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Assumption 300: Human religion.

On religion we distinguish the existence of God and the religious process. Insofar as believers consider God as an entity in a parallel universe, we cannot confirm or falsify this hypothesis. But the religious thought process exists entirely in our reality, by which it is fully subject to universal logical laws.

This means we are free to build an analogy between human religion and animal sexuality, by which we start from scratch about 20 million years ago with mammals living in groups together. We know religious processes are constraint by the difficulty of their concepts. This means we can trace back the order of development of religious concepts since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). This order is fundamental in the explanation of human religion.

Next, we determine the influence of previous stages on later religious concepts. We estimate the degree of confounding and contamination in the interactions. Then we decide which religions are most affected by uncontrolled interactions with former religious concepts. We will conclude to disastrous effects for Islam. Finally, we conclude religious trends can be better predicted from sexuality than from religion. Therefore religion will be concluded as a subset of the sexual domain.


Assumption 68: In humans, the number of gods in the archetype of God is by nature unlimited (polytheism), with SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) of the space of gods. 

By testosterone (monotheism) this number of god factors is gradually restricted to one dimension, called SM-dyad or Allah construct. With estrogen multi-dimensionality remains unaffected. This means males tend to monotheism and females to polytheism

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of interdependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank=m=5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank=p=5 factors) is unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p=1). SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p=1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. Remaining (m-p=4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of estrogen all sexual factors (p=5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women.

Rule : Mankind's most dubious contribution to the evolution is sadomasochism.

Rule : Sadomasochism is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between husband and wife, called SM-dyad

Rule : Even if animals were endowed with empathy, then they would not come up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from bloodthirstiness and sexual desire.

And in case animals would like it, their sadomasochism would be unstable. SM would quickly reset into killer instinct and sexual instinct. And that's because animals lack control to keep blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught.

Rule   : Islamic women are addicted to masochism, like Christians. Both, Muslim males and females love SM-dyad. We cannot split the Islamic lust-machine.

Rule   : Earlier we wrote Islam and Christianity are complementary sexual disorders which form a sado-masochistic combination. Muslims come into heaven by killing unbelievers and Christians being killed by unbelievers. It is a perfect sadomasochistic balance, in which suffering transforms into lust for Christians.

Matthew 5:44
King James Bible Jesus:
But I say unto you, Love your enemiesbless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Rule    : Christians and Muslims are destined to be swallowed in a vortex of sexual lust. They do not realize how they are riveted to each other. Their 'religions' are the opposites of sado-masochism on the axis through Judaism. It is sexually deviant behavior with a religious sauce.

Rule   : Without sexuality nobody can understand the Muslim migration into Christianity, with former Christian's ass up.

Rule : Christians are latent addicted to Islam, but they don't know.

Rule   : Islam will become the new core of orphaned Christianity. But they also don't know.

Rule   : Nobody knows, for it is 'religion', which definitely must not be called sexuality.

Rule   : Did you ever hear the Mosque or the Pope about the parallel universe, no, since they are talking all day about sexual behavior of women.

Rule: Islam and Christianity will fuse in a sado-masochistic entanglement, strangulation if you like.

Rule   : It is written in the stars, so it must be true.

Rule   : Muslim females are terrorized by Islam, because they are addicted to sadomasochism. If tomorrow 750 million Muslim females raise their panties, Islam is over. But they don't, they cannot fight their masochistic addiction

Rule   : Everybody understands, only Christian policor is in denial. It's all unconsciously and hypocritically called "religion".

Rule   : 
Exogamous masochism is the fig leaf of multiculturalism.

Rule : And that's why multiculturalism unwittingly turned into the masochistic squirm with ass up for a gruesome and sadistic Islamic ruler

This sadistic tyrant was absolutely needed to let our masochistic culture retrieve its counterweight. This is because two points are needed to draw a straight line. 

Assumption 212: Islam and Christianity are the endogamous core and exogamous mantle of Homininae groups. Together they form the sadomasochistic dimension, renamed as monotheism in religion. As in a big bang, they drifted apart and in a big crunch, they will destroy each other. By divine judgment of Sexual Scales of Religion sadomasochism will dissolve in murder lust and sexual desire.

Rule : New post-Christian leadership consisting of latent lesbian feminists on high positions in Western culture yearns to replace Vanilla-dyad by SM-dyad.

Rule   : Because Jesus represented 'other sexual roles', post-Christian lesbians could oust former homosexual clergy as vicegerent of God on earth.

Rule   : Only if Swedish women can resist the lust of being roughly raped by real Alpha males (SM-dyadand manage to keep in charge, former Christianity will converge into lesbian Sodom and Gomorrah of the bonobos (Vanilla-dyad)Why don't women stop the Muslim immigration?

Rule   : Sadomasochism is the main factor in sexuality and monotheism the main factor in polytheism. Both spaces form an identity. So monotheism in religion is identical to sadomasochism in sexuality.

Rule   : Masses of people are addicted to sadomasochism. The sexual relationship between husband and wife is called SM-DYAD.

Rule : Animals show sadistic behavior but for really enjoying sadomasochism one must be human, because for real SM, empathy is essential. How much more would the cat enjoy if she realized how much the mouse suffered by his creaking skull.

Rule : In general, animals are hampered by empathy with their victims. Otherwise they would die out. But even if they were endowed with empathy, even then they would not come up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from bloodthirstiness and sexual desire: sadomasochism is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between husband and wife, in the SM-dyad. 

And in case animals would like it, their sadomasochism would be unstable. Like Islam, SM would quickly reset into killer instinct and sexual instinct. And that's because animals lack control to keep blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught.

Rule   : SM is invented by humans, not by chimps.

Rule   : Therefore sadomasochism is the core of human religion.


Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killing and sexual instinct.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again in murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost. Then it explodes.

The key difference between Islamic culture and Christianity is that Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and again is losing control, disintegrating sadomasochism over and over again in murder and sexual desire. It is a circular and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture. Christianity succeeds much better in holding sadomasochism in synthesis. But more likely is Islam intentionally collapses SM-dyad time and again in the interaction with Paradise culture. It is a willful interaction giving the Islamic killing machine her animal power.

Assumption 67:

- SM-dyad is the basic relationship between man and woman in human nature. It is a relationship that will haunt mankind until the farthest stars.

- SM-dyad is based on absolute power and results in unequal sexual relations. It easily develops into paraphilia. Vanilla-dyad is formed from relativism and consists of equivalence in sexual relations.

- SM-dyad can temporarily transform into Vanilla dyad, in which case ultimately equal rights for men and women are obtained.

- Because equivalence is against male nature, Vanilla-dyad remains subordinate to SM-dyad. It is and will remain a substitute for the male sexual instinct. Which means that SM-dyad in the background is always present, always searching for new ways to self-realization. SM-dyad will always restore the primal relation between male and female.

- The temporary primacy of Vanilla dyad is enforced by the intellectual development of women. Without her cooperation with SM, SM-Tetrad disintegrates into a single SM-dyad.



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