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(189) Policor, the decadent society

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Next civil war in the Western world will be between policor and anti-policor.

The Western world is divided into policor and anti-policor. If hundreds of millions of people have opposite ideas on just a few dimensions, there must be a very simple underlying base with little content variety. Therefore a simple graphic representation might display the differences between groups. This site uses less words and trusts more on pictures and graphic displays. Once acquainted with their meaning you even need not read the articles anymore to understand the subject. In visual thinking one uses other aspects of the brain. From one picture to the other, transitions must be materially relevant and they become plain visible for the reader.

Assumption 290: Policor and anti-policor are exogamous and endogamous lusts.

Human sexual culture developed 7 million years ago from the Homininae. That's where we got our sexual genes from. It got this template:

We cannot throw away this sexual history within a hundred years. And we cannot with impunity build a completely feminine society in which women determine time and place of sex in marriage:

But that's what happened in 1991 in the Netherlands where rape was abolished within marriage and became a crime with sentence to jail. Now it is women who give men permission to sex in marriage and otherwise not. This is a completely unnatural situation.

Also we cannot convict males for forced tongue kissing and send such innocuous persons to prison for rape. We have created a very sick sexual society. We understand 'policor' is another name for complete sexual freedom for females. It gives form to the sexual culture in the exogamous mantle of mammal groups. There has been created this policor illusion:

In Western society women have taken over sexual power and that comes to a price. This is an open goal for SM-dyad of Islam. This is what really happens in Western society:

The problem is women got the majority of votes in parliament by women's suffrage supplemented with a proportion of masochistic Christian males. They used their might to overpower males in bed. There's not much fantasy needed to imagine the immense difference with SM-dyad of Islamic culture. And indeed, Western society created a soft form of sex without much thrill or sensation, named Vanilla-dyad.  

And because thrill or sensation faded away in Western marriages, also women were not satisfied anymore and got unconscious fantasies about better sexpartners. 
Of course this is not realistic, it is but an illusion, it is religion, it is policor steering sexual culture...

It was the period of the forced fore- and after play proclaimed by the NVSH (Dutch Society for Sexual Reform) where at the same time the eight-year-old daughter learned her first lessons in the parental bed.
And then afterwards, not to forget the insipid cuddling with that worthless sherry. Many marriages were on the rocks with divorces on the assembly line. Males went on like beasts. At the office, that is.
But later, females were not charmed of the Vanilla-dyad either because it is not natural. And for males having to ask for sex on fixed times is an aggravation of already obliged shopping.

Also women missed to be pounced in a daze: Hop, the kids outside and then presto, I cook meanwhile by. 
For yeah, also half a lesbian feminist wants sometimes be fucked hard into her ass and so it was that Western women unconsciously started looking for a more solid meal than that slouch bite there on the bench.
Then her eye fell on 'black hair sprayed from all its orifices' and he did exactly what Christian males also wanted but were not allowed anymore. He embodied the SM-dyad at its best, jummy, assaulting and raping the screaming and yelling females. Drool ran from her mouth.

Western women developed fantasies about the Muslim culture which has SM-dyad as sexual model between husband and wife. It is like the King Kong illusion in the thirties and fantasies about the Viking conquerors long ago:

A further complication is that Western culture is contaminated with masochism of Christianity. That makes sadistic Islam a tremendous partner in symbolic love.That's why they imported no Buddhist Asians, who are attractive in another way.

Other aspects of exogamous policor are complete freedom of mingling between races and ethnicities, what is the definition of genetic diversity. But everything comes to a price and policor or multiculturalism has created a decadent chaos in the Western world. It is the chaos of not having a central core of norms and values any longer, enforceable for all constituting subcultures. 

It is the chaos of unleashing left fascism which harasses everyone who advocates stricter norms and values on genetic diversity or immigration politics. It is the psychotic chaos in the Democratic party of the United States at the moment. It is the chaos of EU politics on immigration. Exogamous chaos is complete in the Western world. And here Islam certainly has a point.

I hate to say but there must be done something, there must come new norms and values to restore the tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. No drugs etc, etc. Otherwise we are no group any more and an easy prey for Islam:

This is exactly wherefore Melania Trump warns, we lost our central core of norms and values. BTW, Dutch government is planning to give marijuana free.



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