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(119) The Myth of Abraham: Filicide Psychosis

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What we generally call 'praying' can be seen as a role play for two actors in the mind, where the worshipper takes the submissive masochistic role opposite to 'God', who plays the dominant sadistic role. The worshipper splits his mind into two parts, the ego and the superego. But both processes are fuelled and controlled by a third party, the unconscious:

Males in dominant patriarchal cultures have to condemn homosexual relations, and that's why they sometimes love to escape into the submissive role to 'God'. Then they feel fine and refreshed. We see this homo-erotic relationship sharply in Christianity (the homosexual Clergy) and in Islam, where women are better not admitted into weird prayer ceremonies.

In former polytheism of the Old Greeks, males just competed with gods on a level playing field and did not bother about homosexuality at all, which was well integrated into their conscious mind:

So, in desert religions, God moved from the Alpha male in the unconscious to the superego into the conscious. Also his role changed. In the unconscious the aspirant Alpha male competed at a level playing field to become the next Alpha male:

But in the superego, God was placed above believers since otherwise He could not be their moral Authority from which worshippers derived their power and persuasiveness to condemn women:

In monotheism believers pump themselves up to a Higher Power to dominate and terrorize others:

This goes to the heart of the Sexual Theory of Religion, where gods are seen as sexual roles. There, monotheism compresses all power into male heterosexuality while 'other sexual roles' have no say:

This all started with the inbreeding and incest culture of the Homininae (7 Ma, 400cc) where females had to be oppressed and forced into genetic monocultures, while they naturally opt for genetic diversity.

Completely contradictory to the wise decision of God not to let Abraham kill his only son Isaac, Islam much later forbade this instinctive belief of reincarnation into the earthly universe by inbreeding and incest:

But one can forbid golden idols as the golden calf of Aaron, but not intrinsic and inherited beliefs in earthly reincarnation. That's why Muslims celebrate their Sacrifice Feast.

So, maybe ignorant about the consequences the writers of the Koran created a psychological mess from which the schizophrenic Islamic ideology was born.

The Myth of Adam and Eve might be already 7 million years old. It did not have to be passed to younger generations by language or speech. Indeed, it was the essence of the inbreeding and incest culture.

The earliest date of the Myth of Abraham likely is at the time when Homo erectus (2 Ma, 900cc) left Africa. This myth bundled ethnic tribal groups under a central sovereignty against other ethnic groups and accepted earthly reincarnation. Later after Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc) it went over to reincarnation into the parallel universe.

Millions of years later Islamic culture factually forbade earthly reincarnation, what caused the schizophrenic constellation of universes in their faith.

We need the Myth of Abraham to connect with infanticide or filicide which is normal in the animal world and not unusual in Islamic culture. 

The Myth of Abraham

We know in the Tanakh Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge (the Tree of Outbreeding)
But in the Koran Adam ate from the Tree of Life (the Tree of Inbreeding):
(The Quran, Surat Taha [20:120])
Sahih International

Then Satan whispered to him; he said, "O Adam, shall I direct you to the tree of eternity and possession (power, kingdom) that will not deteriorate?"

Notice, 'possession' correctly indicates the earthly universe, meaning this tree of eternity (living forever (sleep forever), genetic immortality in descendants, rebirth or earthly reincarnation) is wrong and leads not to eternal life in Heaven of the parallel universe. So, the Tree of Life in the Koran does not point to eternal life in the parallel universe.

In the Tanakh Adam was allowed to eat of all the trees in the garden except from the Tree of Knowledge. So the Tree of Life was permitted to eat from. God's remark to eat freely from this Tree of Inbreeding (Tree of Life) refers to genetic immortality in descendants by inbreeding. But this was the primal God of the first human creatures before the invention of reincarnation (Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc)). This must be the original meaning of the narrative. That's why this Jewish version in the Tanakh likely is very old and authentic:

So, the struggle between the universes is the real meaning of the Myth of Abraham and informs us about the unrest which the invention of the parallel universe has caused since Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc).

African tribes believed in God, living in the parallel universe but did themselves reincarnate into the earthly universe. By the love of Jesus later humans let themselves be seduced also to reincarnate into the parallel universe. But fear and hatred for Allah made it a curse for Muslims. It made them Heaven to Hell. 

Forcing Muslims to believe in Heavenly reincarnation while forbidding earthly reincarnation defines the horrible power of the sexual dictatorship of Islam. And that's why Muslims desperately regress to the Sacrifice Feast every year, when they unconsciously celebrate their liberation from Islam and their return to earthly reincarnation:

Assumption 279: For Muslims the Sacrifice Feast unconsciously means the escape from Heaven in the parallel universe and permission to follow their basic instinct to reincarnate into the earthly universe.


2 And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.

And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood.

10 And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son.

12 And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.

16 And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son:


Eid al-Adha (Arabicعيد الأضحى‎‎ ʿīd al-aḍḥā, [ʕiːd ælˈʔɑdˤħæː], "Festival of the Sacrifice"), also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God's command. Before he sacrificed his son God intervened by sending his angel Jibra'il (Gabriel), who then put a sheep in his son's place. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: the family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Allah is God in Heaven of the parallel universe. There can be no other gods in any universe. Muslims can only reincarnate into Heaven. 
That is why their old faith of reincarnation into descendants in the earthly universe by inbreeding is banned on pain of deathAnd therefore Abraham had to kill his only son Isaac. Then the cycle of earthly reincarnation was definitely interrupted.

Islamic monotheism is enforced on pain of death and earthly reincarnation as major reinforcer of the inbreeding instinct has gone underground into the unconscious of Muslims: 

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring'
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

But the Sacrifice Feast is contrary to this prohibition and is therefore celebrated with intense joy every year. Somehow reincarnation into descendants is approved anyway. If Muslims realized the real meaning of the Sacrifice Feast it would have been forbidden officially:

The Sacrifice Feast is a strong reinforcement of inbreeding and incest and is one of the strongest examples of the hidden mixing of universes in Islamic culture, which underlines the awkward interactions between the different stages in the evolution of this faith.

BTW, did you know Muslims are the only believers celebrating the Sacrifice Feast? 
Why a worldwide feast for such a simple myth? Why not Jews and Christians? Think about it...

Would the Western world celebrate a clearly psychotic father who was able and willing to kill his own son?  Without God's intervention Abraham had committed an honor killing. So Abraham is definitely to blame.

Is there any difference with the brutal murders on Gülsüm Selim, Sadia Sheikh and Mirjam Abarkan? Is killing your own blood your own responsibility or can you hide behind a hypothetical God to give free reign to parental sexual lusts? Even animals protect their young to death. This feast is sick. 

Well, if Abraham lay down on the stake and ordered Isaac to set him on fire because he wanted to prove his faith in God, yes, then I would participate in this Sacrifice Feast too.


A workable definition of religion

Religion can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives of sexual culture. On the basis of these derivatives action is undertaken to control the direction of sexual culture:

Infanticide adapted to humans

In sexual culture it might happen females are left with their young. In some human cultures this is a well known fact too. In the animal world the father might be killed in a fight or disappeared for other reasons. Anyway, a broken relation can be seen as sexual culture on which 'religious' action is taken.

Now it happens, another male is interested in the mother but he knows she is not sexually receptive with her little young. Here "religion" takes a measure leading to genetic immortality of the male in new offspring of the female. He simply kills the young on which the mother becomes receptive again (Animal infanticide).

Assumption 266: Infanticide.
In the animal world infanticide is a religious measure taken by males planning to promote genetic immortality in the offspring of females from which they first kill earlier young to make them sexually receptive.

After the mother has given birth to his young, he will not kill them too to make her receptive again. Then the species would die out. He accepts the situation and raises and protects his own offspring. That proves the kind of offspring determines his behavior. By this it has been proven males like to bring forth their own offspring in the animal world. In other words, they go for genetic immortality in their offspring. They don't go for sexual orgasm in the first place. This means infanticide proves genetic immortality in the first place and not sexual orgasm.

Assumption 270: Infanticide by animals proves genetic male immortality goes before sexual lust, since males do not kill their own offspring to make the mother sexually receptive again.

Infanticide is a religious instrument from the animal world to promote genetic immortality long before our 'inbreeding and incest' cult developed. But in the human situation genetic immortality developed other instruments

For Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) 'genetic immortality in descendants' had already gone over into 'reincarnation into the earthly universe'. So infanticide changed to filicide and genetic immortality to reincarnation:

Filicide psychosis of Abraham

And now we understand the Myth of Abraham in which Abraham was prepared to kill his only son Isaac to block his reincarnation into the earthly universe (Filicide):

Reliving the psychosis of Abraham

Later in the evolution countless desperate lunatics bent over their sleeping children with the script in the one hand and the knife in the other. And when the angel of God did not show up, fathers understood they had to kill their children to affirm their belief in the afterlife of the parallel universe. They withstood the test of God and were admitted into heaven:

In another example, the schizophrenic kills his children first and then commits suicide to join his inner and nonexistent God. Thus the myth of Abraham resulted into self-fulfilling prophecies in human history. This applies to children as objects (Islam) and as subjects (Christianity):

But of course, it is not always reincarnation what motivates fathers. There is an interwovenness of interactions responsible for filicide:

Christianity, the Netherlands:

Comment from weblog GeenStijl (06-06-13):

Psychosis is a bitch.
My father was years ago as mad as a hatter of this crazy matriarch society [in which mothers have all rights over the children after a divorce] and his psychosis coupled with the deadly cocktail of religious frenzy (his belief there is a reunion in the afterlife) did consider him to take life of himself and us, his children.
Fortunately, he has forewarned us verbally so that we were able to inform his psychiatrist.
Eventually he just laid hands on himself.
Why am I telling this story here?
To make it clear that someone with a psychosis can commit an act like this in love.

Another example shows Islam where children are seen as objects. Descendants are seen as inbred bodies in which fathers think to reincarnate in the afterlife. But in the suicidal case where the father does not want to reincarnate on Earth, he simply kills his children in the first place and then himself.

But maybe he realizes there is no pressing need for suicide any longer since reincarnation is already blocked:

This all will not happen in normal cases, otherwise we were already extinct. This takes place in schizophrenic psychoses, in suicidal psychiatric syndromes, but also in case of serious psychological failures as depression. Normally these issues are combined with many social causes as quarrels between spouses and with acrimonious divorces.

Filicide must be seen as the last exhaust valve, as regression to a pre-human condition. Indeed, child murder is sometimes the visible result of disturbed relationships. Filicide is the last outlet of heavy depressed and disturbed people.

A complicated example

Christianity, the Netherlands
RECONSTRUCTIE     Jeroen Denis prepared the murdering of his sons Ruben (9) and Julian (7) and his suicide in detail. From the moment he heard that the  arrangement concerning parental access with his children would be drastically retrenched, Denis cancelled agreements and changed his will and he bought the stuff which he later used in the murder of the boys.

A reconstruction of the last weeks of Denis' life shows that the murder of Ruben and Julian was anything but a whim. Jeroen Denis heard on April 16, the Council for Child Protection was planning to set the children under supervision of Youth Care.

Direct cause.
The reason for this was an event earlier this year in which Ruben was put by his father harshly under the shower during a tantrum. The mother reported the case to the police and Dennis was asked to come for an interrogation as suspect of child abuse.

Two days after the notice of Youth Care on the supervision order, Denis bought at a hardware store tensioning straps, a shovel, a hammer, a flashlight and a number of other stuff under the guise of wanting to tackle the garden. 

According to the leader of the police investigation Henk Bril, Denis was at that time already busy with his preparations for the double murder. This he also infers from the cancellation of agreements with the Council for Child Protection on April 25 and by ending his telephone subscription. He also made a few trips with the two boys, who describes Bril as a "farewell tour." Completely against his habit he took cash in that period.


Friends and family also noticed a behavioral change. Denis would have become clearly cooler and more distant in the nearly three weeks of preparation.

Denis was found dead on May 7, the day he had planned a second meeting with Youth Care. It took another 2 weeks before the boys were found in a concrete connection between two ditches in Cothen. Police has still not been able to determine the exact cause of death of the boys. This is expected to need  3 months of research. Completely against his habit he overtook cash in that period.

Ultimate revenge
Everything indicates that Jeroen Denis did not want his sons to be found quickly. "Though I do not it wants to speculate," says chief investigator Bril. "It was probably his ultimate revenge on his ex that she would never find anything out about the fate of the children." That is precisely why the police definitely wants to determine the cause of death.


The causes of filicide are numerous and complex. Filicide can be the end result of a clash between fighting parents, but is almost never the cause of their quarrels. Filicide seems an accident, it seems collateral damage caused by something else. It is caused by 'religion' as control on sexual culture. And an acrimonious divorce is the aberration of sexual culture. So, filicide could be seen as the reversal of all what stemmed from that marriage. That is the first, somewhat abstract possibility.

Of course child murder is rare and in most of the divorces it will not happen. But on their way to regress to filicide parents are becoming depressed, psychotic and behave schizophrenically. Then in this awful interaction, this may happen. Then, it is collateral damage from an acrimonious divorce.

Comment Basic Dimension:

In fact the father acted like a beast. Female animals do so when there is danger of life and her life - the reproduction of the species - goes above the already lost young. But that was not the case.

Reincarnation projection was also not involved. Although? Might be, if the father saw his children as a vehicle to ever return into his descendants. Then he would have seen his children as objects. He could block the way to earthly reincarnation by killing his children. But that's far fetched.

This seems the best option: 

There is a variant in which the father sees his children as subjects and as part of its own identity. He wants to leave nothing from himself on Earth. From misplaced "love", he drags them into death, a very misguided sense of responsibility. That might indicate a diseased parent-child bond. He was
 psychotic anyway and confused delusion with reality. 

I don't think he mainly wanted to take revenge on his former wife by killing her children, that goes way too far. Rather, he did not want to leave anything personal on Earth. He felt responsible and could not guard his children any longer. That's why he took them with him and to save them a horrible further life on Earth.

And his medication must have been a complete disaster too, because apparently he lost all his feelings. He became silent and determined, very depressed. And it was known what he was doing, since he warned others but we have not intervened as a society, we ignored a cry for help.

So, in Western society it has nothing to do with the blocking of earthly reincarnation but he regressed much further and so he blocked his genetic footprint on Earth altogether, he erased his 'genetic immortality in descendants'...


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