome. This means, there must have been formed a pre-selection of homozygous alleles (rr) at numerous places in the Muslim genome which are characteristic for inbreeding. In other words, RR has been removed and rr remains.

We know Bedouins in the second Paradise culture thought to reincarnate on Earth while at the same time they worshiped God in some parallel universe. This is exactly the message of the Myth of Abraham. BTW, Voodoo has the same construction:

Much later Islam enforced Muslims on pain of death to reincarnate into the parallel universe of Allah, which is completely incompatible with their 2 million years old inbreeding instinct. So Islamic scholars wittingly implemented a conflict in the heads of Muslims. 

What really happened is monotheistic sexual dictatorship bereaved tribal heads from their divinity to determine their own afterlife on Earth. So Allah converged the projection of all Bedouin tribal heads into a single invisible and unidentifiable entity in an unknown parallel universe. You will understand that Islam was unable to eradicate this inbreeding instinct with a single stroke of the pen, which instinct was chained to earthly reincarnation for already two million years. Muslims were threatened to death if they continued to believe in earthly idols (their ancestors). So, Muslims believe in Allah, but not out of free will, like Christians.

The consequences of this schizophrenic situation for the inbreeding culture are enormous. In the first place Muslims suppress their instinct for earthly reincarnation.

Secondly, tribal heads projected their divine power massively into Allah of the parallel universe. So, their divine gravity switched to the parallel universe. This means nowadays Muslims have two sets of gods in both universes. 

But they don't recognize the ancient gods of Paradise culture in their unconscious any longer. They suppress the gods of earthly reincarnation and so also the reason for inbreeding.

They confused the lusts of earthly reincarnation with the serenity of the parallel universe:

Muslims went on with inbreeding but they don't know why. They cannot explain women the reason for cousin marriages any longer. And if they could their daughters would laugh at them:

Also they don't understand why they chop their daughters into pieces and throw them with acid. All this because they lost the mental connection of inbreeding with earthly reincarnation:

They split their sexual identity over the conscious (parallel universe) and the unconscious (earthly universe). As a consequence all discrimination concerning 'other sexual roles' has been aggravated in the last 1400 years, which situation is now completely out of control:

In the second Paradise culture all gods were present in the conscious of tribal members. That's what we normally call polytheism. And indeed, in exogamous polytheism all sexual roles are known as subjects. And in endogamous monotheism of Islam 'other sexual roles' are suppressed in the unconscious:

But Paradise culture II was a hybrid form between monotheism and polytheism. Only pure male sexualities (hetero- and homosexuality and bestiality) were acknowledged as subject roles. The oppression of 'other sexual roles' as female sexuality was caused by SM-dyad which was needed to enforce females to inbreeding, who naturally are bound to genetic diversity and hate the inbreeding system:

So we have advanced to this schedule of Paradise culture II:

We repeat, in Paradise culture II the link between inbreeding and earthly reincarnation was perfectly clear and daughters understood the 'reason' for inbreeding. They understood inbred bodies were necessary for ancestors, for the eternal life of the tribe, for the honor of the family. Do you understand there was less reason for honor killings, since females knew and understood their place in society. Luckily along another way we can see back in the past by next outbred example of Ethiopian Christianity. Notice 'this young woman' cannot mean a relative:

Tribal earthly reincarnation of ancestors must have been exactly known in Paradise culture II, the period before Islam. It works for inbreeding in Paradise culture and for outbreeding in Voodoo. The difference with Ethiopian Christianity is inbred cultures used cousin marriages to plough back the genes of their daughters into the male kin bonded lineage. If this happens for millions of years the population loses its outbreeding genes (RR):

So by means of the Ethiopian prayer we take a look into the past of the conscious knowledge of Muslims before Islam. And though all Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc) were plagued by fertility stress, we know 'breeding like mice' of Muslims is caused directly by inbreeding which diminishes the survival of the population:

Then, we conclude to this model:

We see impoverishment of genes but no psychiatric disorders. We need this null measurement to judge Islam later on.



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