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Assumption 300: Human religion.

On religion we distinguish the existence of God and the religious process. Insofar as believers consider God as an entity in a parallel universe, we cannot confirm or falsify this hypothesis. But the religious thought process exists entirely in our reality, by which it is fully subject to universal logical laws.

This means we are free to build an analogy between human religion and animal sexuality, by which we start from scratch about 20 million years ago with mammals living in groups together. We know religious processes are constraint by the difficulty of their concepts. This means we can trace back the order of development of religious concepts since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). This order is fundamental in the explanation of human religion.

Next, we determine the influence of previous stages on later religious concepts. We estimate the degree of confounding and contamination in the interactions. Then we decide which religions are most affected by uncontrolled interactions with former religious concepts. We will conclude to disastrous effects for Islam. Finally, we conclude religious trends can be better predicted from sexuality than from religion. Therefore religion will be concluded as a subset of the sexual domain.


Rule   : Religion is the control on sexual culture. In the past the authoritarian Christian church prescribed sexual norms and values for females.

Rule    : In fact Jesus was the projection of 'other sexual roles' and the God of females and gays. Remarkably, sexual norms were prescribed by the homosexual clergy.

Rule   : In Islam there is no central authority and sexual rules are prescribed by Sharia, which is the male sexual instinct dating from the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). So in Islam Sharia is the primal endogamous core which has nothing to do with Islam itself.

Rule   : Religion controls sexual culture by inspecting the set of higher time order derivatives of sexual culture. 

Rule   : Religion is the police of sexual culture. As an analogy we wonder how the police controls the flow of traffic. We now introduce a very familiar and simple concept.

Rule   : Some interesting back ground information.

Rule   : How it works.

Rule   : Now we translate the stuff straightforward into religion:

Rule    : Next, we make an operational definition of religion by which we can understand all human religions. And remember, all higher order time derivatives are derived from the same primal religion: Inbreeding and Incest.

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives and controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values. Therefore it looks like religion comes from God. But religion is an eternal life ideology. The last time-derivative will be zero and has been always wanted diligently, for it is expected to lead the sexual culture to the eternal existence in another universe. It is the timelessness derivative of sexuality: perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe.

Rule    : Then, we fill in 'sexual culture' for 'the velocity of cars (speed)' and derive religion from the derivatives. We start with the first order time derivative, which is rationally working. First we show the basic stages of human religion.

Then the derivative.


Rule    : Next, we fill in the second order time derivative, which is irrationally working. But it is still connected to inbreeding since tribal members make inbred bodies for deceased ancestors for reincarnation. 

Rule    : Then, we fill in the third order time derivative, which is also irrationally working. But it is still connected to inbreeding in a very peculiar way. 

Rule   : Don't forget the apes in the trees which do not move away and therefore show no change in sexual culture.

Rule   : Now we have a splendid operational model showing how human religion interferes with sexual culture. There are many thousands imaginable higher order time derivatives (religions). Here we only have taken the basic developmental steps in human evolution.


Assumption 285: Religion is any intervention in sexual culture by not logically founded measures.

Assumption 286: As a rule of thumb inbreeding measures on sexual culture are illogical measures based on magical thinking, while outbreeding measures are based on rational thought.

Fertility stress means a species is counterproductive in breeding. Where in nature animals foster 'genetic immortality in descendants':

In inbreeding cultures the reverse happens, since 'phenotypic mortality' is promoted:


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