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(126) Der Wahnsinn Integrator

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(126) Der Wahnsinn Integrator

For Muslims the madness integrator combines an aggregated worldview from all underlying stages of religion:

Although we might think to understand the Muslim way of thinking, for non-Muslims these thought processes are rather weird, not to say crazy. Therefore Muslims are handled with care, with more respect then other people because it is difficult bargaining with magical thinkers. That's why Muslims in Western society got the wrong impression their religion is highly respected and d'himmies have agreed to be inferior people. Nothing is spared in Europe to avoid conflicts and to maintain the illusion of the Muslim worldview as being sane, with the result that Western culture is slowly being dragged into madness too.

The madness integrator

We already stipulated Muslims are acrobats in mingling rational with magical thinking. Western people are disciplined in rational thinking if they are evolutionists and not intelligence design thinkers. Earlier we concluded Christianity a magical mess too, but it has the great advantage to be able to orthogonalize earlier religions. So Christians do not carry the burden of human religious evolution.

Magical thinking (WIKI)

Magical thinking is a term denoting the fallacious attribution of causal relationships between actions and events. In psychology it denotes the belief that one's thoughts by themselves can bring about effects in the world or that thinking something corresponds with doing it.[1] In both cases, the belief can cause a person to experience fear, seemingly not rationally justifiable to an observer outside the belief system, of performing certain acts or having certain thoughts because of an assumed correlation between doing so and threatening calamities.


If you have got a master's in magical thinking you might become an excellent follower of Islam. By magical thinking Muslims are able to integrate what rationally cannot be combined. That wonderful mechanism is what we call the madness integrator.

Now it happens policor (political correctness) from multiculturalism exists of highly educated rationally thinking professionals. And guess what, in order to please Muslims they maim and twist their rational thoughts into irrational and magical nonsense. It seems they are not able to think reasonable any longer. Normally it is not easy to get field information, but below I can show you how Dutch judges of the highest court are lying, framing and spinning in order to change a verdict in far from any logic.

Who defends Mirjam Abarkan?

Miriam Abarkan lost any honest defense in Dutch jurisdiction. She has been betrayed by the highest court. And we accept it, we accept it all.

The slaughter of Mirjam Abarkan

Mirjam Abarkan R.I.P.

The judges made a major political correctness error of judgement not to punish the mother (the killer) heavily, because the family "already had suffered so much from the loss of their dear 'Miriam' ". This is the madness integrator in optima forma. For, this family has criticized Mirjam heavily and turned against her as all against one and that's why this group had better be held fully responsible for this brutal Islamic murder:

BTW, remember the slaughter of Sadia Sheikh, there it was also the whole family caught in the criminal act of the "honor of the family".

At the hearing it became clear that Miriam completely against the wishes of her parents had intimate contact with boys, used drugs and drank alcohol. The mother Chahira lives in the Netherlands since she was 8 years old and is more desperate than strictly to her daughter's behavior. She has tried to hide these behaviors as much as possible for the father, her husband. Total panic swept her off when Miriam appeared pregnant in late 2012. Two months before her death Miriam underwent abortion. Help of social workers and the school where the academic performance of Miriam were very lousy, was invoked. From all this Mirjam became more and more recalcitrant. A school trip to Paris had to be aborted by a foot-stomping Miriam.

Ter zitting werd duidelijk dat Mirjam geheel tegen de wens van haar ouders intiem omging met jongens, drugs gebruikte en alcohol dronk. Moeder Chahira woont al sinds haar 8e levensjaar in Nederland en is eerder wanhopig dan streng om het gedrag van haar dochter. Ze heeft geprobeerd deze gedragingen zoveel mogelijk verborgen te houden voor de vader, haar echtgenoot. Totale paniek brak bij haar uit toen Mirjam in het najaar van 2012 zwanger bleek. Twee maanden voor haar dood heeft Mirjam abortus ondergaan. Hulp van maatschappelijk werk en de school, waar de leerprestaties van Mirjam zeer belabberd waren, werd ingeroepen. Al dit werkte meer recalcitrantie bij Mirjam in de hand. Een schoolreisje naar Parijs moest door een ‘stampvoetende Mirjam’ worden afgebroken.

Seventh lesson: Never talk about your abortion, just run.

Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan have been killed within weeks after their confession of an abortion.

Court judgment murder of Miriam Abarkan

Appendix 4: Ruling Appeal (December 20, 2013)

(---) Given the seriousness of the offense, the court finds that a term of imprisonment of seven years, as required by the Advocate General, in a situation like this is to serve as a fair starting point (. - -)

To achieve a lower sentence [!] than is indicated to come (three instead of seven years, BD), the court will therefore have to employ [?] in part for reasons other than the (lower) court has given. In punishment-reducing purposes [sense], the court rightly [?] largely also factor in that the family members of the accused, also relatives of the victim, as demonstrated by the hearing of the court traveled victim statement against accused are forgiving [to the mother, BD], despite the loss of their daughter and sister.

Also at the hearing on appeal the bereaved have shown of forgiveness towards the accused [the mother] and stated that the case has yielded only victims [no damned, that's Western thinking]. In doing so, they stressed that, unlike the document of appeal of the prosecutor might suggest [who hit the nail on the head], they do not feel more sympathy for the suspect than for the victim, with her questionable puberal behavior.

Bijlage 4: Uitspraak hoger beroep  (20 december 2013)

(---)Gelet op de ernst van het feit is het hof van oordeel dat een gevangenisstraf voor de duur van zeven jaren, zoals door de advocaat-generaal is gevorderd, in een situatie als deze als billijk uitgangspunt heeft te gelden.(---)
Om tot een lagere straf dan geïndiceerd te komen (3 i.p.v. 7 jaar, BD) , zal het hof dan ook deels andere gronden moeten bezigen dan de rechtbank geeft gekozen.In straf-verlagende zin heeft de rechtbank terecht in grote mate ook laten meewegen dat de gezinsleden van verdachtetevens nabestaanden van het slachtoffer, zoals is gebleken uit de ter terechtzitting van de rechtbank afgelegde slachtofferverklaring,
jegens verdachte vergevingsgezind zijn, ondanks het gemis van hun dochter en zusje. 

Ook ter terechtzitting in hoger beroep hebben de nabestaanden blijk gegeven van vergevingsgezindheid jegens verdachte en te kennen gegeven dat de onderhavige zaak slechts slachtoffers heeft opgeleverd. Daarbij hebben zij benadrukt dat, anders dan de appelschriftuur van de officier van justitie zou kunnen doen vermoedenzij niet meer sympathie voor verdachte dan voor het – qua gedrag soms problematische – slachtoffer koesteren. 

Do not misinterpret me. I don't blame the mother for the way she has been raised, I blame Dutch court for her profound lack of knowledge of the subject matter. Only the prosecutor saw through the multicultural insanity of thinking of the Dutch court.


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