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(127) Anthropologist and psychiatrist on honor killings

A Muslim consults a cultural anthropologist.

Muslim: Please can you explain how my people come to honor killings?

Cult. Ant: Well, I can. In fieldwork we practice participant observation in disguise. You might guess I'm just back from Africa. So, in Muslim cultures we perceive carefully how young girls are harassed by their fathers who show insane interest in their reproductive organs. In Muslim cultures, I must say, at last, it is forbidden to rape mature daughters and that's why Muslim fathers project the honor of their family into their nephews by displacement. Then, if daughters are unwilling to serve as incubator of family semen they will be honor killed or acid attacked.

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

M: Yes, that might be what you see, but I asked you to explain this behavior.

C.A.: Well, that's not my job as participant observer in disguise. Usually we observe very carefully the savages in Africa to be able to write our papers. But to be more specific, we also hold interviews. Then in case of Muslims we control if fathers press their daughters to arranged marriages and as you will know in this modern age girls take these conversations on their mobile phones.

M: Yes, thanks, but what I do not understand is how you can function as an expert on honor killings if you can only describe the symptoms of the process, but have not the slightest idea how honor killings and acid attacks function in a cybernetic model, I mean what are the trade-off and pay-off matrices between 'honor' and the killing of tribal members? What I want to say is, do you have any idea what is honorable in cutting your daughter to pieces and selling this as 'honor of the family'?

C.A.: No, I have no idea and I am no psychologist either but just a participant observer in disguise. I only see the outside of the process. I'm fascinated by glitter and bling bling.

M: But in Europe and specifically in the Netherlands the court values your expert opinion to judge if murders are honor killings. I mean the murder of Mirjam Abarkan.

C.A.: Yes, that's right. If there is no proof of extreme pressure to forced marriages as was the case with Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim, then I conclude 'no honor killing' or 'geen eerwraak' in Dutch.

M: Well, I am shocked by your forthright statement. Finally, this can be the base for 10 years or more in prison.

C.A.: Well it's all not that difficult, though you are right I have not the slightest explanation for these brutal killings in relation to the honor of the family. I see no connection. It must be old habits of Muslims from ancient times. All our knowledge comes from interviewing Muslim fathers after the kill and exactly writing down what they have to say. Yes, indeed, that's precisely our opinion, that's our expertise.

M: You mean in the case of Mirjam Abarkan the Dutch court has based its opinion and conviction indirectly on the views of killer hominids? That's with your ass up to Islam. And it is not an old habit, for it gives thousands of honor killings and acid attacks a year, especially in Pakistan. I wonder if you ever have thought about integrating this horrible behavior into Islam. You only inspect the conscious of Muslims, while you say by yourself that this does not contain the explanation for honor killings. So, you register symptoms as the cause of behavior.

C.A .: No, no, I can be very positive in this. Nowhere has been shown that these old habits have anything to do with Islam.

M: But, to put my last question. This would mean all honor killings without explicit references to forced marriages are perceived as ordinary murders, with a gradual drain to manslaughter and wrongful death? Then we are shaping the behavior of these killers. Are you really sure the murder of Mirjam Abarkan had nothing to do with honor killings? So, killing your own daughter is a normal murder if it cannot be proved otherwise? Are you kidding me???

C.A .: No, I am not sure it is no honor killing, that is a misunderstanding. We only tell the judges we did not find any indication to honor killing. We are not responsible for this policor court of multiculturalism in the Netherlands, which concluded this murder had nothing to do with honor killings. Nobody can draw that conclusion. Or can you, maybe?


Muslim: Herr Freud, es freut mich dass Sie mir ein Interview erlaubt. Nach allem English können wir uns auch noch wohl zwei Sätze Deutch leisten. What do you think about the state of the world?

Freud: Well, the world has been taken over by sexually unsatisfied latent lesbian feminists of Marxist nihilism, which went over into multiculturalism and political correctness, which ruined Western culture and have it delivered with ass up to the Muslim culture. I must say women's suffrage has been a disaster for humanity.

Muslim: Oh, oh, oh, well, a sharp view on women, you still can not be denied. Please can you explain how my people come to honor killings?

Freud: Well, never ask a Muslim to understand his mind. Simply because the major part is unconscious. That's why they talk nonsense all the day.

Muslim: Are there any trade-off and pay-off matrices shaping the relation between 'honor of the family' and cutting daughters to pieces?

Freud: Well, good question for a Muslim. Indeed there must be a whole system of operant conditioning leading to reinforcement and reward of this behavior. 

In the first place 'honor of the family' is the conscious term for the now unconscious concept of 'tribal self-esteem', or 'family self-esteem', which was the object of 'genetic immortality', what was the religion of the first sexual culture of Inbreeding and Incest of the Homininae     (7 Ma; 400cc), which lasted uninterruptedly for 7 million years for nowadays Muslims.

In the second place the invention of reincarnation into tribal descendants by Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) forced females to inbreeding and incest to deliver inbred bodies for ancestors. 

And now you may see the link between honor killings and Inbreeding and incest. Only if daughters are willing to lend their reproductive organs as incubator of family semen, the inbreeding culture will survive. Without willing women ancestors cannot reincarnate into tribal- or family descendants. 

So, in the third place, 'the honor of the family' replaces and represents the suppressed religion of 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', which is forbidden in nowadays Islam on pain of death, because Muslims have to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe. So Muslims suppress the meaning of inbreeding and incest for already 1400 years. Awareness of the benefits of inbreeding and incest is yielding to polytheism, which is a cardinal sin in monotheistic Islam.

So, only after pumping their daughters full with family semen, fathers unconsciously feel save to project eternal life into earthly reincarnation by inbred bodies. And that's also the reason for acid attacks on girls who do not want to breed with cousins. After acid attacks they likely will not get kids anymore, so fathers have no risk to reincarnate into hybrids of other tribes or families. Second advantage is these tragic girls become a lifelong billboard of what is not done in Islam.

Muslim: Vielen dank Herr Freud, Ich wusste nicht dass das Leben so einfaltig sein könnte wäre.

Assumption 271: The honor syndrome is a complex of phenomena representing the now unconscious 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', what is forbidden in Islam as a mortal sin. It contains a range of phenomena from honor killings to lighter forms of honor revenge as honor rape and honor harassment by other family members.


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