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(158) Dynamics of religion

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Assumption 283: Policor.
Policor is a worldwide movement to undermine Western culture. Nowadays representatives are the EU, the globalists and the Democratic Party of the United States. Policor started with Romanticism (Rousseau) as built-in movement of the Enlightenment. The latter failed to formulate rules to discriminate between cultures, on which Romanticism judged all cultures equal and equivalent. In fact, the Enlightenment gave the impulse to the destruction of Christianity. In the twentieth century the Frankfurter Schule proclaimed the destruction of Western culture, followed by Marxist relativism or - nihilism. Later on 'all cultures are equal and equivalent' culminated into multiculturalism. The underlying idea was to establish a world government of globalists which could benefit from an army of cheap laborers (deplorables, irredeemables). Hillary Clinton is the latest representative of American policor. To accelerate the destruction of Western culture the EU destroyed the Nation States of Europe and negated democracy. Eurocrats call democracy: 'populism'. A further goal is to set up refugee flows to erase the identity of the European culture. Policor attracts criminals, fraud and corruption and consists of sexual deviant groups which find in Islam a shining example.


Since 1973 American women have the right to commit abortion.

(Roe v. Wade410 U.S. 113 (1973), is a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on the issue of abortion. It was decided simultaneously with a companion case, Doe v. Bolton. The Court ruled 7–2 that a right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman's decision to have an abortion, but that this right must be balanced against the state's interests in regulating abortions: protecting women's health and protecting the potentiality of human life.[1]

Abortion illustrates a primal religious conflict over life and death. It is way too complicated to take a stand in this article. Ethical decisions always cause pain, one way or the other, that's why it is ethics. Here in a Solomon's judgement is decided at what age a fetus will be regarded a human being. 

We know horrible stories from both sides. On the one hand we have mothers dying in developing countries from a botched abortion. On the other hand there is footage of fetuses from five months and older which are being cut into pieces, in the womb, alive!

In Western society we lost control over standards which protected our values. But what values do we still have in common? What is left from Christianity? Well, it is simple, in the endogamous core nowadays we have the same values as in the exogamous mantle:

(ADDENDUM 1: Religion is the control on sexual culture)

This means there are no values left and it's everyone for himself and God for us all. In other words, we lost every tension between the core and the mantle. And that means we are no identifiable group any longer and we let everyone come into our country, our country without a heart.

We know this situation very well from Europe and called it earlier 'the disaster of Enlightenment'. The Enlightenment found no rules to discriminate between groups on which Romanticism (Marxism) judged all cultures as equal (multiculturalism). But without tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle, every group is on the verge of extinction:

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction.

So, religion lost control on standards to effectuate its values. That's fine, that's liberating, but it also means the collapse of the group of higher mammals which disintegrates into a loose collection of individuals. And now America is on the brink of falling apart. It lost its Christian character:

The Democratic Party 

The Democratic Party is a breeding ground for Islam for two reasons:

We already stipulated the connection between policor women (Democratic Party) and Islam. These leftist females still have exogamous genes in their blood - but without Christian indoctrination any longer - what comes down to socialism (Marxist relativism). In them we see the most outspoken signs of the fading traditional North American character. It is masochistic Christianity which has let this happen.

Besides the affiliation to Islam of females, also evident are flocking pedophiles hiding in the Democratic Party together with other sexual deviant characters (other sexual roles, as protected by Jesus), because on this wicked graveyard authoritarian Christianity has lost all influence. Pedophilia is widely accepted in Islamic culture.

So, the Democratic Party is a breeding ground for Islam and a magnet for 'other sexual roles'. The Democratic Party is on its way to become the major criminal institution of America. This means we are on the verge of a civil war between the upper and the under world. Happily the Republicans are also filled with crooks.

(ADDENDUM 2: Assumptions pedophilia)

The revival of Christianity

Only a revival of Christianity can save the group from the doom. But then Americans should develop a better endogamous core than good old Christianity. And just like Europe they were too lazy to find something better than 'the Enlightenment'. The Enlightenment, which found no means to discriminate between groups on which Romanticism (Marxism) judged all cultures as equal (multiculturalism). Time is running out, so hurry up America, before it too late:

In conclusion, America will fall apart as a group and will be taken over by a stronger moral power, like Islam, unlike it succeeds to reformulate its endogamous heart. If not, a second civil war is on the verge. And do not laugh about the democrats, they are descendants of former Christians, they inherited the same exogamous genes but are brought up thinking overarching moral values are not needed any longer. First they will mingle with non-Christian groups to form a toxic cocktail, then they will ruin the original North American character. Adios America:

The unconscious desire to Islam

We never realized how much we are on risk to be taken over by a much stronger core of endogamous norms and values. For example by Islam, since our females instinctively love the primitive SM-dyad much more than Vanille-dyad:

Think about Merkel, think about crying Mogherini (sorrow is lust in masochism):

And think about all those women who have already gone through the glass ceiling to pursue their unconscious sexual lusts. Notice, the advocates of Islam in Western culture are mostly women in top positions:

Religion is the control on sexual culture

In human nature sexual culture is controlled by religion. The purpose of the first religion was to promote genetic group identity by inbreeding (endogamy) and as a counterweight to prevent autosomal recessive disorders by outbreeding (exogamy):

The first human creature religion was 'genetic immortality in descendants by inbreeding' (Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc)):

So, this first time order derivative of sexual culture was really rational and realistic, but higher order derivatives magically derailed and lost contact with reality. This means control on sexual culture had nothing to do with eternal life any longer.

But beware, although religion failed to realize eternal life this was not the case with tribal identity. All higher order derivatives promoted inbreeding in one way or the other. 

Even in Christianity the commending of heterosexual behavior (exclusive the clergy) goes back to prehistoric times. Thus, as a bad joke all higher order time derivatives are really derived from the primal inbreeding culture of the Homininae.

So, we postulated an endogamous (male) core of norms and values to control the exogamous (female) sexual culture. This area of tension forms the balance between genetic monoculture and genetic diversity in higher mammal groups.

Also we proposed an area of tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. Without this tension any religion dies:

Then, how to modulate this tension:

In this model we start with the horizontal control line as a restrictive constant, whereas sexual culture is the highly volatile curve which is inherently promiscuous. This sexual waywardness should be curtailed by endogamous control, called 'religion'.

ADDENDUM 2 (Democratic Party): 

Pedophilia = Perpetual orgasm

According to the state of science, sexual orientation should be regarded as given by nature and cannot be altered. Sexual preference and its unfolding are natural

But pedophilia is a remarkable human phenomenon which is not seen very often in the animal world, for sexually immature animals are not attractive, though animals like monkeys may practice pedophilia as role play. 

Hence, human pedophilia is a relatively modern sexual variant which must have been formed in 7 million years after separation from the other apes. Because earlier we developed a model of the sexual and religious evolution of the Homininae we now draw a straight line to pedophilia.

Though pedophilia is probably given by nature, in human evolution it could have been contaminated with hereditary psychological disturbances of sexual expectancy. 

Pedophilia is just like inbreeding and incest an instinct formed at the time of the first Homininae and has been contaminated with religious thinking. And because religion is a form of sexuality, psychological delusions may have affected human sexual genetics. We claim human pedophilia is a direct consequence of the inbreeding culture of the first Homininae and has a strong link with eternal fertility of males.

Assumption 215: Pedophilia is the first operationalization of human male religion.

Assumption 218: Originally incestuous pedophilia meant sexual relations with daughters and nieces as operationalization of perpetual orgasm of Homininae.

Assumption 219: Nowadays plain pedophilia is but a relic of incestuous
pedophilia of the Homininae. An example is pedophilia in child marriages.

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution, newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya).

Assumption 221: The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.) states if male incest - as contribution to the inbreeding culture - is not compensated by perpetual orgasm across generations, males develop hatred against wives and daughters, whose stoning and honor killings might result.

Assumption 229: Grooming.
Pedophiles have paraphilic relationships based on unequal sexual roles. They project their infantile identity into children, degrading themselves as adults. They thereby sublimate unequal sexual roles into apparently equivalent semi-adult friendship. If children do not protest against unfamiliar touching then pedophiles conclude they are taking responsibility and they like it.

Assumption 230: Hard pedophilia is perpetual orgasm across generations.

Assumption 231: Soft pedophilia (grooming) is displaced perpetual orgasm across generations.

Assumption 232 (extended): Pedophilia started with the raping of sexually mature
daughters for genetic saturation of parental genes in the inbreeding culture.
Meanwhile perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a pleasure and as reward for inbreeding. Both, inbreeding (tribal genetic immortality) and incest (perpetual orgasm for individual males) are compensating mechanisms for attaining eternal life.

The precise interaction between perpetual orgasm (incest) and the saturation of genes (inbreeding) is unknown yet. Raping of sexually mature daughters (incest) might have been justified by genetic saturation (inbreeding). But in the third instance, mating over generations signified an extreme libido, causing perpetual orgasm developed as the core of human male religion.

Because of autosomal recessive disorders, mature daughters have been replaced with sexually immature daughters later in the evolution. This is called displacement of perpetual orgasm across generations. Hard pedophilia (rape) with sexually
immature girls is the first displacement (or substitution) in hominin culture.

As a consequence of this hereditary displacement of sexual lust, hard pedophilia (rape) concerns nowadays lust in sexually immature girls and boys. It is an unnatural human sexual drive evolved out of inbreeding which is only viable within sadomasochistic cultures.

As a 'logical' result of immature raping, daughters were sold for child marriage just before sexual maturity. In this way hard pedophilia (rape) became the evolutionary end-stage of inbreeding cultures based on the SM-dyad (unequal sexual roles). This is better known as child marriages in Islamic culture and others.
Unlike pedophilia, homosexuality is a well-known phenomenon in the animal world which did not arise from hominin culture. But homosexuality combined with pedophilia (Christian Church) indeed comes from perpetual orgasm across generations. Hence perpetual orgasm does not discriminate on sexual orientation.

Later in the evolution, perpetual orgasm for a lot of other reasons sublimated
into perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe. Both, displacement (pedophilia with sexually immature daughters) and sublimation (perpetual orgasm in Heaven) settled in the human mind as genetically transferable forms of perpetual orgasm. In human evolution religious delusions interacted with sexuality and formed new instincts which are completely unknown in the animal world.

Soft pedophilia (without rape; grooming) is based on the Vanilla-dyad, which in the Western world is based on equal sexual roles and equivalent relations. Hence, soft pedophiles were forced to displace rape for impermissible sexual acts, and to sublimate unequal sexual roles into apparently equivalent semi-adult friendship.
For this purpose pedophiles project their infantile identity into children, degrading themselves as adults. They thereby sublimate unequal sexual roles into apparently equivalent semi-adult friendship. If children do not protest against unfamiliar touching then pedophiles conclude they are taking responsibility and they like it.

It is not really empathy what pedophiles are feeling; on the contrary it is a narcissistic disorder, a fake relationship with a non-existing entity, a sick self-projection into an innocent child. It is an escape from adulthood and sublimation and displacement of temporary orgasm within generations.

Assumption 233Perpetual orgasm across generations is a form of pedophilia born out of inbreeding. It first served genetic saturation of the tribe (genetic immortality), in which sexually mature daughters were fertilized by their fathers. In the second instance, this orgasmic lust developed as a reward for inbreeding. In the third instance, mating over generations signified extreme libido, causing perpetual orgasm to develop as the core of human male religion. 

Later, perpetual orgasm developed as incestuous pedophilia with sexually immature daughters to avoid autosomal recessive disorders.

Perpetual orgasm across generations is projected in this lifetime and after death. In this lifetime it means raping and fertilizing very young persons. After death it means ancestors mating with distant descendants after reincarnation. And in the ultimate case very old men want to mate with countless virgins in the parallel universe.

Assumption 241: Factors of pedophilia

There is a connection between power and pedophilia and therefore this happens mainly in "the highest levels" of church and politics. How it works:

1: The instinctive protection of children by their parents is the strongest emotion in child abuse (genetic diversity, exogamy).

2: But in inbreeding cultures, a much larger role plays the possible infringement of the virginity of daughters for inbreeding purposes or child marriages (genetic monoculture, endogamy).

3: In more civilized cultures two kinds of empathy developed. In polytheism and nowadays Western 'grooming', projection into children of the own sexual lust assumes they will appreciate sexual contact, whereas on the other hand real empathy concludes children are unable to safeguard their natural rights and must stay untouched (later Western culture) .

4: Actually, real pedophilia concerns sexual interest in children without matured secondary sex characteristics. Men attracted to already quite mature girls aged 13 are no pedophiles. This is called ephebophilia.

5: Because of the interpretation of natural rights of children a reasonable age limit of 16 years has been set. Between 13 and 16 years usually child abuse cannot be called 'pedophilia'.

6. The main difference with the animal world is human interest in children just because of immature sex characteristics.

7: If religion is a form of sexuality, then pedophilia is a form of religion in which the deranged desire for 'perpetual orgasm across generations' finds its greatest fulfillment in not yet burgeoned sexuality.

Assumption 269: Perpetual orgasm.
The interaction between the normal sexual instinct (genetic immortality) and the accompanying human sexual cultural instinct (inbreeding and incest) delivered the well known human male drive 'perpetual orgasm'. Perpetual orgasm started as 'pedophilia in this lifetime' and explicitly splits the sexual instinct into genetic propagation and sexual lust.


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