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(125) The rigidity factor in the Muslim mind

Basic Dimension 

Countless are examples of rigidity and inflexibility of the Muslim culture. Also there are numerous mutations in human evolution. It is not impossible Muslims have developed and inherited a lot of rigidity mutations in 7 million years. This would be a parsimonious explanation of the Muslim culture. 

Earlier we hypothesized forced inbreeding led to an over-representation of sadistic males and masochistic females. They simply had better chances in the struggle for life called survival of the fittest. 

Races and ethnicities are formed by cultural habits, by natural selection but also by numerous mutations. It is not impossible in 7 million years, there have been mutations in inbreeding cultures, which have not been forwarded into outbreeding cultures. 

The intended rigidity mutation probably led to bigger chances of survival for conservative and inflexible Muslims. So natural selection and mutations served the same purpose. 

But there is one big difference: a general rigidity mutation is far more parsimonious because it can function as a main hook, a main factor or the main cause of a lot of specific items as the inbreeding instinct or suppressed 'reincarnation into the earthly universe'. So, a mutation named 'rigidity factor' is more parsimonious than specific instincts:

The right to be forgotten

It seems as if the Muslim mind is not able to forget earlier religious stages, is not able to start from scratch again with new religions:

We see this perfectly illustrated in the Fundamental equation of Human Religion:

Which finds its maximal complexity in the Islamic equation:

No doubt Islam is the most complex religion in psychological sense, but that is no compliment. It drives Muslims crazy in the interactions:

We know 3500 years ago believers could not forget 'reincarnation into the earthly universe' and worshipped the golden calf (Israelites, Aaron). Also, much later Islam had still great difficulties to forget the past:

But polygamous outbreeding cultures as Christianity had no problems with orthogonalizing former religions:


Natural selection and mutations

The Muslim brain is the living archaeology of the human mind. This anachronistic treasury conserved every step in human religious evolution:

Ethnicity and culture cause each other in inbreeding cultures. These cultures practice natural selection on human traits in an extreme way, whereas outbreeding cultures just randomize personality traits. The latter are psychologically stable, whereas inbreeding cultures are walking in a specified direction. So, for inbreeding cultures there is a relation between culture and ethnicity'Race' and culture are definitely chained, especially in Islamic culture:

Traditionally, the Muslim culture is characterized by Arab countries:

So, if there is an inherited frozen clock in the human mind it will be found in Arab states and not in exogamous peoples:

As tribal endogamies, the Arab states form the core of the Muslim culture. It can be seen as the inner layer of inherited rigidity. The second layer exists of ethnic endogamy, also in the same Muslim countries. But then, more than a billion Muslim believers form the third layer in religious endogamy. They exist of all kinds of ethnicities:

If there is a frozen mind set caused by an inhibiting mechanism, then it is spreading - although diluted -  through the whole world of Muslim religious endogamy. That might have enormous consequences for humanity. It has been proved, Muslim culture is completely incompatible with Western culture. Already nowadays it can be noticed the rigidity factor is throwing sand into the machinery of Western culture:

Religion as function of brain development Rel=f(BrD)

On this blog we assume a causal relation between religion (Rel) and brain development (BrD). The complexity of the human brain increased in the evolution and caused the complexity of religion:

We supposed earlier all Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc) are capable to the same complexity of religion. Handling this complexity means one is able to discriminate between 'genetic immortality in descendants', earthly- and parallel reincarnation. But if a closed inbreeding system as Islam cannot keep religious stages apart there is no progress in religious thinking. On the contrary, their religion becomes a schizophrenic mess.

So, what if Rel=f(BrD) varies within Homo sapiens? What if Muslims are another kind of Homo sapiens by natural selection and mutations? What if race really matters for religion? What if religion is a function of race? Then we run into enormous difficulties by mingling Muslims with Non-Muslims, possibly throwing mankind back to earlier stages of human development. That would be disastrous. So, the vast area of Muslim religious endogamy in Europe and Indonesia must possibly be seen as a massive regression to former stages of human development. 

We implicitly accepted intelligence as dependent on brain capacity. But what if Muslims are as intelligent as Non-Muslims but differ on a hidden trait which really is the game changer? What if Muslims are plagued by an inherent rigidity factor? Then we might stand for the collapse of humanity. A regression of hundreds of thousands of years might be in the making.


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