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(164) Ancestors are hybrid god projections

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Gods are sexual roles. 

The first God projection of higher mammals living in groups together was into the almighty Alpha male, whose sexuality was polygamous heterosexual: 

The second role was male homosexuality, which took power over mankind after the Alpha male was left in the animal kingdom. In Christianity the homosexual clergy became the representative of God on Earth; God, who was expelled to the parallel universe. The third god is known as female sexual roles, the fourth is pedophilia and the last is bestiality:

Does this make any sense? Yes, since in this five dimensional space we find thousands of interdependent human gods, which vectors find their origin in this sexual space. They all are weighted combinations of these five basic flavors. More flavors are not.

And remember: the basic dimension of human sexual space is sadomasochism 💀.

Islam is almost the same as animal religion. It stems in a straight line from the primal Homininae religion: Inbreeding and incest. That's why the Muslim culture is so fascinating. It is a living anachronism which still can be studied in the field. It is our unconscious animistic core and is purely magically derived:

But bonobos made a mess of their religion: they celebrate Sodom and Gomorrah:

See the similarity of bonobos with policor lesbians ruling the remnants of Christianity in Western Europe:

Religion (read: sexuality) rank orders Homininae cultures:

The Ancestral gods

Are tribal ancestors also sexual roles? Yes and no, it depends. In them we project sexual roles if they are unknown mythical figures. These are long deceased tribal ancestors which nobody has ever seen. So, unknown ancestors play sexual roles and are placed right into the sexual space of rank 5. They are like the other human gods we know.

But if ancestors are known deceased persons from our own family then they become mixed gods. Then they connect sexual space with our personal space. These hybrid gods are most interesting for our investigation of the inbreeding culture. 

In Islam, sexual space is a subset of Islamic space where sadomasochism is also the principal component and that not without reason:

Confounding facts with fiction

In ancient times hybrid gods were the projection ground for males who combined real facts (your great grandfather was a hard worker) with unconscious delusions (and he wants you to marry your cousin otherwise he will not reincarnate and the tribe dies out). 

This combination gave perfect credibility to the hidden wishes of males: to project their own reincarnation into descendants with tribal genes as saturated as possible. They demanded at least cousin marriages from their daughters, who had by far no means to fathom the psychotic and schizophrenic delusions of their fathers.

As mentioned earlier it started with the circumstantially forced inbreeding culture of the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), which after Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) has been taken over by the male's delusion of reincarnation into a save tribe, consisting of male kin bonded lineage. But as above, in a number of cases this sick construct was further saturated by the merge of genes of the own daughters into the male line. And we know heavy inbreeding causes tribal extinction, so inbreeding is the anti-projection of tribal fertility. That's also why breeding like mice became a later Muslim obsession. Another reason is tribal separation by which the own tribe must be as large as possible to defeat the other.

Concluding: besides natural reasons why slow walkers as the Homininae came to inbreeding, it were tribal males who laid the religious basis for nowadays sick Muslim culture.

The  conscious part of ancestors

Hybrid gods have a known personal component which cannot be denied. (Grandfather was a very hard worker and that's why we like him to reincarnate into our son). That is the conscious part of hybrid gods, conscious before the era of Islam. Another conscious aspect is the sexual part, since we know grandfather was heterosexual, the first sexual role.

As mentioned earlier tribes always had the chance not to merge their own daughters into the male kin bonded lineage. At first sight the Ethiopian prayer did not merge daughters, since they spoke about 'this young woman' and not about 'your great-grand daughter':

But we know the world has been suffocated by cousin marriages for millions of years. The Arabian Peninsula at least for 45 thousand years:

And we know pre-Muslims migrated to North Africa 40 ka, also to Ethiopia:

(White blocks are mtDNA L3N)

But guess what, Ethiopia is no Muslim state!!!

Ethiopia has been a Christian bridgehead in Africa for thousands of years. It also is a melting pot of cultures and religions. So yeah, maybe the prayer really did not mean cousin marriages. For Christians it never was a mortal sin to believe in reincarnation into the earthly universe. The Voodoo Negroes in Africa are also on good terms with Christianity but reincarnate on Earth. How interesting:

Religion in Ethiopia

Religion in Ethiopia consists of a number of faiths. Among these mainly Abrahamic religions, the most numerous is Christianity (Ethiopian OrthodoxyPentayCatholic) followed by Islam. There is also a longstanding but small Jewish community. Some adherents of the Bahá'í Faith likewise exist in a number of urban and rural areas. Additionally, there are a few followers of traditional faiths, who mainly reside in the southwestern part of the country.
According to the national census conducted in 2007, over 32 million people or 43.5% were reported to be Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, over 25 million or 33.9% were reported to be Muslim, just under 18 million, or 20.6%, were Protestant, and just under two million or 2.6% adhered to traditional beliefs.[1] Neither in the 2007 census, nor in the 1994 census, were responses reported in further detail: for example, those who identified themselves as Hindus, Jewish, Baha'i, agnostics or atheists were counted as "Other".
The Kingdom of Aksum in present-day Ethiopia and Eritrea was one of the first Christian countries in the world, having officially adopted Christianity as the state religion in the 4th century.[2]

Transcendent and immanent gods

The invention of reincarnation had irreversible effects on tribal existence. Once the combination of genetic immortality with reincarnation was made it could not be undone easily. That's because this interaction was too profitable for tribal coherence. Transcendent deceased gods of the inbreeding era (who only built the world) mingled with immanent ancestors of reincarnation (who were family). Now, adulterous cousins were inspected internally by immanent gods, who reported for stoning immediately. This combined religion of genetic immortality with reincarnation perfected tribal control on cousinsThe invention of reincarnation had irreversible effects on tribal existence. Once the combination of genetic immortality with reincarnation was made it could not be undone easily. That's because this interaction was too profitable for tribal coherenceTranscendent deceased gods of the inbreeding era (who only built the world) mingled with immanent ancestors of reincarnation (who were family)Now, adulterous cousins were inspected internally by immanent gods, who reported for stoning immediately. This combined religion of genetic immortality with reincarnation perfected tribal control on cousinsBut most important and the ultimate blow for genetic immortality was that the individual did not die after death, he would return into the tribe, where else? But now inbreeding became illogically bound to earthly reincarnation.

The unconscious part of ancestors

Muslims project something into their ancestors what comes from their own unconscious mind. But they don't know to project their personal wishes into their grandfathers. Also before the era of Islam they did not realize this projection. It is not outspoken since it is unconsciously. But happily the phenomenon has now a name: the honor of the family

Before Islam, tribesmen linked the honor fiction to the hard worker fact of their grandfather to get a combination with more credibility. And you know the honor fiction is another word for the Muslim fertility obsession. And because inbreeding is the anti-projection of fertility it always goes together with the need to multiply like mice.

So, pre-Muslims projected their own unaware wishes (they themselves wanted to reincarnate into a tribe with saturated genes) into their ancestors (as if their ancestors wanted a saturated tribe) to get more credibility from their daughters. That's what fathers normally do when they can not convince their daughters. They are playing 'God'.

So, before Islam - 1400 ya - and in Paradise culture II, pre-Muslim fathers explained their daughters simply the conditions on which great-grandfathers wanted to reincarnate into the tribe: There must be no hybrids or bastards from alien males. No Eve with the Serpent:

Also then pre-Muslims did not realize they projected their own saturation wishes into their ancestors. But what they did realize was that ancestors wanted to reincarnate into the tribe. 

So, I repeat, before Islam tribesmen knew ancestors wished to reincarnate into the tribe (Ethiopian prayer) but after the onset of Islam Muslims have to suppress this knowledge. 

And it has been mentioned many times before that Muslims are forced to reincarnate into the parallel universe and it is a mortal sin to want to reincarnate into tribal descendants, that's where cousin marriages are really meant for. But Heaven in the parallel universe is not too bad either:

Well, you will grasp the impossibility for nowadays Muslims to explain such complex material summarized as "honor of the family" to pubescent daughters whose cooperation in cousin marriages is desperately needed. It is simply inexplicable.

Notice we concluded earlier Muslim fathers are psychotic:
We are on the verge of understanding the mechanisms behind honor killings and acid attacks. Very likely it is an unconscious conflict in the head of fathers. We think about a psychotic interaction, which arises between illusion (an ancient and suppressed instinct for earthly reincarnation) and reality (cultural coercion to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe).
It manifests itself during conflicts with pubescent daughters, culminating full blown when fathers try to enforce them to arranged marriages. Now, raising a pubescent daughter can already be a challenging experience, even without the sneaky paternal lust to sell her reproductive organs to her cousin. 
So, two terrible things come together in time and are heavily entangled: raising a pubescent daughter and suppressing forbidden reincarnation, for which the womb of that damned daughter just is needed.
We add here that fathers have no idea what "honor of the family" really means, so they sound completely incredible and crazy to their daughters.

Then we add the more fact that the inbreeding instinct of Muslim fathers frustrated fertility in the past. Their 'remedy' of cousin marriages had an adverse effect on fertility. In modern times this is partly compensated by modern medical science and the change from inbreeding to outbreeding in the outer mantle of Islamic culture: religious endogamy in Western culture. 

But because Muslims only breed with other Muslims they perpetuate the Muslim endogamy, which can regress to pure inbreeding again at any time. And so they also will not lose their inbreeding instinct, since dilution only happens with outbreeding with non-Muslims.

From the Ethiopian prayer we know fertility stress of ancient peoples was a very conscious issue.

Now, to comment on 'the young man who dies', remember he likely had not yet taken care of his duty to make sufficient inbred bodies before his death. And we know the prayer reported to be about out of bodies for reincarnation. Well, why would they let him reincarnate if he had neglected his duty just like gays and unwilling daughters? 

So if you damn to create inbred bodies you will be murdered or not allowed to reincarnate into the tribe (Tree of Life). That was the faith of Eve, who escaped from the horrible experiments of God and was kicked out of Camp Paradise and fled to the Tree of Outbreeding.

(Note, meanwhile we know the Ethiopian prayer might be a Christian, not cutting unwilling daughters and gays to pieces. But then the shortage of descendants might have been a general sociographic problem as earlier mentioned.) 

But here again we see inbreeding is not the right answer to attack fertility stress. Human tribes were caught by male vanity when projecting their afterlife into saturated descendants, by which fertility stress only increased further. That's the tragedy of ancient inbreeding cultures.

Below we removed 'reincarnation into the earthly universe' and replaced it with 'honor of the family':

Then this is what we must remember from this exercise:


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