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(124) Islam, the schizophrenic religion

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Islam is the basis of a cruel, bloodthirsty and schizophrenic culture at the interface of three worldviews:

1: Paradise culture.
2: Islamic worldview. 
3: Reality.

These worldviews are incompatible because they embrace the fusion of the earthly and the parallel universe:

As a result Islam developed as a hybrid religion and Muslims got conflicting instructions from their conscious and unconscious:

Therefore, Muslims had to find somehow solutions, to compromise between conflicting kinds of logic. But this is logically impossible and comes down to magical and illogical thinking. I will give an example of honor killing from elsewhere of this blog:

This would mean, magical and schizophrenic thinking especially found in Muslims is no psychological disorder in the first place, but rather the result of indoctrinated conflicting worldviews. It is Islam conflicting with Paradise culture or more precisely Heaven in the parallel universe conflicting with reincarnation into the earthly universe.

Then, the frequently observed schizophrenia in Islam is mainly caused by the fact that the inherited inbreeding instinct could not be extinguished at the onset of Islam. Then, this all must be called 'cultural schizophrenia'. 

Besides cultural schizophrenia, also physical schizophrenia as a brain disease is found frequently in Islamic culture due to natural selection, since physical schizophrenia might adapt better to this culture than normal behavior. Besides it is often caused as collateral damage of inbreeding and incest.

This all means it could make sense to stop indoctrinating the Muslim youth with Islam in order to promote causal reasoning in Muslims.

But, this would be right only if the working of the brain was a function of religion. Then, if we removed religion we cured mental health of Muslims. But what if it is the other way around and religion is a function of brain development: Rel=f(BrD)? What if human religion is an unambiguous manifestation of brain development, as is implicitly taken at this blog? Then it makes no sense to write a Koran Light.

Then it is impossible to change mental health of a big part of the world by just changing religion and we are stuck with tremendous and disastrous demographic problems. Then Islamic schizophrenia would be a natural phenomenon, a developmental intellectual stage of a major part of mankind.

Distorted world views

Muslims see themselves as warm and friendly people who willingly take on the care for the poor and needy. That's a distorted worldview that does not match reality. In reality they are mostly short-tempered egoistic people, inclined to create conflicts with unbelievers. They only help their own kind and unbelievers have nothing to expect than to be slain. So their positive view on reality is corrupted by their Islamic background:

Muslims see themselves as good people but they are the only ones. Good people cherish their children and always act in their interest. That is the behavior of sensible people and Muslims think they are sensible. This is the second distortion of reality since they actually see children as instruments for their own interest.

And the latter effect is likely on behalf of the earlier Paradise culture where tribal heads (Muslim males) projected their afterlife in inbred descendants of their children:

Islamic schizophrenia

Sadia Sheikh R.I.P.

Shot in the abdomen several times by her brother, while her sister held her from behind, died within three days.

Sadia Sheikh R.I.P.: In shock after marriage on the 


The honour killing of Sadia Sheikh occurred on October 22, 2007, when a 20-year-old Belgian woman of Pakistani heritage was fatally shot by her brother. Sheikh had left her family home after her parents pressured her to marry a cousin she had never met, later moving in with a Belgian man, but had visited [her family] to try to make peace. Her brother confessed to the murder in a 2011 trial, claiming he had acted alone, but a jury pronounced all four members of the family guilty of the murder and sentenced each to prison. The case has been called Belgium's first honour killing trial.

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 


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