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Polytheism, monotheism and repressive tolerance

Assumption 300: Human religion.

On religion we distinguish the existence of God and the religious process. Insofar as believers consider God as an entity in a parallel universe, we cannot confirm or falsify this hypothesis. But the religious thought process exists entirely in our reality, by which it is fully subject to universal logical laws.

This means we are free to build an analogy between human religion and animal sexuality, by which we start from scratch about 20 million years ago with mammals living in groups together. We know religious processes are constraint by the difficulty of their concepts. This means we can trace back the order of development of religious concepts since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). This order is fundamental in the explanation of human religion.

Next, we determine the influence of previous stages on later religious concepts. We estimate the degree of confounding and contamination in the interactions. Then we decide which religions are most affected by uncontrolled interactions with former religious concepts. We will conclude to disastrous effects for Islam. Finally, we conclude religious trends can be better predicted from sexuality than from religion. Therefore religion will be concluded as a subset of the sexual domain.


Rule   : Gods are sexual roles. Polytheism means all sexual roles are vivified in the conscious of man. These gods are mostly interacting as subjects. On the other hand monotheism means the suppression of 'other sexual roles' into the unconscious, mostly seen as worthless objects. 

Rule   : Remember, God and Jesus cover the whole pantheon because the latter represents 'other sexual roles'. So, God and Jesus had different sexual roles. And remember, God and Jesus communicated well, as subjects.

Rule   : In Islam Allah and Mohammed apparently have the same heterosexual role and there exist no acknowledged female or homosexual gods. If gods have the same sexual role - but Mohammed was no god - then we technically speak of a single sexual role, a single god, or monotheism.

Rule   : In monotheism all sexual roles are compressed into a single God. On the other hand in polytheism all gods are expanded into sexual roles.

Rule   : In patriarchal cultures, polytheism (atheism) is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for respecting women as subjects. Since, a fertility goddess can be seen as object, as incubator of family semen.

Rule    : The split between Negroes and Muslims.

Rule    : In the past Negroes (Voodoo) massively believed ancestors to reincarnate into outbred bodies, which are descendants from outbreeding.
In this central core of voodoo worship is Loa (god, divine being, good spirit), Oracle, ancestral worship and reincarnationHeaven and hell do not exist in Voodooism. Why?, In Voodoo they believe in reincarnation.  

Rule    : Voodoo Negroes reincarnate into the (earthly) universe but accept God as living in some parallel universe. They worship a lot of male and female ancestors but also practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), the worst, most horrible and disrespectful gruesome treatment a tiny girl can get.

So, polytheism is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for treating women as subjects.

Rule    : Former Paradise culture II was a polytheistic divine combination of tribal ancestors and worshiped idols. Also, there was one God in the parallel universe (after Abraham and before Islam).

Rule   : Although former Paradise culture II was polytheistic, tribal ancestors likely were males. Then, a lot of the same male heterosexual roles, meant in fact monotheism in power
And that's understandable because females never want inbreeding and incest from themselves. Hence in our model polytheism implies a variety of sexual roles and the treatment of women as subjects.

Rule : The desires of males and females differ for Paradise culture III (Islam) and the parallel universe. Especially projections into the parallel universe are twisted and compromised: Females hope for one God and no sex or else genetic diversity. Males also expect one God, but with genetic diversity

Rule : In Heaven both Muslim males and females combine monotheism with exogamy. It is quite simple, Muslims expect complete exogamous sexual freedom in Heaven as compensation for forced inbreeding and incest on Earth.

Assumption 152: Islam is an endogamous inbreeding culture, offering a factually exogamous afterlife in heaven. A genetic monoculture on earth (Islam) flirts with genetic diversity in heaven (Christianity), where the latter must be seen as heaven on Earth. Jealousy led to the persecution of Christians, because their masochistic suffering is compatible with exogamic lust. And violent bloodlust and hatred discharged on Jews, because though their culture relied also on inbreeding and incest, their females were left free choice to exogamy as in the group of higher mammals.

Rule   : Monotheism creates cultural psychopaths.

A loophole in morality exists whereby 'empathy' is exempt from moral scrutiny. Giving religious indoctrination in early childhood is seen as morally justified. Thereby easily developing cultural empathy for the own group (heterosexual males) and cultural psychopathy for the other (other sexual roles). Not empathetic experienced other sexual roles are being treated immorally. That's the fallacy of empathy in morality: apartheid.

Rule   : Religion creates repressive tolerance.

Muslims in monotheism and Negroes in Voodoo polytheism have developed a special form of empathy for women. As long as they confirm male laws and live in accordance with male rules, they are respected conditionally as subjects. But that's no empathy, that's repressive tolerance

Rule   : Polytheism gives a more-dimensional State structure, since it creates more cultural degrees of freedom.

Rule    : For the separation of Church and State at least two cultural degrees of freedom are needed.

Rule   : Monotheism gives a one-dimensional State structure. In Islam the separation of Mosque and State is practically impossible. This is now being tried in Tunisia:

26 January 2014 – A 146-article draft constitution was completed. It was put to a vote and was adopted by a 200–12 vote with 4 abstentions.[99]

Rule : Compared Islamic with Western State structure.


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