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(166) Religious terror from the German Government

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If religion is seen as a control on sexual culture, we obtain a shocking picture of the real effects of 'religion' on human evolution. Below we will interpret the control on sexual culture by the German Government as a form of religion. If correct this has tremendous effects on the European Union as a whole of which the German government is the principal and most powerful representative. 

The Frankfurter Schule

The EU likely imposes sexual standards on the European peoples. It likely represents the exogamous core of Europe, as proposed by the Frankfurter Schule:

Now the EU extradites European cultures and replaces them with the Islamic
endogamous core:

But then Europe is in an existential crisis:

Then the real objective of the German Government and the EU must be to merge European peoples with Muslim peoples to create a horrible mixture of sadism and masochism, which are the constitutional parts of Islam and Christianity:

Then, European cultures will be blown up by Islam:

If true, the top of the EU handles like a sexual deviant sect which goes far beyond its self assigned cultural and legislative powers. Then, a hidden coup is being committed on the sexual culture of the European peoples, and then we are in really big trouble. 

For, what moral right has the EU to decide on the most delicate sexual decisions of human beings? Who gave these deputies of the Pope in Brussels their moral legitimacy? No one, so they might have taken their chance to perform a deep felt drive to ruin the future of hundreds of millions of Europeans. Why? That's the subject of this blog.

Operational definition of human religion

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives and controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values. Therefore it looks like religion comes from God. But religion is an eternal life ideology. The last time-derivative will be zero and has been always wanted diligently, for it is expected to lead the sexual culture to the eternal existence in another universe. It is the timelessness derivative of sexuality: perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe.

'Inbreeding and Incest' is the basic human religion. On that has been written a lot on this site. This primal human religion is graved into our genes and we cannot escape our faith as will be shown below. 

All sorts of human religions are developed from higher order time derivatives of our primal sexual culture, from inbreeding and incest.

The first order time derivative of sexual culture is rational and realistic. A too quickly rising inbreeding curve means threatening autosomal recessive disorders and a too fast dropping curve means the eternity projection of the tribe is endangered. It is only 'God' who is entitled to decide between inbreeding or outbreeding:


22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

More inbreeding is attained by forcing more cousin marriages:

And outbreeding is accomplished by the exchange of juvenile females or by the capture of fresh woman slaves in 'religious' wars. So religion based on the first order time derivative can bend sexual culture into outbreeding:

But to proceed, higher order derivatives magically derailed and lost contact with reality. This means control on sexual culture has nothing to do with eternal life any longer:

There are numerous magical higher order time derivatives of sexual culture. Above we show only the basic steps in human religious development:

Religious terror from the German Government

It is astonishing to see how the German government applies the first order time derivative to sexual culture and concludes to heavy inbreeding of the European peoples:

Then - in a second step - the German government has taken a disastrous decision for the whole of Europe: They try to force a change in sexual culture of hundreds of millions of Europeans by outbreeding with Muslims:

This illegitimate immoral decision means an enormous threat for the future of the European peoples. It is the second time in history the German government enforces breeding variation by selective breeding on humans.

The first time was in WWII where they bred blue eyes and blond hairs and this time it apparently has to be dark eyes with dark hair. This is the systematic tragedy of the German people. Always wanting to enforce their miserable ethics onto other peoples. It's a tragedy...

Merkels compulsive sexual lust to merge with Muslims is shared with Wolfgang Schäuble, who is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) who has served as Germany's Federal Minister of Finance in the second and third Merkel cabinets since 2009. His insane way of reasoning alarmed and shocked the world. Schäuble got the luminous insight to propagate an endless Muslim immigration for the sake of miscegenation (the mixing of different racial groups):

Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister


http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/06/09/germany-finance-minister-closed-borders-will-lead-inbreeding/Germany’s Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has declared that if Germany closes its borders Germans will degenerate through inbreeding. According to Mr. Schäuble mass migration is a great opportunity for Germans to become more diverse as a people, especially the mass migration of Muslims: “For us, Muslims in Germany are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity,” Tagesspiegel reports.


Closing Europe’s borders to migrants would drive the continent to “inbreeding and degeneration,” the German finance minister has told local media, arguing that in his own country Muslims have enriched its “openness and diversity.”    

Immigration from neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries would make Europe more solid, otherwise its population would have been left with no choice other than to fornicate with each another, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble claimed in an interview with Die Zeit.

Auch der Idee, Europa könne sich gegenüber der Einwanderung abschotten, erteilt der Bundesfinanzminister eine klare Absage: "Die Abschottung ist doch das, was uns kaputt machen würde, was uns in Inzucht degenerieren ließe. Für uns sind Muslime in Deutschland eine Bereicherung unserer Offenheit und unserer Vielfalt. Schauen Sie sich doch mal die dritte Generation der Türken an, gerade auch die Frauen! Das ist doch ein enormes innovatorisches Potenzial!"

Is Schäuble running his mouth off about the underlying philosophy of the German government? Anyway, he is leading Europe to disaster and he knows nothing from the laws of inheritance, he knows nothing from inbreeding. It is a shame, a shocking disgrace.


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