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Assumption 300: Human religion.

On religion we distinguish the existence of God and the religious process. Insofar as believers consider God as an entity in a parallel universe, we cannot confirm or falsify this hypothesis. But the religious thought process exists entirely in our reality, by which it is fully subject to universal logical laws.

This means we are free to build an analogy between human religion and animal sexuality, by which we start from scratch about 20 million years ago with mammals living in groups together. We know religious processes are constraint by the difficulty of their concepts. This means we can trace back the order of development of religious concepts since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). This order is fundamental in the explanation of human religion.

Next, we determine the influence of previous stages on later religious concepts. We estimate the degree of confounding and contamination in the interactions. Then we decide which religions are most affected by uncontrolled interactions with former religious concepts. We will conclude to disastrous effects for Islam. Finally, we conclude religious trends can be better predicted from sexuality than from religion. Therefore religion will be concluded as a subset of the sexual domain.

Rule  : The existence of God in the parallel universe is not confirmed nor falsified.

Rule  : The existence of God in the (earthly) universe is not confirmed.

Rule  : In our view God is a projection of mammals living in groups together.

Rule  : In mammal groups animals project God into the Alpha (fe)male.

Rule : Mammals living in groups together inherited a physical trace in their brains of the Alpha male, seen as God.

Rule  : God is a self-projection of human males.
Adam: Verily I say unto thee, I have created God as my likeness. His gratitude was great and I got the dominion over all creation. That I also get eternal life.
Adam: Eve, come to your senses, thou hast no soul. Thou art like a goat. Only men have a soul. Hast thou a soul than thou were a man. Thou are not a man, so do not fall into circular reasoning. Be satisfied with my beautiful body and do not talk of God, unless to praise me.
Adam: Thou art right. My God, I have created myself. Thy God, I gave thee with the rib. Indoctrination in thine earliest childhood showed my absolute power over thy sexuality. But as long as thou hast not the slightest notion of religion, thou art held to crawl for me in thy great naked body. I own nothing on this Earth outside my honor and thy fantastic body. I will not let this taken away from me. My deepest desires therefore will be my guide in religion. 

Rule  : God is a father-projection for human females.
Eve: Yet, O Adam, in my wildest dreams, while I serve thee and thou whip my body as Satan the whores in hell I find shelter in God's spiritual love. When thou strangling, force me to open up the eyes on thy decisive time, they stare wide open and seeing blind, drowning in cloudy ponds, inward to the creator. The three of us reach paradise of heavenly joy of unbridled euphoria and insatiable happiness. My God, my complementary love, my savior in this earthly vale of tears. He gives me the happiness that thou hast not yet opened. My greatest treasure I wanted to give thee. But thou, O Adam, are already satisfied with my perishable body.
Adam: Eve, Eve, why do thou disappoint me. Thou make love with thy head, commit adultery with thy God, and then complain to me that thou cannot get the job done. Ye are unable to concentrate on thy work. Woman thinking is an evolutionary fiasco. 
Eve: But foolish Adam, see the light. Thou smear my God of Love, where he just loves me platonic. My God dwells in my subconscious and is my refuge on this Earth. He catches me in love and security, while thou chastens, trampled my mind, bite my ear. Indeed, my cruel ruler, thy God is my anti-God. Thy God of Hate blocks my womb and mind. That gives thee power but thou trample the love that awaits you.

Rule  : God is no requirement for religion.
If God is not required for religion then the latter falls under scientific standards, what opens a completely new strategy to develop human religion from scratch. We have derived a new model of religion as much as possible in agreement with scientific standards.

Rule  : We developed The Sexual Theory of Religion.

Rule : Religion is a form of sexuality and a subset of the sexual domain.

Rule   : The sexual domain consists of two parts: the endogamous core of norms and values and the exogamous mantle of sexual behavior.

Rule   : Normally the sexual behavior of females is controlled by males in the endogamous core.

Rule  : In nature, the Alpha male goes for inbreeding and females go for outbreeding

Rule : Red means Muslim females cannot leave the group but chimp females can.

Rule   : The mantle is open for bonobo males but they seldom leave the group. The mantle is closed for chimp males.

Rule : Muslims are the only subspecies which keep their females imprisoned within the endogamous mantle.

Rule  : Since freedom of females is seen as a measure of civilization Muslims are ranked lower than chimps and bonobos.

Rule : Rank order has been changed by the collapse of Christianity in Western Europe.

Rule : Group permeability is by far the best identifier of human religion.

Rule : It shows Islam will not assimilate into other cultures.

Rule : Religion is the eternity dimension within the sexual domain.

Rule  : The primal religion of humanlike creatures is derived from the primal sexual culture of the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), which is inbreeding and incest.

Rule : Religion and sexuality have Inbreeding and Incest in common.

Rule  : Inbreeding and incest are thought to lead to eternal life (genetic procreation) and perpetual orgasm.


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