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(160) Breakthrough in honor killings

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We are on the verge of understanding the mechanisms behind honor killings and acid attacks. Very likely it is an unconscious conflict in the head of fathers. We think about a psychotic interaction, which arises between illusion (an ancient and suppressed instinct for earthly reincarnation) and reality (cultural coercion to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe):

It manifests itself during conflicts with pubescent daughters, culminating full blown when fathers try to enforce them to arranged marriages. Now, raising a pubescent daughter can already be a challenging experience, even without the sneaky paternal lust to sell her reproductive organs to her cousin. 

So, two terrible things come together in time and are heavily entangled: raising a pubescent daughter and suppressing forbidden reincarnation, for which the womb of that damned daughter just is needed. This cocktail of stressful events causes a break in SM-dyad facilitated by Sexual Scales of Religion, the predecessor of Sharia:

In cultures like Pakistan these gruesome sexual derailments are generally accepted. In Western culture with its weak multicultural endogamous core this kind of atrocities is mostly neglected and dismissed as domestic accidents. But it must be said, in some cases there is an outpouring of popular rage. It are the dying remnants of Western civilization:

 Sadia Sheikh R.I.P.

What must be done is making Muslim fathers aware of what awaits them in puberty of their daughters. Prior knowledge of hidden lusts from fathers can prevent psychosis at the moment suprême. For, it is this psychosis that factually causes the gruesome killing of their daughters. In psychosis fathers might act rather cool and rationally. As a second measure information must be provided to young Muslim girls as suggested on this blog:  

(131) What Muslim girls should know

What has been changed recently:

We made big progress by proving the belief of earthly reincarnation into tribal descendants. It is this very old Ethiopian prayer:

Now, to comment on 'the young man who dies', remember he likely had not yet taken care of his duty to make sufficient inbred bodies before his death. And we know the prayer reported to be about out of bodies for reincarnation. Well, why would they let him reincarnate if he had neglected his duty just like gays and unwilling daughters? 

(8) Honor killing Scenarios
Honor killing scenarios 
In Paradise culture:
In Paradise culture, honor killings were meant as sanctions which kept the inbreeding system working. Anybody not following the rules of inbreeding and incest was killed by decomposing SM-dyad by Sexual Scales of Religion into murder and sexual lust. Adulterous cousins and unwilling daughters were wrong investments who delivered worthless bodies for reincarnation. Mental stress was not involved. Daughters were not raped before killing because sexual intercourse between fathers and daughters was already quite normal.

So if you damn to create inbred bodies you will be murdered or not allowed to reincarnate into the tribe (Tree of Life). That was the faith of Eve, who escaped from the horrible experiments of God and was kicked out of Camp Paradise and fled to the Tree of Outbreeding.

Now we can sharpen our strategy to prove the cause of honor killings. 

This is our new vision on the process:

1: The belief of earthly reincarnation into descendants has been proven.
2: This archaic belief is proven still alive in our days.
3: This means it likely is active in Muslims too.
4: This anachronistic belief in earthly reincarnation can easily coexist with 
the belief in Heaven of the parallel universe. (Voodoo religion):

           (142) FGM, Inbreeding and reincarnation
Negroes and Voodoo
African tribes believed in God, who lives in the parallel universe but they themselves reincarnated into the earthly universeBy the love of Jesus later humans were seduced also to reincarnate into the parallel universe. But for Muslims it is quite a different story for fear and hatred against Allah made it a curse, from Heaven to Hell. 

5: The model of Paradise culture, linking earthly reincarnation to inbreeding has been proven (see Maimonides below):

6: The intention of the Myth of Abraham as a compromise between both forms of reincarnation has been made clear:

 (115) The Myth of Abraham: Earthly vs. Parallel Universe
      The illogical Myth of Abraham
We know the God of Abraham was wise and tolerated god projections from tribal heads into their offspring, called reincarnation into the earthly universe. Though of course, it is completely impossible to worship gods in the earthly universe, besides worshipping the only One God, in the parallel universeBut think about it, that was exactly the reason of the myth, for in advance of the sexual dictatorship of Islam, believers of Paradise culture were very aware of their projection into the earthly universe. And they needed the Myth of Abraham to be assured that God would approve this schizophrenic situation. That's why God assured Abraham he could continue to project earthly reincarnation into the descendants of his son Isaac. So, he needed not to kill him.

7: But it needs no prove faith in earthly reincarnation is a mortal sin in Islam.
(115) The Myth of Abraham: Earthly vs. Parallel Universe
Islam is a monotheistic religion. Allah is God in Heaven of the parallel universe. There can be no other gods in any universe. Muslims can only reincarnate into Heaven. That is why their old faith of reincarnation into descendants in the earthly universe by inbreeding is banned on pain of death. And therefore Abraham had to kill his only son Isaac. Then the cycle of earthly reincarnation was definitely interrupted.
Islamic monotheism is enforced on pain of death and earthly reincarnation as major reinforcer of the inbreeding instinct has gone underground into the unconscious of Muslims.

Eid al-Adha (Arabicعيد الأضحى‎‎ ʿīd al-aḍḥā[ʕiːd ælˈʔɑdˤħæː], "Festival of the Sacrifice"), also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God's command. Before he sacrificed his son God intervened by sending his angel Jibra'il (Gabriel), who then put a sheep in his son's place. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: the family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

8: But the Sacrifice Feast is contrary to this prohibition and is therefore celebrated with intense joy every year. Somehow reincarnation into descendants is approved anyway. If Muslims realized the real meaning of the Sacrifice Feast it would have been forbidden officially:

9: The Sacrifice Feast is a strong reinforcement of inbreeding and incest and is one of the strongest examples of the hidden mixing of universes in Islamic culture, which underlines the awkward interactions between the different stages in the evolution of this faith.

10: It is very likely ancient Paradise cultures were pools of repeated inbreeding of the own females within male kin bonded tribes and families.  And the opposite is very unlikely: not to expect heavy female inbreeding in these secluded sexual cultures starting with the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), as discussed in extension on this site. Let's see what the Torah said, already 3500 years ago:]

Traditional Judaism maintains that God established a covenant with the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and revealed his laws and 613 commandments to them in the form of the Written and Oral Torah.

Rabbinical Judaism calculated a lifespan of Moses corresponding to 1391–1271 BCE;[11] Jerome gives 1592 BCE,[12] and James Ussher 1571 BCE as his birth year.[13][a]

Cousin marriages were allowed stipulating the saturation of fathers' projection into earthly tribal reincarnation:

Apparently is was mopping up while the tap was running:

So yes, there is very strong evidence of the merge of genes from the own daughters into the patrilineal bonded kinship to saturate tribal identity
This conclusion is needed to explain why nowadays Muslim fathers coerce their daughters to inbreeding by cousin marriages. We think this hypothesis is substantiated.

11: Then we just need to combine the extreme stress of the father forcing his pubescent daughter into an arranged marriage to develop a full blown psychosis in his unconsciousness, followed by her extreme brutal and gruesome murder:

 (118) The Myth of Abraham: Honor killings

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

Psychosis from unconscious cognitive dissonance:

 (8) Honor killing Scenarios
The more I love my daughter the more gruesome her killing
Immanent Allah sees everything and perceives the sinister motives from the father. Reincarnation into the universe is a mortal sin. The father has sinned. Now Allah must be very angry, where upon the father calculates his chances on eternal life. He already can forget earthly reincarnation with this unwilling daughter, but now he must fear also losing heaven in the parallel universe. He must do penance for Allah to come into heaven anyway. Without penance he would burn in hell forever.
Assumption 111An honor killing can be seen as a human sacrifice, by which the father desperately confirms his belief in the parallel universe of Allah. By killing his daughter he makes earthly reincarnation impossible.

First lesson: Never make peace again with your family. Never come home again and disappear for ever!

Assumption 284: Honor killings and acid attacks are caused by Muslims trying to obey the wishes of the ancestor fertility gods. These do not want to reincarnate into hybrids and bastards of Eve with that alien Serpent. And if they refuse to reincarnate the family dies out and family members cannot reincarnate. That's why families always form a closed front to kill the fallen daughter. 

Note a sinister moment of 'calm before the storm' occurs, where the daughter thinks that her father has abandoned the idea of the arranged marriage. This is seen correctly because he has realized he must kill his daughter in the name of Allah. After some period of silence he will set a trap and invite her to restore family ties. This fatal moment occurred in the cases of Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim.

12: This atrocity cannot be explained by socio-economic reasons as the heritage of the family or - as a joke -  the "honor of the family".

(131) What Muslim girls should know

(147) The Muslim instinct (Sadia Sheikh) 

But a simple socio-economic solution would have been the following: He simply could have let Sadia sign a waiver for the heritage which she never would get fully anyway. Sadia would not need his money anyway, she just wanted her friend. And there were plenty other possibilities to solve this kind of problems. So there is something rotten in this socio-economic model.
What I mean is this socio-economic system must be able to explain honor killings and acid attacks, which also are outcomes of this system. And we all know economical grounds are no reason to cut your daughter to pieces. And that means this socio-economic basis is a rationalization of another mechanism behind inbreeding and incest: e.g. reincarnation.

13: If this analysis is correct the right strategy is to make Muslim fathers clear what might be happening in their unconscious. Long before puberty of their daughters Muslim fathers must reckon with a possible regression to earthly reincarnation.

(118) The Myth of Abraham: Honor killings
We think that those killers do not have a heart. But we can be wrong. Cognitive dissonance could be an intervening variable, installed by Islamic culture. Hence, we need also to develop a working model for Muslim fathers with a huge bond with their daughters. This all means that already in pre-puberty relations between daughters and fathers should be loosened. Obscene interest in the reproductive organs of daughters must be punished with immediate eviction from home of the daughter, by law and by force.

14: By this policy we remove the psychotic stress as collateral damage in their compulsive and obsessive lust to reincarnate into descendants of their daughters. Our prediction is if fathers realize before what can happen they will not become psychotic any longer and will be less likely take schizophrenic decisions. 

15: Pubescent Muslim girls must be warned for what is coming. They should read this article:  (131) What Muslim girls should know


Assumption 111An honor killing can be seen as a human sacrifice, by which the father desperately confirms his belief in the parallel universe of Allah. By killing his daughter he makes earthly reincarnation impossible.

Assumption 160:

In Islamic culture honor killings are caused by the rejection of inbreeding and incest. With this decision daughters unwittingly reject the earthly reincarnation and eternal orgasm of their father.

Incest by fathers has long been forbidden, but the instinctive lust for perpetual orgasm sometimes remains. Then, this lust for endless orgasm sublimates into mental incest: stalking.

It sometimes results in fathers not penetrating their daughters any longer, but their minds. Fathers over-identify with their daughters and see them as objects. In Muslim cultures some fathers develop a suffocating supervision: stalking.

In those cases, by rejecting incest with the cousin, daughters reject also their father, who sometimes takes revenge as frustrated stalker who kills his victim.

Greater emotional involvement easily leads to more extreme violence. More intense relations between father and daughter lead to greater chances of honor killing.

This, because these fathers over-identify with their daughters, they want to possess them literally and figuratively.

Honor killings and acid attacks are psychiatric forms of paraphilia.

Assumption 161: Addressing honor killings.

1: Endogamous cultures practice inbreeding and incest as an instinct since
Homininae. First inbreeding was tied to genetic immortality, but later to earthly
reincarnation, which combination is currently in force: the expectation of earthly reincarnation of tribal males reinforces inbreeding and incest..

2: The only way to extinguish this inbreeding instinct is by outcrossing.
Ethnic and religious endogamies are but generalizations of tribal endogamy,
because women who do not want to marry Muslims are still being ostracized or killed. This means that populations are still moving to the extremes of the SM-dyad. The inbreeding instinct only will disappear when genetic monocultures change to genetic diversity.

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wife. Sadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

3. Honor killings frequently happened in previous Paradise culture. They were related to reincarnation. But in Islam earthly reincarnation is prohibited as a mortal sin. Therefore Muslims supplant the intention of their inbreeding and incest instinct. Now they connect it to the “honor of the family”. But awareness of the combination of inbreeding with reincarnation and perpetual incest is the first step towards preventing honor killings.

4. Honor killings arise from the over-identification of fathers with their
daughters, who they regard as possessions. It is the sublimation of the forbidden incest instinct. They do not see them as subjects but as objects, as extensions of themselves, as ribs, so to speak. Therefore fathers develop a morbid self-projection in their daughters out in suffocating control over their behavior. It is a form of stalking. Honor killings are promoted by an overly close relationship between fathers and daughters at puberty. The relaxation of sick relationships between fathers and daughters in pre-puberty is a prerequisite to preventing honor killings.

5. Honor killings are to be seen as compensation for fathers forbidden physical incest and their loss of reincarnation by failed inbreeding. Incest and inbreeding are embroiled in a heavy interaction since Homo erectus. Her lustful kill is the final settlement with his daughter who refuses inbreeding and incest with the cousin, his deputy in incest. Through the honor killing she pays the price for her father's disrupted eternal life projection, especially his loss of perpetual orgasm in the afterlife. Perpetual orgasm started as incest with daughters by Hominins.

6. The honor killing itself must be seen as a form of sublimated orgasm, wherein the disintegration of sadomasochism in its constituent parts gives the father more satisfaction than keeping his daughter alive in an SM-dyad. Therefore, honor killings are the price of satisfaction for fathers. The disruption of his perpetual orgasm leads to the disruption of Sexual Scales, wherein sadomasochism again dissolves in murder and sexuality.

Assumption 165: Honor killings can be predicted from the breaking up of SM-dyad by Sexual Scales of Religion.

Assumption 166: Honor killings and acid attacks are caused in endogamous cultures in order to preserve the inbreeding and incest culture. In Paradise culture this was meant for genetic immortality of the tribe. But in human evolution inbreeding merged with (earthly) reincarnation. This instinctive combination is currently in force. Hence nowadays Muslim males unconsciously need appropriate inbred bodies for later earthly reincarnation. Hence, they enforce inbreeding and incest, (read: forced marriages with cousins) on their daughters.

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

Assumption 221: The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.) states if male incest - as contribution to the inbreeding culture - is not compensated by perpetual orgasm across generations, males develop hatred against wives and daughters, whose stoning and honor killings might result.

Assumption 271: The honor syndrome is a complex of phenomena representing the now unconscious 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', what is forbidden in Islam as a mortal sin. It contains a range of phenomena from honor killings to lighter forms of honor revenge as honor rape and honor harassment by other family members.

Assumption 271: The honor syndrome is a complex of phenomena representing the now unconscious 'reincarnation into the earthly universe', what is forbidden in Islam as a mortal sin. It contains a range of phenomena from honor killings to lighter forms of honor revenge as honor rape and honor harassment by other family members.

Assumption 272An honor killing is the extreme of the honor syndrome scale. This syndrome is determined by the theoretical domain of 'reincarnation into the earthly universe'. All atrocities forthcoming from the parental wish to reincarnate into the earthly universe by the inbred of their offspring, which results in child murder (Filicide) are to be seen as honor killings with or without evidence of forced marriages, which latter is no indicator but just another symptom of the honor syndrome. 

This means the cause of honor killings is not only the refusal of an arranged marriage, but can also be dating with non-Muslims, loss of virginity, abortions and for example having a Western lifestyle. In conclusion, all events threatening the inbreeding and incest cult of the parents concerning reincarnation into the earthly universe can in principle lead to honor killings.

Assumption 273: Honor killings and forced marriages in inbreeding cultures are not unambiguously causally chained as both are just symptoms of the unconscious domain of 'reincarnation into the earthly universe'. This has great consequences for the trial of honor killings, as these can also be caused by dating non-Muslims, loss of virginity, abortions or having a Western lifestyle and the like. 

Assumption 274In a number of cases family counsels may give rise to honor killings but are never the cause. Both, counsels and killings are symptoms of the honor syndrome without unambiguous causal relation.


First lesson: Never make peace again with your family. Never come home again and disappear for ever!

Second lesson: Never trust anybody of your family, they all are going to kill you. Never speak to anybody about how you think about arranged or even worse: forced marriages. Especially, don't trust your mother!

Third lesson: Never react if your father asks how you think about marrying your cousin. From then on you must plan your escape from home.

Fourth lessonYou have control of your own destiny. If you do not make any conflicts with your father he will not grasp his unconscious lust for reincarnation into the earthly universe. It is just you who activates his unconscious.

Fifth lesson: Never tell him Allah knows his inappropriate feelings. BTW, you should have already fled.

Sixth lessonAvoid an intimate relation with your father. He has to back off your reproductive organs.

Seventh lesson: Never talk about your abortion, just run.

Eighth lesson: Never, never trust your Muslim father...



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