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(159) Proof belief of earthly reincarnation into descendants

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The Sexual Theory of Religion is built into logical steps from animal sexuality. Human brain development dictates a growing complexity of religious concepts. This means reincarnation (Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) can not have been invented earlier than rebirth (Homo Naledi (2.3 Ma ?; 550cc). 

Earthly reincarnation:

Rebirth no soul:

Also earthly reincarnation must have been grasped before reincarnation into the parallel universe (Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc). 

The latter is a very important assumption to explain religious Muslim schizophrenia.
Without the proposition of the discovery of earthly reincarnation in advance of parallel reincarnation, honor killings and acid attacks are not explained. Notice, on this site the connection between earthly reincarnation and the production of tribal inbred bodies is seen as a compelling human instinct in inbreeding cultures:

The religious confusion of Muslims can be best explained by the impossible merge of both forms of reincarnation, where earthly reincarnation is instinctively bound to inbred bodies of descendants. Notice, earthly reincarnation is a mortal sin for Muslims who are expected to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe. 

That's why in our view Muslim fathers are unaware of their lust to reincarnate into descendants of cousin marriages:

Only if we can make this likely we can explain honor killings and acid attacks in nowadays Muslim culture. Remember, we earlier rejected cousin marriages for socio-economic reasons, since this cannot explain the gruesome atrocities of this culture. 

So, a cornerstone of the Sexual Theory is the assumption that tribes believed ancestors would reincarnate into descendants. Without this assumption the theory is less powerful:

Below a strong proof of the belief of reincarnation into descendants:

Old Ethiopian prayer from 1922, likely very, very old:



If we hear these words, we understand the following: If an old man dies, he is buried. After the decay of the body his skull will be taken away from the burial chamber and conserved at a consecrated place. There he receives the regular sacrifices: offerings at the harvest festival, prayers at the sow, ceremonial affairs, especially when a grandson of the clan marries. And the prayer that accompanies this ceremony under simultaneous offerings sounds like this:

"My grandfather!
I beg you, come back now. You are long gone and we do not have too many young people. My son has married this young woman, who is strong and well-mannered. She knows how to raise children; I have seen by myself how she cared for the children of her brother. She has good breasts and will give you plenty of milk. I ask you to come back into [the womb of] this young woman, by which my son gives birth to strong children and he and I soon do not have to work on the farm any longer." 


[Notice, it makes no sense to let the grandfather reincarnate into a neighboring tribe or into another family. Apparently these tribes were still aligned along patrilineal descent, while females came from other tribes. This is normal in higher mammal groups. Notice, the woman was not from this family, she was not a cousin but 'a young woman'. So this tribe was still male kin line ordered:]

[But seen nowadays arranged marriages in Muslim families, there must have been a moment in the evolution that females were forced to breed within the own family (cousin marriages). This possibly to saturate the genes in favor of the ancestors. This complicated matter has been discussed at length on this site. The most likely moment for this sick change in human development is the invention of the concept of earthly reincarnation. But this period likely took 2 million years: Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900 cc). Therefore the precise moment is still under discussion.]

Assumption 284: Honor killings and acid attacks are caused by Muslims trying to obey the wishes of the ancestor fertility gods. These do not want to reincarnate into hybrids and bastards of Eve with that alien Serpent. And if they refuse to reincarnate the family dies out and family members cannot reincarnate. That's why families always form a closed front to kill the fallen daughter. 

Remember, far fetched inbreeding with the own daughters already happened since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). Inbreeding disasters were unavoidable in this sexual culture. And also there religion played a big role to enforce inbreeding:

We proceed with this most interesting book:

- Often young seed is placed on the skull and after a speech the young woman has to take it with her lips from the skull of the grandfather and enjoy - Then the from this marriage born child will be the reborn grandfather.


This swallowing of the seed is of great importance, because here a profound connection between different sorts of root fibers from agriculture with social life is laid. The connecting element is the earth, the great earth, in which the last remnants of life decay, and from which the first germs of existence arise, the earth, from which everything arises and in which everything passes, which is an earth in which arising and passing away flow together. 

An Ethiopian derived from Ur-Fulbe blood (Fulbe = etnical tribe in Sahel), from the Gongola-area gave the following explanation: "A young man who dies, passes like dry foliage, that falls to the earth and decays. An old man who dies is like a ripe fruit, which falls into the earth and grows again. Man is like corn (sorghum). [Sorghum is a genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae.] If cutting and drying unripe grain, it will rot into the soil in the next rainy season. It can not germinate. Cut the sorghum ripe, dry it and put it into the earth in the next rainy season, then it gets roots and leaves, it grows and ripens and bears fruit. Likewise is human life. The young man can not come back. The old man will be born again.


[This is most interesting, for in Islam young males are eager to die and to consume the 72 virgins in Heaven. Well, here (1921) we see a prayer far into the Islamic period. Maybe Ethiopia was Christian in those days. Anyway, shocking to see earthly reincarnation as a fossil still alive until our days.]

[Now, to comment on 'the young man who dies', remember he likely had not yet taken care of his duty to make sufficient inbred bodies before his death. And we know the prayer reported to be about out of bodies for reincarnation. Well, why would they let him reincarnate if he had neglected his duty just like gays and unwilling daughters? 

So if you damn to create inbred bodies you will be murdered or not allowed to reincarnate into the tribe (Tree of Life). That was the faith of Eve, who escaped from the horrible experiments of God and was kicked out of Camp Paradise and fled to the Tree of Outbreeding:

(An alternative interpretation is the Gihon which is a river of the land of Cush, a mountain region in Iran and the Pishon which is now a dry riverbed. All rivers ended in the Persian Gulf. Further, the story of Adam and Eve marks the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a farmer culture (Juris Zarins)).

[So, here we find proof of the belief of earthly reincarnation into tribal descendants. But it needs no proof to accept former Paradise cultures must have been pools of inbreeding of the own females within male kin bonded tribes and families. And the opposite is very unlikely: not to expect heavy female inbreeding in these forced sexual cultures starting with the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), as discussed in extension on this site. Let's see what the Torah said, already 3500 years ago:]


Traditional Judaism maintains that God established a covenant with the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and revealed his laws and 613 commandments to them in the form of the Written and Oral Torah.


Rabbinical Judaism calculated a lifespan of Moses corresponding to 1391–1271 BCE;[11] Jerome gives 1592 BCE,[12] and James Ussher 1571 BCE as his birth year.[13][a]

Apparently is was mopping up while the tap was running:

So yes, there is very strong evidence of the merge of genes of the own daughters into the patrilineal bonded kinship to saturate tribal identity:

Homo naledi and reincarnation

Homo naledi must be seen as a human being and therefore we must consider the possibility of reincarnation.

Homo naledi (2 mya ?; 500 cc) just could fit within our classification of reincarnation:

2: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (Homo erectus, 2 mya, 900 cc).

Well, he could be known with the split of body and soul but there are big problems, for he was not a real Homo erectus but a hybrid between Australopithecus and (possibly) Homo erectus with only 500 cc.

But on the other hand if Homo naledi was able to work his deceased companions so deep under the ground, then for a very long time he must already have had the habit to bury them. 

Already for a long time early Homininae (7 mya; 400 cc) were roaming through the savannas of Africa. In the beginning, dead tribal members had to be left behind in a hot climate with scavengers. They could not be reborn. That's why early Homininae and later Australopiths learned to bury their dead, millions of years earlier than expected, and fairly quickly after leaving the forests for the plain. And why did they bury their dead? For rebirth, animal logic.

From the Rising Star Cave we learn Homo naledi was not roaming all the time. And living at one place for a longer time apparently gave a much better method to prevent premature decay of the dead. They were very experienced with caves and knew in this cave were neither scavengers nor insects. So, this could be seen as the first known attempt to conserve bodies as in a refrigerator awaiting reconstruction for rebirth.

Hence, we infer Australopiths might have buried their dead already for millions of years. That's why we do not find many remains. That is in line with our conclusion that deceased animals which are complete and in good order are sleeping forever and must be given a safe place to rest for rebirth.

Next question is what advantage has a cave above normal burying. It is not that buried bodies are eaten by wild animals because they were underground. No, it must have been because Homo naledi wanted to prevent decay of bodies by worms and insects in the soilBecause it takes time to arrive into the underworld and decay would destruct the body, which just had to be renewed for rebirth. And remember, Homo naledi did not check decay of dead bodies in Dinaledi chamber.

Australopiths had a lot of experience with caves. And in hot summer it can be quite chilly there. Hence, they must have known decay was much slower, without worms and insects. That's why Homo naledi was fond of the Rising Star Cave. 

The Rising Star Cave might be unique in animal religion, since it could mark the transition to human religion. It is exactly here where animal religion goes through the sound barrier of human religion: from rebirth to reincarnation.

Homo naledi

As said, in addition to genetic immortality deceased tribal members were gathered in caves for eternal tribal identity.

Homo naledi wanted to prevent decay of bodies by worms and insects in the soil. Perhaps, he found the first noticed primitive way of mummifying the sleeping deceased (who remained in their bodies) in the refrigerator of the Rising Star Cave. Then it would not be reincarnation, but only tribal immortality of gathered bones in addition to genetic immortality into descendants for eternal tribal identity.

But think about it. Then there was no reason to throw them into the chute since there were plenty other and easier caves without all this trouble. No, we miss something in this scenario.

- We also know the underworld in Greek mythology. Homo naledi knew a lot from caves and possibly got the idea a complete underworld existed in the underground connected by all caves he knew. He also knew all life finally started from the soil. So, he knew it was the underworld which was life giving

Homo naledi possibly assumed the giant Rising Star Cave somehow was the holy entrance to new life far beneath the surface of the earth. And the harrowing shark-mouth chute, the 12 meter deep funnel to Dinaledi chamber was the actual access to that world. This was the big mouth to the underworld and so they threw their deceased right into their next life. Just like Hindus throw their dead into the Ganges. It was the first form of rebirth without splitting body and soul.

Rebirth is possible only if dead bodies are relatively unharmed and after rebirth there must be no remains found. That happened with the body of Jesus and with the bodies of Dinaledi chamber. Homo naledi didn't expect bodies to stay there forever. He was so sure of his belief that he didn't even bother to inspect Dinaledi chamber, maybe this was just considered sacrilege. The Rising Star Cave might be the only very special case to study rebirth of Australopiths.


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