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(185) Islam as psychiatric syndrome 1

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All processes below are psychological processes as part of the syndrome. They are extensively discussed on this site and will be supplemented with others.

We only note interactions which force the Muslim population to inbreeding and to a poorer gene pool. The chance of homozygous recessive genes increases by (un)natural selection of individuals. Further, we are alert on psychiatric disorders which make assimilation of Muslims into Western culture unlikely.

It is a tentative pilot study which cannot specify all possible interactions of the whole field. For a good analysis we start right from the hart of the third Paradise culture, from Islam and we will reveal our opinion about the main cause of the Muslim schizophrenia.

We immediately collide on the impossible merge of the following universes, which has been extensively treated on this site:

We already concluded interactions between incompatible religious stages likely cause psychosis and (cultural) schizophrenia in nowadays Muslims. 

We mean these developmental stages of religion:

We think Muslims have acquired an inbreeding instinct related to earthly reincarnation, which must have been formed at the time of Homo erectus:

In the third paradise culture and before the onset of Islam, God let Abraham free to project earthly reincarnation into his only (tribal) son Isaac. 

Then Bedouins thought to reincarnate on Earth while at the same time they worshiped God in some parallel universe. This is the same construction as Voodoo. The advantage is tribal heads remained their own gods since they determined their own afterlife. That is the "healthy" situation.

But much later Islam enforced Muslims on pain of death to reincarnate into the parallel universe of Allah, which is completely incompatible with their 2 million years old inbreeding instinct chained to the secondary reinforcer: reincarnation into the earthly universe. And this inbreeding instinct can only be diluted by outbreeding. So Islamic scholars wittingly implemented a conflict in the heads of Muslims. That might also be one of the reasons why they are not allowed to outcross with non-Muslims.

What really happened is monotheistic sexual dictatorship bereaved tribal heads from their divinity to determine their own afterlife on Earth. So Allah converged the projection of all Bedouin tribal heads into a single invisible and unidentifiable entity in an unknown parallel universe. You will understand that Islam was unable to eradicate this inbreeding instinct with a single stroke of the pen, which instinct was chained to earthly reincarnation for already two million years. Muslims were threatened to death if they continued to believe in earthly idols (their ancestors). So, Muslims believe in Allah, but not out of free will, like Christians.

To celebrate their liberation from Islam, Muslims celebrate their Feast of Sacrifice every year. This feast is going back to basics, to reincarnation into the earthly universe, to cousin marriages, to murder and manslaughter:

The consequences of this schizophrenic situation for the inbreeding culture are enormous. In the first place Muslims have to suppress their instinct for earthly reincarnation. This split their sexual identity over the conscious (parallel universe) and the unconscious (earthly universe). As a consequence all discrimination concerning 'other sexual roles' has been aggravated in the last 1400 years, which situation is completely out of control:

Lots of psychiatric problems followed which diminished genetic wealth of the Muslim population in the last 1400 years. 

It's not the place here to name them all. But related to the inbreeding syndrome a severe problem is Muslim fathers don't know any longer why they enforce cousin marriages to their daughters, they don't know why they throw acid in their faces and males don't know why they stone their cousins after alleged adultery.

This whole complex is on the heart of the Muslim psychiatric syndrome. It is our opinion this is the fundamental flaw in Islam:

We think Islamic scholars wittingly split the Muslim mind to create psychotic warriors who easily kill unbelievers. All research on this blog points onto this unbalance in the Muslim mind.

Sadia Sheikh  R.I.P.



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