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(68) The Sexual Theory of Religion (Part 9: 160-179)

Basic Dimension 

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Assumption 160:

In Islamic culture honor killings are caused by the rejection of inbreeding and incest. With this decision daughters unwittingly reject the earthly reincarnation and eternal orgasm of their father.

Incest by fathers has long been forbidden, but the instinctive lust for perpetual orgasm sometimes remains. Then, this lust for endless orgasm sublimates into mental incest: stalking.

It sometimes results in fathers not penetrating their daughters any longer, but their minds. Fathers over-identify with their daughters and see them as objects. In Muslim cultures some fathers develop a suffocating supervision: stalking.

In those cases, by rejecting incest with the cousin, daughters reject also their father, who sometimes takes revenge as frustrated stalker who kills his victim.

Greater emotional involvement easily leads to more extreme violence. More intense relations between father and daughter lead to greater chances of honor killing.

This, because these fathers over-identify with their daughters, they want to possess them literally and figuratively.

Honor killings and acid attacks are psychiatric forms of paraphilia.

Assumption 161: Addressing honor killings.

1: Endogamous cultures practice inbreeding and incest as an instinct since
Homininae. First inbreeding was tied to genetic immortality, but later to earthly
reincarnation, which combination is currently in force: the expectation of earthly reincarnation of tribal males reinforces inbreeding and incest..

2: The only way to extinguish this inbreeding instinct is by outcrossing.
Ethnic and religious endogamies are but generalizations of tribal endogamy,
because women who do not want to marry Muslims are still being ostracized or killed. This means that populations are still moving to the extremes of the SM-dyad. The inbreeding instinct only will disappear when genetic monocultures change to genetic diversity.

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wife. Sadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

3. Honor killings frequently happened in previous Paradise culture. They were related to reincarnation. But in Islam earthly reincarnation is prohibited as a mortal sin. Therefore Muslims supplant the intention of their inbreeding and incest instinct. Now they connect it to the “honor of the family”. But awareness of the combination of inbreeding with reincarnation and perpetual incest is the first step towards preventing honor killings.

4. Honor killings arise from the over-identification of fathers with their
daughters, who they regard as possessions. It is the sublimation of the forbidden incest instinct. They do not see them as subjects but as objects, as extensions of themselves, as ribs, so to speak. Therefore fathers develop a morbid self-projection in their daughters out in suffocating control over their behavior. It is a form of stalking. Honor killings are promoted by an overly close relationship between fathers and daughters at puberty. The relaxation of sick relationships between fathers and daughters in pre-puberty is a prerequisite to preventing honor killings.

5. Honor killings are to be seen as compensation for fathers forbidden physical incest and their loss of reincarnation by failed inbreeding. Incest and inbreeding are embroiled in a heavy interaction since Homo erectus. Her lustful kill is the final settlement with his daughter who refuses inbreeding and incest with the cousin, his deputy in incest. Through the honor killing she pays the price for her father's disrupted eternal life projection, especially his loss of perpetual orgasm in the afterlife. Perpetual orgasm started as incest with daughters by Hominins.

6. The honor killing itself must be seen as a form of sublimated orgasm, wherein the disintegration of sadomasochism in its constituent parts gives the father more satisfaction than keeping his daughter alive in an SM-dyad. Therefore, honor killings are the price of satisfaction for fathers. The disruption of his perpetual orgasm leads to the disruption of Sexual Scales, wherein sadomasochism again dissolves in murder and sexuality.

Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killer- and sexual instinct.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again in murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost. Then it explodes.

The key difference between Islamic culture and Christianity is that Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and again is losing control, decomposing sadomasochism over and over again in murder and sexual desire. It is a circular and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture. Christianity succeeds much better in holding sadomasochism in synthesis. But more likely is that Islam intentionally collapses SM-dyad time and again in the interaction with Paradise culture. It is a willful interaction giving the Islamic killing machine animal power.

7. Western psychologists should not try to improve bad relations between Muslim girls and their parents at puberty. Young women perceiving the morbid interest of fathers in their reproductive system must be taken away from home immediately. The bond between fathers and daughters must be broken by law forcefully.

Assumption 162: Religious indoctrination in Islamic culture expresses the struggle of the parallel universe of Allah in the conscious, with the earthly universe of tribal gods in the unconscious.

Assumption 163: Muslims lose their inbreeding and incest instinct alone by outcrossing with non-Muslim populations. Only then they might assimilate into exogamous cultures as Western society. 

Assumption 164: The key to understanding Islamic culture is that Allah should be seen as an overall sexual ideal projection of Muslim males, as a reincarnated tribal god with perpetual orgasm in the afterlife.

Assumption 165: Honor killings can be predicted from the breaking up of SM-dyad by Sexual Scales of Religion.

Assumption 166: Honor killings and acid attacks are caused in endogamous cultures in order to preserve the inbreeding and incest culture. In Paradise culture this was meant for genetic immortality of the tribe. But in human evolution inbreeding merged with (earthly) reincarnation. This instinctive combination is currently in force. Hence nowadays Muslim males unconsciously need appropriate inbred bodies for later earthly reincarnation. Hence, they enforce inbreeding and incest, (read: forced marriages with cousins) on their daughters.

Assumption 167: Monotheism is the sadomasochistic principal component of the over dimensioned polytheistic space. (neem 102)

Assumption 168: Islam forbade reincarnation into the (earthly) universe. Hence, eternal orgasm in tribal afterlife was excluded. Not prohibited was inbreeding and perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe. (Let op het is ‘was’)

Assumption 169: In general, psychopaths are empathically well established and have a strong moral sense. However, they tragically attach less value to morality.

Assumption 170: In endogamic cultures SM-dyad is the fight between male genetic monoculture (Tree of Life) and female genetic diversity (Tree of Knowledge). SM-dyad is called the Myth of Paradise.

Assumption 171: Endogamous cultures practice inbreeding and incest as an instinct since Homininae. First inbreeding was tied to genetic immortality, but later to earthly reincarnation, which combination is currently in force: the expectation of earthly reincarnation of tribal males reinforces inbreeding and incest. Hence, first inbreeding served the conservation of genetic immortality of the clan, but later the production of inbred bodies for reincarnation of tribal man prevailed.

Assumption 172: In exogamous cultures, as in the animal world, the Vanilla-dyad between male and female pursues genetic diversity.

Assumption 173: Derailed religions are caused by unexplained magical
interactions between abstractions of eternal life.

Assumption 174: In Islamic culture the difference between male and female unconscious is the biggest hurdle to understand each other.

Assumption 175:

Reincarnation delivered the immanent gods for polytheism, which gods filled the multidimensional physiological space of gods in the human brain, corresponding to the five sexual main dimensions of sexual power: heterosexuality, homosexuality, female sexual roles, pedophilia and bestiality. Therefore gods are sexual dimensions too. Of course other gods, originated from natural disasters, were projected also on these power dimensions of the space of gods. Thousands of human gods are interdependent within this rank of five. Monotheism is a forced truncation * of this domain, which divides the space of gods into sadomasochism and remaining dimensions.

* Truncation of sexual dimensions is not the same as statistical explanation, for now no empathy develops for unconscious and suppressed 'other sexual roles', causing cultural psychopathy and generating masochism hate and masochism fear against victims.

Assumption 176: It’s very cynical, but the great common divisor of hostile tribes exactly was the slaughtering of each other, what became also the real meaning of 'God' or 'Allah': monotheism is sadism in optima forma.

Assumption 177: Sadomasochism is the core value of Paradise culture, projected as religion into the parallel universe and renamed as 'monotheism'. 

Assumption 178: Endogamous cultures are chained to inbreeding and incest in the earthly universe. The parallel universe offers them the illusion of an exogamous culture with sexual freedom and genetic diversity. For men, 72 wild virgins are the reward for a lifelong of sexual suffering from the unbearable dullness of their cousins. And for women it is the reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and fighting against their inherited instinct for genetic diversity. In heaven women will be redeemed from their endogamous chains. The confounded and contaminated projection (perpetual orgasm) of sadomasochism (monotheism) in an originally desexualized parallel universe is the religious opium for inbreeding cultures.

[ Assumption 179: (Neen, achterhaald) Monotheism as a religious trend started 200.000 years ago after the discovery of the parallel universe by Homo sapiens. It started as a sensuous projection of exogamy in heaven, but acquired inherent authority in the course of evolution. What means that tribal males came to believe in their own fantasies and divine personifications such as God and Allah. Monotheism is truly a self-fulfilling prophecy.]


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